Phlog 10  - Obsoliete Computer Challenge

I was reading about some Mastodon users taking part in The Obsolete Computer Challenge put on by Solene Rapenne ( for the past 2 years and it seemed
like a pretty fascinating activity.  The descriptions of the prior years:

Making a bold assumption, if a challenge like this is in any way interesting there's probably a stack of laptops and/or desktops that are "obsolete" and will fit the bill for this.
(Or possibly use it as an excuse to grep through eBay and find a new project machine.  Either way.)
At home and work, I live for getting all the performance and time out of gear (within extended support. Mostly.) and am very excited to see what a week of limited, under-powered machine
usage will be like.  Will it be a trip down memory lane to high school with dial-up and the dark ages of Windows (95, NT, 98 & 2000) ?  Or will the burden of knowledge about gig internet, flash
storage and copious amounts of memory make it seem frustrating and archaic ?

I'm encouraging all my tech-savvy and even not so tech-savvy friends to give this a try if only to drive home how lucky (or cursed) we are to have all the ubiquitious access to technology and
connectivity.  Please read up and jump in if it sounds interesting!

Further reading:

Please check out Solene's site as she covers some wonderful things including OpenBSD, gaming, development, open source and first-hand experience getting the same things you and I are often
frustrated about to work