|| Phlog 13 - Old Computer Challenge - Day 1    ||
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|| Initial Post 7-10-2023 || OpenBSD iBook      ||
||                      On the road             ||

HTTP Link to Solene's Post: https://dataswamp.org/~solene/2023-06-04-old-computer-challenge-v3.html

Day 1 - 7/10
Travel - We traveled to a wedding out of state that put us on the road, which made for an interesting first challenge day. I discovered this older iBook will connect to our travel wifi setup successfully, which was quite nice. The hour per day time limit has been a fun wrinkle to manage as well.

The battery life is also a *lot* shorter than myh initial test showed.  Under what I'll call the "normal" load, it gets critical in about, oh, 20 minutes.  Big yikes!

What works:
SSH to sdf.org

What doesn't:
calendar (yet)