|| Phlog 17 - Old Computer Challenge - Day 5    ||
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|| Initial Post 7-14-2023 || OpenBSD iBook      ||
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HTTP Link to Solene's Post: https://dataswamp.org/~solene/2023-06-04-old-computer-challenge-v3.html

Day 5 - 7/14
Played around with minitube and was pleasantly surprised when it worked.  I was convinced it would be too heavy duty an
app to run well, but we officially have YouTube working.  Wonders never cease!
Also kept the music playlist from yesterday loaded up and listened to music during lunch instead of what would typically
be time spent mindlessly scrolling.  Lots of Mastodon timeline reading via Toot with the rest of the time poking around
with Lynx to see which of the sites I usually visit work - some actually work better, to be honest.

What works:
YouTube via minitube

What doesn't:
Still putting off getting a calendar set up.