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"A Text Text-Mode Social RPG for Personal Computer Systems" - Official Swords of Freeport site

A number of coworkers and friends of mine have recently discovered "Swords of Freeport" by Elissa Black and it's amazing!  It's a beautifully done throwback/loveletter to BBS & Multi-User system games.  It runs flawlessly on modern Linux, Windows & OS X with OpenBSD recently added as well.  It's a wonderful way to experience a text-based adventure game!  The once-a-day mechanics keep it from being a grind, the writing is witty with some absurd hilarity sprinkled in during some events (I don't want to spoil any of these occurences!) and the sense of nostalgia is strong.  Please consider picking it up on itch.io and supporting Elissa's work - there's a Roguelike based in Freeport being developed as well.  If you don't have the supported hardware or architecture to run this and wish to try it out, consider dropping a tip in the Kofi tip jar that's been set up and I'll set up an account for you on our instance.  Disclaimer:  I'm not affiliated with Swords of Freeport or Elissa's work at all - I just wanted to pu
t down a quick phlog raving about how much fun we've had these past few months.  Please give it a whirl if it sounds interesting!

Swords of Freeport at itch.io   https://expectproblems.itch.io/swords-of-freeport
Swords of Freeport at Elissa Black's site       https://www.elissablack.com/swords-of-freeport/
Swords of Freeport Official Site        https://www.swordsoffreeport.com/
Ko-fi for SFP development       https://ko-fi.com/T6T1P6CV