/        by John M. Kodis             11/1/80    4K
The "slant" program provides the CP/M user with
multiple commands per line.  ASM source included.

100LETRS by unknown                   0/0/0     58K
100 business letters for all occasions.  In two
LBR files with 50 letters each.

18E      by Damon R. Gibson           10/14/86  20K
Outstanding Z80 monitor/debugger based on Z8E by
Richard Surwilo.  Supports HD64180 CPU.

@        by Paul Traina               10/19/82   4K
@.COM is a super little integer calculator in DEC,
HEX, and ASCII.  Works on any terminal.

AAR130   by Len Thom                  11/20/84  98K
Automotive Accounts Receivable - Invoicing System
that is adaptable to other small businesses.

ABUSER83 by Eric Gans                 6/8/85     4K
Changes user area of files without copying them.
Allows wildcards in filename and from-user areas.

ACOPY18  by Terry Hazen               5/6/88    26K
Fast file copy utility with options that include
selecting files using attribute bits F1-F7.  Z80.

ADDRESS  by John Barkley              8/18/85   34K
v2.31a Rolodex program can dial a modem, output to
MailMerge formats.  Pascal source code ONLY!

ADV-A02  by Mike Goetz                4/23/80   60K
An intermediate sized 350 point ADVENTURE game.
It will work on any terminal.

ADV-B01  by Mike Goetz                0/0/0    172K
Full-sized 550 point ADVENTURE game for 80 column
screens.  Don't get lost in the twisty passages!

ADVENTUR by Chuck Crayne              0/0/0     36K
A small version of the 350 point ADVENTURE game.
Works on any terminal.  Output is in upper case.

AIM      by David McCourt             0/0/0     14K
Automatic Investment Management - a stock, bond,
and money market analyzer. Issues buy/sell orders.

ALGOL-M  by Mark Moranville           8/1/78    48K
v1.1 ALGOL-M language.  This release includes good
documentation and many example programs.

ALLOC    by Ward Christensen          4/10/82    4K
Utility examines disk allocation and displays a
map of used and unused groups.

ALPHA10  by Eric Gans                 3/17/85    4K
Examines text file and gives a sorted display of
words and frequency of occurance.

ALPHATXT by Richard M. Abbot          1/27/86   52K
v2.10 ASCII text formatter features full printer
control via embedded commands.

ANYCODE  by Doug Hurst                3/3/84    14K
A modification to WordStar to allow ANY CODE to be
sent to the printer using in-document commands.

ANYCODKP by O. V. Gray                2/6/85    18K
A version of Doug Hurst's WordStar patch just for
Kaypro WordStar 3.3.

APL/Z    by S. Gownowicz              9/1/85    52K
v1.1 APL language.  You must know APL, since this
includes no documentation.

APPEND   by Jack Riley                0/0/0      4K
A 1K size program for appending one file onto the
end of another.

APPEND13 by Bridger Mitchell          6/21/85    8K
Appends text files together and includes date if
DateStamper available.  C source code included.

ARC11    by Dave Rand                 12/26/82  22K
Good set of archiving utilities predating LBR file
types.  Not compatible with current ARC files.

ARCOPY10 by Eric Meyer                6/1/86     4K
File backup utility using "Archive" file attribute
bit.  For CP/M 2.2 and 3.0 (Z80 systems only).

ARCOPY21 by Eric Meyer                3/21/88   14K
ARchive COPY v2.1 is a small and fast file copier
for CP/M 2.2 or 3.x.  Requires a Z80.

AREA17   by Bill Christian            3/31/88   18K
Rapidly finds and displays area codes, geographic
locations, or combinations.  Contains own data.

AREA18   by Benjamin H. Cohen         9/8/89    16K
Telephone AREA code, geographic location display.
ASM source included.  Original author Joe Wright.

ARK035   by Brian E. Moore            8/8/88    14K
Creates CP/M ARK files using the most space ef-
ficient method of compression.  Z80 required.

ARTIE5   by Peter Donnelly            1/1/86    52K
Draws with Kaypro 4/10 graphics.  Saves to disk,
prints, merges text and graphics.  Fun too!

