At the end of the road
## The "ferry" roads

In the early history of Oregon, ferries were important part of its
infrastructure. Roads were built to connect towns to the ferries.
The names of such roads still remain to this day: Scholls Ferry
Road, Taylors Ferry Road, and Boones Ferry Road.

## Boones Ferry

Boones Ferry Road starts near the Lewis & Clark Law School and
Tryon Creek State Park in Southwest Portland, branching off from
Terwilliger Road. It the runs southwest through parts of Portland
(SW Boones Ferry Road) western Lake Oswego (Boones Ferry Road),
Tualatin (SW Lower Boones Ferry Road), and then to Wilsonville (SW
Boones Ferry Road). For most of its route it's a major arterial
road, with parts of it being an unsigned state highway. As it
enters Wilsonville's Old Town the street narrows and quiets down,
and ends in Boones Ferry Park as a narrow walking trail leading
down to Willamette River.

Before the construction of the railroad bridge to the west, the
only way across the river was "Boone's Ferry." The town was also
originally called Boone.

On the other side of the river, Boones Ferry Road (called NE Boones
Ferry Road in Clackamas County, Boones Ferry Road NE in Marion
County) continues south through Aurora and Woodburn, and ends where
it meets Portland Road NE halfway between Woodburn and Gervais.

Between Portland and Wilsonville, house numbers are consistently
based on the Portland-centric numbering system, with numbers going
up as you travel south. On the other side of the Willamette, the
numbers are Salem-centric and go down as you travel south towards

Wilsonville Public Library has a model display of the ferry boats
that once served this place.

Now the only connection between Wilsonville and Aurora is
Interstate 5 (bicycles and pedestrians are legally permitted on the
shoulders, but the safer alternative is to ride the free SMART bus,
which is equipped with a bike rack, across the bridge from
Wilsonville SMART Central Station to Charbonneau).

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