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A check-in post on fun, weird and potentially pointless projects

       +EeePc 900A OpenBSD install/config
       -Put OpenBSD on this older eeepc (possibly for the Old Computer Challenge next year?)
       -Built-in Wifi doesn't seem to work fully - cheap Edimax usb adapter to the rescue.

       +ESP8266-based Weather Sensor
       -Really wanted to put together a cheap DIY weather station, possibly with a screen(?)
       -The board has built-in Wifi which would be neat to poll temp/humidity from.

       +Find a home/purpose for the stack of servers being retired at work
       -A good number of x64 boxes are coming out of service, rather than have them sit idle
       or just get junked we can: Build a lab? Play with Plan? Build something with *BSD? Use
       them for cheap & deep storage?

       +Build an emulation station for a younger nephew
       -The 7-Year old nephew discovered 16-bit gaming via the SNES Mini at a friend's house
       and now has his sights set on conquering A Link to the Past.
       -Instead of his parents tracking down an expensive after-market SNES mini, there's a fun
       project to build something on a Pi or Odroid.
       -Benefit of havin an "offline" console for a least a few more years (much to the delight
       of his parents)
       -Bonus: He'll have a board to build something more advanced someday, should he be