Subj : Magicjack and Modem test results
To   : mark lewis
From : Gary Perkins
Date : Wed Jan 30 2013 06:07 am

 Re: Magicjack and Modem test results
 By: mark lewis to Gary Perkins on Wed Jan 30 2013 02:53 am

> > But they've also released a new Magicjack Plus, which has an

> i've heard of those... but that's all... nothing on tv that explains
> anything in 30 seconds...

I got an email from them a while back pitching it, which explained it a little

> that's cool... sounds like it might plug into a switch or router with that
>  capability ;)

That's exactly right.

> > If I can ever get caught up on my needs and get ahead on the bills,
> > I wanna get one myself for a data line. :)

> good luck there... i've been dealing with it for years and haven't made it
> out yet :?

Yep, been years here.  I was unemployed for a few years until my son hit school
age, and I was able to finally get childcare assistance.  As my income went up,
so did my I'd be doing fine if my car hadn't crapped out on
me.  Tried buying a cheap used car from someone, ended up with a lemon and had
to get a used one off of a dealership, so now I'm stuck with a big car note AND
full coverage insurance. :p
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