ARUNZ09N by Jay Sage                  6/3/88    30K
The preferred Extended Command Processor (ECP) for
ZCPR3.  Requires ZCPR3.

ASPRETTY by William Meyer             11/23/82   6K
A formatting utility for assembly language source
code.  In C with source code included.

AUGUSTA  by Jim Castleberry           1/6/86    60K
A subset of the ADA language.  Requires either
MBASIC or preferably Turbo Pascal to work.

AUTKYS60 by Gary Conway               1/1/86     8K
AUTOKEYS v6.0 for Kaypro CP/M 2.2 F,G,H,U loads
different keypad definitions for each application.

AUTOKEYS by Gary Conway               1/1/85     8K
v4.0 Keypad config for Kaypro CP/M 2.2F, G, H, U.
Automatically loads key defs for each application.

AUTOSUB  by Carl Flarity              7/15/83    8K
A method for SUBMIT batch processing that does not
require a separate SUB file.  Includes ASM source.

AXTAROT  by Dog Star Codeworks        1/27/87   28K
Tarot program in MBASIC includes source and COM
versions.  For ACTRIX computers, but modifiable.

B29V304  by Gary Conway               12/26/86  84K
B29 v3.04 NSWP-like utility with expanded viewing
and printing.  Versions for all CP/M computers.

BACKGMMN by David C. Oshel            4/1/86    70K
v2.0 Full-screen backgammon for ADM-3A screen and
configurable for others.  C/80 source code incl.

BACKUP   by Gary Young                6/23/82   14K
Hard disk backup utility for CP/M.  Includes

BANNER03 by Ralph Betza               1/1/87    50K
BANNER v0.3 prints block letters to screen, disk,
or printer.  Includes Aztec C source code.

BANNER10 by Richard Conn              8/13/80    4K
v1.0 prints large block letters on the printer
from keyboard input.  A classic!

BASE     by Jon Lindsay               7/18/85    8K
Displays numeric values in DEC, HEX, OCT, Split-
OCT, BIN, ASC.  Includes ASM source code.

BBACK53  by Eric Gans                 6/9/85    14K
Backup program utilizes "Archive bit".  Works with
a BDOS patch on CP/M 2.2.  Features file dating.

BCBC     by Bruce W. Tonkin           11/14/84  60K
v1.22 BASIC language compiler for CP/M 2.2.  With
MBASIC source.  Scanty documentation.

BD03     by Irv Hoff                  5/1/86     8K
BadDisk program finds bad disk sectors and locks
them out.  Shows which files have bad sectors.

BD04     by Irv Hoff                  5/11/87    8K
"Must Have" Bad Disk utility shows the names of
files with bad sectors.  Universal CP/M 2.2, 3.0.

BDLOC    by Richard Conn              7/3/81     4K
BDOS locator utility shows base page addresses of
system BDOS and CCP.  ASM source code included.

BGIIDEMO by Plu*Perfect Systems       1/1/86   120K
BackGrounder ii demo.  CCP replacement provides
task switching, key definition, much more.

BIBL     by unknown                   0/0/0      6K
Bibliography generator requires WordStar, DataStar
and SuperSort.

BISHOW31 by Phil Cary & Steve Sanders 12/8/84    6K
BISHOW types forward and backward in file.  For
Kaypro video.  Includes BISHOW v1.7 for Osborne I.

BLACKJAC by Richard S. Altman         7/14/89   14K
Game requiring MBASIC and Kaypro highlited screen.
Play BLACKJACK against the computer.

BLOCK20  by Micro Resources           1/1/81     4K
Prints block letters on the printer.  Prompts you
for input.

BRAD204  by Aaron Contorer            6/1/88   204K
Bradford v2.04 NLQ printing program for Epson and
Gemini printers includes 41 fonts.  Two libraries.

BRADFORD by Aaron Contorer            1/1/85    66K
v1.20 Near Letter Quality program for Epson/Gemini
printers.  With 12 fonts plus BRADCON font editor.

BRADSMAL by Aaron Contorer            1/1/88    70K
use less memory than v2.0.  COM files only.

