*** Veronica-2 help: How do I control what gets indexed?

The "new" V-2 robot has many new features to help make a relevant index,
including loop detection and expungement (for symbolic links that might cause
inadvertent loops in your filesystem), and resource validation to make sure
that there's something really there instead of an empty (or worse, a
maldesigned) directory. Also, Veronica-2 will never, ever index anything
that looks like a web URL (either with the new de facto URL: syntax, or the
old GET method).

Nevertheless, there will possibly be portions of your site you just don't
want to be indexed for search, and we respect that, too.

To control spidering of your site, you can use a regular old robots.txt file,
just like for web servers. Place it in your document root directory such
that a request for selector "robots.txt" will fetch it. This is cached, so
it may take several hours up to a day for changes to take effect.

Veronica-2 obeys User-agent of "veronica" and "*".

<end of help>