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To   : ALL
From : Bill Burton
Date : Fri Dec 21 2012 03:11 pm

Hello ALL!

I just jumped on this echo and was looking through some of the posts from the
last six months.

I would like to share some of my experiences.

In my wifes apartment  we have time warner cable and a cable modem with a D-
Link router attached I have magic jacks plus installed on the router RJ45 ports
and am using them for telephone and fax use.I am getting ready to try a magic
jack will a modem, will update after testing. I have a smart phone with a hot
spot on it and use it with my laptop to tight VNC and Telnet into my machines
when on the road. You can install Mozilla Firefox on any machine reguardless of
OS and download one of two or three telnet add ons. then you can telnet from
the browser ( telnet:// ). It works great and looks a lot better
than other telnet clients.

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