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Day 7 - 7/16
Last day!
I wasn't prepared for how quickly this week would go by - I thought it would drag at times when I would find something
that wasn't working or couldn't connect to some service I usually use, but with a few rare exceptions or conveniences
I take for granted it's been a lot of fun and incredibly interesting.  I am going to do a separate phlog as a summary
instead of packing it all in with the Day 7 write up.
It was mostly a music day along with the usual Sunday reading & news.  Most every site works with Lynx - some hiccups
include comments sections and some navigational weirdness on some sites.  I took the 'neVer' accept cookies approach
while running Lynx which caused a few sites to break horribly and seemed to cause others to just give a 403; I'm
guessing I could dial that in a little more accurately and allow the necessary cookies on various sites.  Cookies are
Plan has a number of appointments in it and I'm planning to continue to attempt to get it to sync to my main laptop and
desktop in my office.

What works:
Workable calendar via Plan

What doesn't:
Ran out of time to work on RSS feeds, potentially trying other Window Managers