--- NEEDS MPATHINFO in configure ---

Changes in 0.3.0:

* Changed from "from x" to "in x" to standardize version language.
* PATH_INFO support.
* caps.txt file uses correctly spelled keys, but the old ones still appear
 for compatibility.

Changes from 0.2.8:

* Generates minimal caps.txt file, and can be overridden.
* Fixes bug with mole SELECTOR variable when the client uses a tab instead of
 ? to delimit arguments.
* Fixes potential security issue where gopherglobs can sometimes be caused to
 enumerate files outside of the server mountpoint, even though they can't
 be actually accessed. This requires a malicious local gophermap.

Changes from 0.2.7:

* Gophertagging support, allowing tags in gophertag files.
* Patches for IPv6 (thanks Jeroen Schot and Koos van den Hout). This should
 be considered EXPERIMENTAL.
* Patches for HTML compliance (thanks Sergey Matveev and Jeroen Schot).

Changes from 0.2.6:

* Properly builds on filesystems where // != / (PowerMachTen and others).
* Corrects bug with hURLs making null hrefs in the generated HTML.

Changes from 0.2.5:

* Option to require executables to end in a chosen extension for filesystems
 with impoverished execute bits.
* Stupid, stupid bug in gophermap handler evocative of Zune leap year code.
* Improvements to configure.launchd.

Changes from 0.2.4:

* Version number mismatches in certain areas fixed.
* No dot files should be served, really.
* Better handling of large files (no more slurping).
* Newline conversion won't insert too many \r's or on inappropriate files.

Changes from 0.2.3:

* New configure.launchd because Apple is dumb and killed any traces of
 inetd in 10.5, since inetd is actually useful and standard to many people.
* Tweaks to the inside configure system for current versions and some small
 bugs discovered while working on the above.
* No security or enhancement changes to the core engine.

Changes from 0.2.2:

* Error messages now correctly use itype 3, and are more user-friendly.
* p and d itemtypes (for PNG and PDF respectively).

Changes from 0.2.1:

* Delay on hURLs lengthened to make their use by naughty people trying to
 obfuscate malicious URLs unattractive. One day all clients will be smart
 and the hURL-in-server kludge can die.
* hURLs should really have a DOCTYPE in the generated HTML.
* Embedded ? with arguments in hURLs now works.
* Kludge to make unescaping %hex and + more intelligent and try not to do
 it unless necessary.

Changes from 0.2:

* One last bug related to Perl 5.8.
* Directory listings didn't have properly sanitized filenames in some

Post-0.2 quick change:

* Bug corrected in configure.xinetd snuck out of RCS. Proper version checked
 back in, dist re-run. Sorry. ^_^;; Thanks Alessandro Selli!

Changes from 0.1-pr6:

* Changes for Perl 5.8 compatibility.
* Added gopher globbing to allow more sophisticated gophermaps.
* Gophermaps with +x are now treated as moles for even more dynamic behaviour.
* DNS antispoofing.
* Sort option for directories.
* Reconfigured and more consistent logging.
* Smart linking to allow proper and logical treatment of symbolic links.
* Cleanup of Bucktooth functions, the directory structure and Makefile.
* Various custodial changes.
* A few extra itemtype handlers.

Changes from pr5 (more of a package update than actual code changes):

* Small bug in environment variable handling corrected in buckd+documentation.
* Minor updates to stuff/.

Changes from pr4:

* Potential security hole in gophermap handling fixed.
* Taint checks now pass installation as root with Perl 5.6.1.

Changes from pr3:

* Bug in argument parsing for moles fixed.
* Support for being run as a dependent program from within a proxy (like
 the Gopher Public Proxy).
* Unassigned port bug fixed.
* URL: style linking supported.

Changes from pr2:

* Slightly better relative path handling code.

Changes from pr1:

* Fixed a security hole in open() by making it sysopen() and dodging
 the issue.