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Day 6 - 7/15

In keeping with the spirit of the Old Computer Challege, I've been avoiding using my phone or anything else to stream
music this weekend and have just been playing what old MP3s I've copied on here.  It was fun to turn it on random and
just listen while making lunch or plugging in a speaker (and actual speaker; no fiddling with bluetooth) while sitting
on the porch this afteroon.
Then...I got overly confident and tried to watch a movie - with mixed success.  mplayer works for a while, gradually
losing frames until it's completely out of sync and then the audio will drop.  I've been poking around with frameskip
and different video settings - it's getting closer to stable but I moved on to the next shiny object:  dosbox.  I had
a list of games from my misspent youth I wanted to try out.  First up for today was Oregon Trail.  I am *not* good at
this in my old age.  I swear the Apple ][ version was easier...
Finally stopped procrastinating and set up Plan as a calendar app to sync between the various machines in the house.
I'm still looking at how to get a calnedar imported.  I like the more straight-forward 'Solaris' feel to it.

What works:
More music, Dosbox, Oregon Trail, Plan as a calendar.

What doesn't:
Movies, yet.  The setting tinkering jamboree continues...