For 0.5.1
(Cameron Kaiser)
- Uses OpenMotif-Mac for "El Capitan" 10.11 due to SIP restrictions on /usr.
- Corrects bug on OS X where systems lacking X11 would not be detected.

For 0.5.0
There is still ... aw, hell.

(Cameron Kaiser)
General fixes and improvements (all ports):
- Right mouse click on an object displays its name in the status line, even
 on distant objects. (Middle click is still select.)
- Double right click pops up a window with information -- future expansion
- Reload option now available from the menu or Alt-R.
- The menu window automatically repopulates the history and menu when you
 reopen it now.
- Quit from the pulldown menu saves window size also (previously only
 closing the window did it).
- Extraneous events generated by newer X servers now ignored in event loops.
- Print correctly gives a Not Implemented error. Well, maybe _properly_ is a
 better word. Well, maybe _less unexpectedly_. Yeah. We'll go with that.

Specific to OS X port:
- Patches for fixing build errors with clang.
- Split Universal build from i386 build (x86_64 build does not yet work)
 for OS X. macosx11 is an i386 build; macosxu is a universal PowerPC/i386
 build. macosxu requires a PPC-capable universal compiler (Xcode 3 or lower).
- motifmaclauncher now supports Yosemite (needs a universal-capable compiler
 to build, however, so it is only supported with the Universal PPC/i386
 target; might be possible to use the mpw sc compiler in the future).
- Mouse events now properly managed with XQuartz again, including click-drag
 to move and the manual motion buttons.
- Status line properly shifted over for the OS X resize gadget.

(Brian Callahan)
- Patches for OpenBSD

For 0.4.2
There is still a long way to go that is only a bit less as long as before.

(Cameron Kaiser)
- Patches for Irix 6.5. Help doesn't work right; it doesn't seem to handle
 file I/O the same and there is a buffer overflow when reading the help
 file, so it is temporarily disabled in this version.

(Martin Doege)
- Fix for overwide spirals in Veronica-2
- Fix for 64-bit compilation on x86_64
- Put the help file in a standard location on Linux:
- Fix for failed compiles referencing uid_t and pid_t types

- Patches for Cygwin

For 0.4.1
There is still a long way to go that is mostly as long as the previous version.

(Cameron Kaiser)
- Patches for compilation on Ubuntu 10.04 (thanks also to David Meyer)
 Make sure all your development headers, etc., are patched up.
- Fix divide by zero error in fps counter
- Automatically build motifmaclauncher/ (no separate Xcode step) with
- Updated install documentation

For 0.4
There is still a long way to go that is less long than the previous version.

(Jeroen Schot)
- Patches for compilation on Debian lenny

(Cameron Kaiser)
- Menu reorganization, including stub menus for future features (bookmarks etc)
- More accelerator and shortcut keys
- Save to disk for unrecognized item types now enabled (to be expanded later)
- Rotational and translational speeds are now relative to CPU speed
- FPS counter in status bar
- Mousemoves are now normalized to the size of the VR window
- Double left click equivalent with middle button for selection and jumping
- Application remembers window positions in ~/.gophervrwindows. This needs a
 kludge for DAMN YOU APPLE
- Menu window now opens clear of the VR window status bar
- Menu window can be closed and the VR window used by itself without crashing
 the application (and reopened from File > Show Gopher Menu -- although
 it does not properly update when reopened yet)
- Menu window resizes menu list to same relative size when resized
- Text window now snaps back to top after loading
- Text window properly gives confirmation when files are saved
- hURLs are now green
- Folder icons have a slant "tab" for better visual distinction. I might do
 a properly modeled object later.
- Open Location better recognizes URLs (and rejects non-URLs)
- Fixed situation where shrinking the VR window would fail to update it
- Changed truncate in libtracker to lt_truncate to avoid name collisions
- Some defunct or crashing options have now been hidden for 'safety'
- Mac OS X launcher changes:
 - Application can now be launched from folders with spaces in their names
 - Prerequisites split out to allow interactive error handling
 - Cmd-Tab switching is now fully intercepted

For 0.3
There is still a long way to go.

(Cameron Kaiser)
- Incorporates gopher-3.0.11 with fixes for regex
- Incorporates compat_regex.c for systems without a libcompat (Mac OS X, etc.)
- Adds macosx11 target and changes to Makefiles to compile Universal binaries
 (tested on 10.4 and 10.5)
- Updates all other targets for new gopher module and autoconfigure
- Adds dummy libtracker module for unsupported audio (Mac OS X, MachTen, etc.)
- Change stricmp in libtracker to strcasecmp
- Endian fixes to Hershey font loader (tested good on PPC vs. x86)
- Text box no longer crashes if you close it from the wm and reopen it
- i-itemtype now appears in menus (but intentionally not in VR world)
- Gopher menu window now uses monospace font so ASCII art shows up right
- Gopher menu window now tags itemtypes to entries
- Hershey fonts now format larger for today's larger screens
- Default on Mac OS X is to open images in, sounds in QT
 (and add a file extension to deal with stupidity in 10.5+
- hURL support and A_HTML support
- (internal, not yet exposed) hooks for other object types
- Updated About box
- Updated Help file (and widened buffer for help articles)