BRIDGE   by Doug Cox                  1/1/84    16K
The game of BRIDGE.  Turbo Pascal source code is

BY219AKS by Steve Sanders             1/4/84    28K
BYE v2.19 RCPM system for Kaypro II/4/10 only. The
ASM source must be assembled for your Kaypro.

BYE-KP4  by Dave Bennett              0/0/0     54K
Everything needed for file exchange system on a
Kaypro 4 with external Hayes compatible modem.

BYE323KP by Paul Traina               4/30/84   42K
This utility allows Remote use of CP/M (RCPM) by
modem.  Only the ASM source for Kaypro computers.

CACHE    by Steve McMahon             2/26/83    6K
Memory CACHE for Kaypro II captures LST: output to
disk.  Requires BIOS patch.

CAL      by unknown                   0/0/0      6K
Nifty perpetual calendar will display any month of
any year.  Whole years too.  Universal terminal.

CALC224  by Eric Hammond              7/12/87   32K
CALC v2.24 can evaluate a numeric expression in
ANY base.  Includes Turbo Pascal source code.

CALC32   by Guy Counsineau            2/2/88    10K
32 bit calculator with 7 functions, logical ops,
DEC/HEX conversion.  Z80 ASM source included.

CALENDAR by Joseph I. Mortensen       1/1/86    22K
v4.3 menu-driven appointment calendar for ADM-3A
compatible terminals.

CASTLE   by Joseph R. Power           7/1/80    36K
Wizard's Castle adventure game works on many
terminals.  Similar to MORIA.

CAT      by Ward Christensen          1/8/78    12K
The original MAST.CAT disk cataloging system.  Has

CAT20    by Ward Christensen          1/8/78    28K
Original MAST.CAT disk catalog system + NEWCAT28.
Includes ASM source for CAT, FMAP, and UCAT.

CATCHUM  by Yahoo Software            1/1/83    44K
v5.12 An excellent PACMAN type game will configure
for different computer screens.

CATFILBO by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
Utility that reads MAST.CAT disk catalog and makes
a file for use with MBASIC or SUPERSORT.

CATREMOV by Jeffrey J. Nonken         10/2/84   18K
Easily removes all files associated with a disk
in MAST.CAT created with MCAT style programs.

CCHK     by Steve Draper              12/29/82  24K
C programmer's utility finds badly matched braces
and other mistakes in C source file.  C source.

CCITCRC  by C. B. Falconer            0/0/0      4K
v1.2 CRC checksum utility that eliminates the need
for a separate CRC file on disk.

CCPLOC   by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
v1.1 displays locations of CCP, BDOS, and BIOS in
HEX.  Plus FREE.COM which displays size of TPA.

CCREF    by unknown                   0/0/0     12K
Cross reference utility for C source files.  Works
on other text files also.

CCT2     by unknown                   5/29/82    8K
A file concatenator combines multiple small files
into one larger file.  Offers many options.

CDIR12   by Steve Sanders             4/2/86    16K
Compare DIRectories of two disks. Versions for
generic CP/M and Kaypro.  ASM source included.

CDIR20   by Richard Brewster          6/8/87    20K
Compares directories of any two drive/user areas.
Versions for Kaypro and generic CP/M. ASM source.

CERTIFY  by Carl Beck                 3/29/84   12K
v2.4 of a very nice menu-driven disk certification
and utility program.

CFA03    by Lee D. Rimer              2/7/88    28K
Change File Attributes v0.3 is derivative of MAKE
v2.6: change user area, unerase, more; ASM source.

CHECK28  by Carson R. Wilson          2/24/87   26K
Interactively compare two disks, copy, delete, and
view files.  Requires Z80 and 80 column display.

CHECKS   by Jim Woolley               7/1/86   164K
v1.2 An excellent checkbook for 80 column screens.
Easily installed.  Includes C source code.

CHECKS15 by Ralph Sherman             1/5/85    42K
A checkbook program for personal/business use.
Very nice.  Includes ASM source.  Z80 only.

CHEK10   by Irv Hoff                  2/2/83     4K
A CRC file integrity checking program similar to
CRCK, but different.

CHESS    by Jim Mills                 12/25/79  30K
A chess game with two difficulty levels that works
on any terminal.  Includes FORTRAN source code.

