Hello, fellow being! Below is my old ~/.plan from grex
   - slightly updated.
   - update: slightly updated the slight updates more (but slightly)


   * 1 SGI Octane
   * 1 SGI Indigo2
   * -- 1 Sun E450 -- (gone, sold at vcfmw 2021)
   * -- 1 Sun E250 -- (gone, sold at vcfmw 2021)
   * 1 Sun Ultra10
   * -- 1 Sun Ultra1 -- (gone, sold at vcfmw 2021)
   * 1 Panasonic Sr. Partner (an 8088 luggable)
   * several amd64 pcs
   * several amd64 laptops (intel)
   * several ancient x86 laptops.
   * several ancient x86 pcs


Other Interests:

  * Radio (especially digital stuff)
  * Electronics (soldering random circuitry), play with
    microcontrollers, etc.
  * TV series I like : Star-Trek, Stargate, lexx, x-files, outer
  * HPC, Mainframes, Big Iron


  I  was  born  in  Belgium,  and  lived  there for most of my life.
  About 10 years ago I moved to the US, which is where I reside now.

  I started programming on c64's  (basic and assembler),  then moved
  to pc (turbo  pascal  and  assembler),  then  first  started  with
  GNU+Linux  around  when  RedHat 5  came out (The original one, not
  fedora or rhel), which is when I started playing with perl, C, C++
  and all that fun stuff.

  On the hobby side of things, at home I like to tinker with stuff..
  that  means,  taking  out the good 'old soldering iron and putting
  together  circuits  and  fixing  things  (I'm incredibly cheap and
  refuse  to  throw  things   away  that  break  ;D ),  playing with
  micro-controllers,  and  I also like to play around with the radio
  spectrum,  I'm a ham radio operator too (KD9HOQ).  Especially when
  it combines  radio  and  the  digital  world.  I  used  to  run  a
  packet-radio BBS in the days. Nowerdays I try to pull anything out
  of the airwaves I can get my hands on, and see what I can get  out
  of  it,  using GNURadio, and other fun stuff. I'm also starting to
  get into receiving satcom stuff and general space communications.

  I'm  fluent  in  English  and Dutch. Also speak french. Understand
  some German and Norwegian, and I also speak python, perl, lisp, C,
  C++, smalltalk, m4, bash, javascript, php, assembler, etc... :)

  Game  development is also one of my interests.  (Oh, if only I had
  more time!) Worked with quite a few libraries,  sdk's and  engines
  in that department, including: irrlicht (C++), crystal space (C++,
  did a few small contributions to the Planeshift  project,  a  Free
  Software mmorpg), Panda3d (C++ and Python, used by Disney to  make
  their Pirates rpg, now also using an open license), spherical, SDL
  and a few others I probably forgot which I used a long time ago.

  MIPS and SPARC systems is another thing I tinker with.
  (See computers above)

  I've also been researching mainframe systems, see:
    http://www.linkerror.com/mainframes  (work forever in progress)

  I used to do sysadmin work for a hosting company in Belgium,  Then
  started working for Wolfram Research here in Champaign IL (where I
  still live), pretty much got burnt out of that job after  5 years,
  then  moved  to  Granular, which got bought out by Dupont, and I'm
  now at Datto where I'm a programmer on  backup  agent  stuff.  I'm
  still trying to find some job where I can just tinker with writing
  gopher clients or load balancers or research cool  new  uArchs  or
  whatever, but I don't think I'm going  to  find  it  in  corporate
  America (or anywhere else in the world for that  matter).  I  feel
  like the software industry has gone downhill pretty bad.   I still
  love  writing  software though. Just dislike most modern practices
  and  the ecosystem that's developed around the entire IT industry,
  and corporate settings. Not sure what the solution is,  other than
  keep  doing my own thing in whatever little free time I have  left
  after work. But enough about that, this is just a ~/.plan file! :)