Gopher Proxy’s interface was designed to be simple and intuitive. Gopher Proxy was designed to work well with existing browser features.

Gopher Proxy and your browser

Each page accessed through Gopher Proxy has a unique address. As a result, you can use your browser’s back and forward buttons and bookmarking/favouriting facilities exactly as you would for normal pages. In browsers that support print stylesheets, Gopher Proxy hides its toolbars when printing, saving you ink and paper.

The toolbar

The address box displays the Gopher address of the current page. This differs from the address displayed in your browser’s address box, which is the address of the page on Gopher Proxy. You can go directly to a page whose Gopher address you know by entering the address and clicking on the green arrow at the end of the address box.
The search box allows you to search Gopher using the Veronica-2 Gopher search engine. Veronica-2 is accessed through Gopher, and the search box simply provides a more convenient way to access it. To search with Veronica-2, enter some words and click on the magnifying glass at the end of the search box.