CHGCHAR  by Al de la Torre            11/1/83    6K
Changes all occurances of a character in a file to
another character or byte.  ASM source included.

CHOP-APP by Ron Rock                  4/29/88   14K
v2.1 Text utility breaks file into sections, joins
files together. Universal terminal. Great with VDE

CHUSER   by Jim Schenkel              3/9/83     4K
Utility to move files to a specific user area.
Includes ASM source.

CLEAN    by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
A prompting file erase utility that gives you the
option to view a text file before erasing it.

COLDBOOT by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
Cold boots (resets) Kaypro computer without having
to reach back and press the reset button.

COLUMNS  by Tom Swan & Steve Willett  9/5/84    12K
Reformats a text file into two or more side by
side columns.  Turbo Pascal source included.

CONCORD  by David M. Fogg             1/1/81    84K
Concordance generator builds index of words in a
document.  BDS C source code included.

CONIX    by Computer Helper Industrie 9/1/86   210K
CONIX Operating System, a CCP replacement offers
redirection, many commands, path, much more.

CPMCUTIL by William G. Hutchison, Jr. 12/18/82  44K
Six advanced CP/M directory and disk information
display utilities.  All with C source code.

CPMHLP   by various                   0/0/0     30K
80-column HLP files for ASM, CBASIC, CPM, HELP,
MAC, and MASM.  Requires a version of HELP.COM.

CPMORE22 by Salim Benbahmed           0/0/0     58K
Menu driven front end for CP/M 2.2 only.  Many
commands and features.  Z80 required.  Shareware.

CPOWER   by Pavel Breder              9/26/81   10K
v2.41 front end for CP/M includes standard utility
functions plus unerase.

CRAZY    by Richard S. Altman         11/6/89   12K
Game requiring MBASIC and Kaypro highlited screen.
CRAZY EIGHTS card game.

CRC50    by unknown                   6/18/82    4K
Creates CRC checksum for disk files to verify that
files are identical.

CRCK4    by Keith Petersen            4/27/81    8K
Cyclic Redundancy Check program for verifying file
integrity.  Includes ASM source code.

CREATOR  by Bruce W. Tonkin           3/18/81   44K
v4.51 database generator for MBASIC.  Includes a
report generator, REPORTOR.  Very professional.

CRIBBAGE by David C. Oshel            1/17/84   30K
Game of cribbage for ADM-3A compatible terminal.
Includes Turbo Pascal source code.

CROWECPM by Pat Crowe                 1/1/78    66K
v1.2 Z80 assembler for any CP/M computer. Includes
complete ASM source code.

CROWEZ80 by James Gregor Owen         12/2/84   76K
v1.3e CROWECPM Z80 assembler with complete source
code.  It can assemble itself.

CRUNCH23 by Steven Greenberg          11/15/86  10K
CRUNCH v2.3 and UNCRunch v2.3 file compression and
expansion utilities.  Z80 required.

CRUNCH24 by Steven Greenberg          9/15/87   32K
CRUNCH/UNCRunch v2.4 Z80 file compress/decompress.
UNCR.COM unSQueezes too.  Full documentation.

CRYPT    by William G. Hutchison, Jr. 1/30/82   38K
Four data encryption programs with lots of info
and C source code.

CTERM    by Joe Felsenstein           2/5/82    12K
A configurable terminal emulation program for the
Osborne 1.  Includes C source code.

CU20     by Richard Brewster          6/23/87   16K
Changes user number of files; looks for existing
file name.  Kaypro and generic CP/M.  ASM source.

CURSOR10 by Steve Sanders             1/1/83     4K
Nifty program to set Kaypro 4 cursor to any size,
slow, fast, or non-blinking.

CUT10    by Lee D. Rimer              2/11/88   16K
A very fast file splitting utility that modifies
only the disk directory.  Includes ASM source.

CV       by Jim Woolley               9/4/82     6K
Compare Video dual scrolling utility for VDM that
is set up for the Osborne 1.  ASM source included.

D&D1     by Kent Anderson             7/24/85   12K
Two very small, neat directory programs which are
functionally similar to SD.COM.

