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HTTP Link to Solene's Post: https://dataswamp.org/~solene/2023-06-04-old-computer-challenge-v3.html

Day 2 - 7/11
Day 2 took place in the office on the public wifi.  Thankfully I work in IT which means nobody batted an eye when I broke out an almost 20 year old Powerbook.
Today was mostly getting w3m/Lynx and email dialed in.  Additionally, I wanted to try out Drawterm to get on SDF's Plan9 instance as well.
It absolutely needs an external, 3-button mouse.  The iBook single-button is a non-starter (unless there's some option or hack I can set to get it to
All in all, today was much more streamlined. Getting connected to wifi, grabbing mail, firing up wmweather for weather in the windowless office all
worked after the allowed hour of experimentation yesterday.

What works:
wmweather - working for X11 weather
wttr.in - Terminal weather
Drawterm - Plan9 goodness
Sylpheed - Mail
Post-It Notes - X11 Note taking and reminders for things to do during the Challenge

What doesn't/To-Do:
Toot/terminal Mastodon?