/                         \
|                           |
| M     MM   []         []  |
| M M M MM   ii  nnnnn  ii  |
| M  M  MM   ii  n   n  ii  |
| M  M  MM   ii  n   n  ii  |
|                           |
| DDDDD   [] [] [] [] []    |
| D   DD  ii  ssss  ccccc   |
| D   DD  ii s     c        |
| D   DD  ii  ss s c        |
| DDDDD   ii ssss   ccccc   |
|                           |

MiniDiscs are fascinating little pieces of media from the early 90's.  Unfortunately, Sony wasn't in the business of winning format wars
quite yet so it quickly became an also-ran.  Obscurity aside, a robust magneto-optical format that plays and records digitally is most
definitely an interesting concept.  If rolling your own MiniDiscs wasn't enough, there were also a fairly sizeable number of commercial
releases available.

The advent of MP3s definitely accelerated the demise of MiniDisc (That, and Sony's inability at the time to support a successful audio format).
Having to record in realtime was certainly a disadvantage, but there's a very nostalgic "cassette" feel to recording individual tracks like that.

I still occasionally put together a mix "tape" on my dad's old MiniDisk walkman I adopted (Sony MZ-R30).  It's a fun way to pick music for a
car trip or long 'heads down' work day.  Obsolete, yet still fascinating.