D7-4-DB2 by Gerry Pareja              7/20/86   62K
dBaseII utility to use DISK7 (by Frank Gaude) and
dBaseII at the same time.  ASM source for DISK7.

DA22     by Eric Meyer                1/1/87     6K
Directory Attribute, a sorted DIR that can select,
display and change attribute bits.  Z80 only.

DASM15   by Richard Conn              8/16/82   62K
v1.5 Z80 disassembler similar to ZZSOURCE, but a
lot easier to use.  Includes MAC source code.

DATAFLOW by P.D.S. Pty Ltd            1/1/85   150K
Wholesaler accounting system used commercially in
Australia.  Complete DOCs.  Requires dBaseII v2.4.

DATASAFE by Patrick Wiseman           11/27/84   6K
v2.0 utility displays memory and saves to disk for
recovery of WordStar, BASIC work.  Requires Z80.

DAZLSTAR by John Washington           2/26/86  100K
DZ is a powerful, interactive disassembler for Z80
programmers.  Screen installs for many terminals.

DB2IRR10 by Charles I. Hart           2/13/85   10K
Calculates Internal Rate of Return.
Requires dBase II.

DB2MM    by John Schnell              1/1/83     4K
dBaseII program for converting DBF files into
MailMerge useable TXT files.

DB2MXCAT by Bunky Hall                1/1/86    34K
dBaseII program enhances MCAT/XCAT disk cataloging
system.  Requires MCAT and XCAT.

DB2SHL14 by Jim Gronek                11/30/84  16K
dBase II Shell program provides a friendly, menu-
driven environment.  Requires dBase II v2.4x.

DBACCTG  by unknown                   0/0/0     74K
Full-featured dBase II accounting package includes
billing, payroll, checkbook, reports, etc.

DBACKUP  by Warren Mckenna            5/7/82     4K
Two dBase II programs for backing up data from/to
hard or floppy disks.

DBAPPT   by Chuck Ross                0/0/0      6K
A menu-driven appointment manager.
Requires dBase II.

DBBOOKS  by Stephen M. Leon           4/1/85    50K
A dBaseII data management program for bibliography
information.  Requires dBaseII v2.4.

DBC      by Don Saba                  1/1/85    60K
Well tested and documented accounts payable system
for dBaseII.  Was used in a dentist's office.

DBCAL    by Dan Jones                 7/1/85     4K
dBaseII Calendar calls up a calendar screen from
within dBaseII.

DBCHECKS by J. Griffin & S. Meginnis  6/30/84   34K
Menu driven checkbook management for dBaseII v2.4.
It is well documented.

DBCHURCH by Ralph Shipp               8/23/83   32K
LOVE Church management system for dBaseII v2.3b.
Modify it for your church.

DBCONTAC by John Myers                1/1/86    14K
CONTACT is a dBaseII (v2.4 and up) program for
address and phone number management.

DBCONV   by Larry Eitel               10/29/83  10K
This dBase II utility converts data from one
database format to another.

DBDIR    by Mike Kelly                2/25/83    8K
Get a DIR of disk from within dBaseII.  Example of
assembly programming with dBaseII.

DBEXTRCT by Gerry Pareja              7/19/86   12K
dBaseII program to aid in extracting data at
random from a database.

DBFILTER by Stephen Eisdorfer         12/14/86  16K
v1.00 converts dBase II data to MailMerge format.
For ADM-3A terminals.  Turbo Pascal source.

DBGEN    by Sam Washburn              1/1/84    42K
A genealogy system for dBaseII v2.4 that is easy
to use and has excellent documentation.

DBGORMET by B. Dalrymple & R. Cleaver 1/1/83    66K
v1.10 micro-GOURMET is a dBaseII program complete
with a large recipe database.  Well documented.

DBGRAF   by David A. Basskin          1/1/83     4K
A graphics generator for use only with dBaseII on
an Osborne 1 computer.

DBGUIDE  by Dr. M. Timin              11/1/82   16K
This dBase II program handles a database of text
references to your book library by subject.

DBHELP   by Glenn Story               6/10/83   12K
These dBaseII CMD files provide interactive help
information about dBaseII.

DBINDENT by Merlin R. Null            2/18/85   32K
An MBASIC program to process dBaseII CMD files.
Outputs to screen, printer or file.

