Subj : Magicjack and Modem test results
To   : Bill Burton
From : Gene Buckle
Date : Tue Jan 29 2013 07:39 am

 Re: Magicjack and Modem test results
 By: Bill Burton to Gene Buckle on Mon Jan 28 2013 11:22 am

> I have not tried that because my thoughts are unless you are running a dual
> quad core processor on an OS that suooprts using all the cores and lots of
> memory is that you would slow the PC down so much that it would be very slow
> connect rates. In other words the magic jack would be using omputer resource
> to get the incoming call then the modem would use more of the computer
> resources to process the data then the software reciving the data would also
> using resources where as using a network capable magic jack you are using le
> of the computers resources.
I'd be astonished to see if a 5 year old machine even *noticed* the load a MJ
could put on it.  The task it performs just isn't that compute intensive.


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