DBLICK-V by Larry Fogg                6/1/85    20K
Breakout arcade game for CP/M Kaypros, all models.
Includes Turbo Pascal source code.

DBMAIL   by unknown                   0/0/0     10K
A mailing label and form letter generator for use
with dBase II.

DBML2    by Wil Wakely                8/1/81    12K
A dBase II mailing list program that includes
merge printing of form letters.

DBMUSIC  by James A. Gronek           4/9/84    22K
v1.7 A music library program for dBaseII that
keeps track of your record and tape collection.

DBREF    by Stephen M. Leon           7/14/85   56K
Data management for academic references.  REFERENC
requires dBaseII v2.4.

DBRETREV by D. A. Lathrop, Ph.D.      1/1/85    46K
RETRIEVE is a reference article citation filing
system for dBaseII.  Excellent documentation.

DBSOURCE by Merlin R. Null            1/6/85   122K
Compiles/decompiles dBaseII CMD source code.
Requires MBASIC or BRUN.COM.

DBST-ZIP by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
A dBase II program which checks DBF files to see
if state and zip codes are correctly entered.

DBTDAS   by Mark H. Baskin            8/23/86   50K
Teacher/Doctor Accounting System billing tracks
payments of students/patients.  Requires dBaseII.

DBTIPS   by various contributors      0/0/0     54K
ASCII text files containing a great deal of info
about the use of dBaseII.  Over 112K expanded.

DBUGRAPH by John Hathaway             3/1/83    10K
dBaseII program generates bar graph or scattergram
on any cursor addressable screen.

DBUNIQ22 by James A. Gronek           12/18/84  10K
dBaseII utility program to purge duplicate records
from a database.  Requires dBaseII v2.4 or later.

DBUPS    by Richard S. Altman         5/27/89   30K
dBaseII program calculates U.P.S. shipping costs
from zip code, weight, method.  Uses Kaypro video.

DBVIDEO  by Lyle Burks                6/8/85    18K
VIDEOLOG provides a means of cataloging your
videotape collection.  Requires dBaseII.

DD17     by Terry Hazen               5/23/88   20K
A directory program for ZCPR3 only.  Can display
files selected by any combination attribute bits.

DDIR     by Hank Blake                8/20/84   12K
A unique directory program. Displays file names in
lower case; offers many options.

DDRAW    by D. Griffith               12/1/84   20K
Graphics/text utility for Kaypro 4/10 lets you
draw pictures on the screen and save them.

DDTF     by Roy Lipscomb              10/27/81  14K
A Dynamic Debugging utility for assembly language
programmers.  ASM source assembles with LASM.

DEARC    by James W. McMann           11/5/85   36K
Removes files from MSDOS ARC (v4.3 or earlier).
Includes Turbo Pascal source code.

DEBUG    by Richard Amyx              3/6/85    42K
Assembly language debugger for Z80 CP/M programs.
Terminal configurable.  Includes Z80 source code.

DEFIN    by Steve Willett             11/2/85   14K
Filter program recovers a Perfect Writer .FIN file
to a text file.

DELBR11  by Aztec                     6/6/84     8K
Utility to remove all files from a Novosielski LBR
file.  Generic CP/M operation.

DF11     by Richard Greenlaw          2/24/80    6K
Displays differences in two versions of edited
text files.  Can resynchronize after difference.

DIAL     by Simon Ewins               8/13/83   10K
A dialing program for the Osborne 1 with a Hayes
compatible modem. Patchable for other Z80 systems.

DIF/SSED by Chuck Forsberg            11/17/81  22K
DIF makes a file of differences in two text files.
SSED recreates new file from old file plus diffs.

DIF22    by Carl Mascott              8/18/87   20K
v2.2 DIFferential text comparator program plus
C/80 source and function library code.

DIFCOM13 by Harry Smith               3/2/83    18K
Lists differences between different versions of
same program to see patches in COM files.

DIMS     by Dan Dugan                 1/20/84  114K
Dan's Information Management System v1.03 list
handler.  Requires MBASIC.

DIR-DUMP by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
A comprehensive directory display for any terminal
that shows all user areas, extents, block map.

DIRBANER by Dale Peterson             3/1/83     4K
Prints a disk directory on 4" x 1 7/16" labels.
Requires an Epson compatible printer.

DIRCHK   by unknown                   6/8/81     4K
Utility that check disk directory to be sure that
no group is used by more than one file.

DIRFILES by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
Utility creates and edits a file containing the
names and descriptions of all files on a disk.

DIRLABEL by Dennis McFerran           9/1/82     8K
Lists file directory on label size output with
Epson compatible printer.  ASM source included.

DIRR     by Irv Hoff                  4/3/82     4K
A small, vertically sorted directory program with
an uncluttered display.

DIRREP1  by Eric Gans                 12/7/84   10K
v.2 A repair kit for damaged disk directory. Makes
backup of directory in a file!  Includes ASM src.

DISASSEM by Michael M. Rubenstein     0/0/0     10K
A Z80 disassembler in MBASIC that generates Zilog

DISK72   by Frank Gaude               4/1/83     6K
A file copy utility using CRC verification.  Works
like WASH and SWEEP.

DISK76   by Frank Gaude               7/28/83    4K
A SWEEP-like file utility only 4K in size that
copies using CRC verification.

DISK76C  by Frank Gaude               6/30/83   30K
Complete release of DISK76 file utility with full
documentation and ASM source code included.

DISKALGN by Dana Cotant               1/3/84     6K
v1.0 Disk Alignment program for Kaypro computers
allows you to step drive to any track. MAC source.

DISKDOC  by Egil Kvaleberg            4/1/82    10K
Utility for repair and maintenance of disks.  Can
erase a disk.  Requires CP/M 2.x.

DISKLABL by Phil Pinel                3/13/85    6K
Data files for making diskette labels.  Only works
with SoftCraft PFONT v2.1 for MX series printers.

DISKTEST by Ray Duncan                1/2/84    22K
v1.1 Floppy disk test programs for Kaypro '83 (II,
IV, and 10).  Includes MAC source code.

DISPLAY  by Kelly Smith               10/30/80   4K
Types a text file to the screen using ED.COM-like
commands.  Can move forward or backward in file.

DMAPK10  by Eric Gans                 7/1/84     4K
Reads disk allocation map and displays used/unused
blocks with KAYPRO 4/10 inverse video.

DO11     by William G. Hutchison, Jr. 1/22/83   14K
DO allows multiple commands on CP/M command line,
separated by semi-colons.  Includes C source.

DOP2&3   by Gary C. Arey              9/2/84    14K
Front end program for dBase II and III operates
dBase from a main menu.

DR16     by Eric Gans                 5/31/85    8K
Directory program that can show erased files!
Includes versions DR15, DR15X, as well as DR16.

DRAW     by Carl Flarity              10/25/82   6K
Compose a chart on the Osborne 1 screen with ASCII
characters, then print it.  Requires MBASIC.

DSKLABL1 by Dennis McFerran           10/20/83  12K
Produces a disk label with directory information
on an Epson compatible printer.  With ASM source.

DSKMANGR by unknown                   0/0/0     40K
Menu driven memos, card file, appointments for an
ADM-3A terminal.  Works OK, but no documentation.

DU-V77   by Ward Christensen          7/23/81   10K
Disk Utility v7.7 command driven disk prober.  For
all CP/M computers.

DU-V86   by Ward Christensen          10/18/83  14K
Disk Utility v8.6 for CP/M 1.4, 2.x, 3.x adapts to
various hardware configurations.

DU-V86S  by Ward Christensen          10/24/83  40K
The famous Disk Utility v8.6.  This release
includes the ASM source code.

DU-V89   by Ward Christensen          9/1/84    14K
Disk Utility v8.9 is compatible with CP/M 1.4, 2.x
3.x, and adapts to any hardware configuration.

DU-V89S  by Ward Christensen          9/1/84    40K
Disk Utility v8.9, rev by Sigi Kluger.  Complete
ASM Source is included.

DU2V18   by Craig D. Miller           3/18/84   54K
Another version of Disk Utility which will work on
all CP/M 2.2 systems.  ASM source included.

DUKEDOM  by various                   0/0/0     32K
A clever and well documented game simulating the
management of a kingdom.

DUMP12   by William G. Hutchison, Jr. 1/22/83    8K
Dumps a file to the screen in hex and ASCII.  Can
select sectors.  40 column display.  C source.

DUMPX13  by S. J. Singer              1/1/78     6K
Binary file dump to screen in HEX and ASCII.
Can dump selected disk track/sector also.

DUPUSR2  by Bruce R. Ratoff           6/3/80     6K
Creates duplicate directory entry for using files
in more than one user area.  ASM source code.

E-PROLOG by G. A. Edgar               8/1/85    56K
v2.3 PROLOG compiler with Z80 source code.  Also
VALGOL language written in PROLOG.

E-PX8    by J. G. Owen                11/26/86  24K
A maverick version of VDE v2.11 set up especially
for the Epson PX8 Geneva.  Config for other Z80.

E13      by Mycroft Labs              1/1/82     6K
Unique text editor that resembles the BASIC editor
very closely.

EASE16Z  by unknown                   0/0/0     16K
Command line editing and error handling for ZCPR3.
Requires ZCPR v3.3.

EDFILE   by J.C.Kaltwasser &M.J.Mosko 1/10/84   18K
Edits displayed binary files in HEX and ASCII.
Great for patching COM files.

EDFILE3  by Eugene L. Pizzetta        1/12/87   18K
v3 of EDFILE uses WordStar cursor keys ^E^S^X^D.
A great patching editor for binary files.

EDIR10   by Robert Greenlee           12/14/87  26K
Erased DIRectory utility shows files recoverable,
unerases.  Good info.  Only for CP/M 2.2 BDOS.

EDIT     by Scott Fluhrer &Neal Somos 5/7/81    22K
A line-oriented text editor with many powerful
commands, but not very easy to use.

EDIT11   by Mike Rejsa                0/0/0      8K
A multiple utility program gives file directory,
copies, dumps, edits files.  Only 2k COM file.

EDITNDR  by A. E. Hawley              1/30/87   14K
Utilities to edit and save Named Directory memory
segments in ZCPR3.  Requires ZCPR3.

EDITPXST by Mike Rejsa                0/0/0     14K
EDIT11 multiple utility program set up for the
Epson PX-8 by Ken Madell.  ASM source included.

EGPASS10 by Eric Gans                 1/23/85    4K
Password protection for CP/M systems which boot
from a hard disk.  Includes ZAP.COM and PASCH.COM.

ELIZA    by R. O. Despain             4/12/85   28K
The computer therapist game with Turbo Pascal
source.  Can write your own scripts for this one.

ENSOFT10 by Gordon Brandly            0/0/0      6K
Converts text files into WordStar document format.
Includes C source file.

ENSOFT21 by Harvey G. Lord            3/4/84     6K
Converts 'hard formatted' text files into WordStar
document format.

ENVELOPE by Gerry Pareja              4/2/86     4K
An envelope/label print file for use with MailMrge
and WordStar.

EPEX11   by James H. Whorton          1/1/86    62K
Automatic ZCPR3-like environment for CP/M 2.2 has
menus, aliases, named directories, etc.

EPSMODE4 by James R. Hossenlopp       8/5/82     6K
A printer setup program for the Epson MX-80 with
ASM source code included.

EPSONPRT by Stuart Oberman            1/1/82    10K
A printer setup program for Epson MX series.
Includes SBASIC source code.

ERAIT13  by Mike Kelly                7/8/83     8K
Erases list of wildcard filespec given on command
line.  C language source code included.

ERAQ     by Thomas N. Hill            12/5/82    4K
The original wildcard erase utility that Queries
you before each file deletion.  ERAA.COM also.

ERAQ16   by Jim Dreher                4/6/84     8K
v1.6 of the wildcard file eraser with Query.
Includes ASM source file.

ERAQ19KP by Steve Sanders             6/7/85    14K
v1.9 wildcard file eraser.  Resets disk system.
This version for Kaypro 4/10.  ASM source file.

ERAX12   by Eric Gans                 6/8/85     4K
Erases files in any/all user areas.  Supports ZCPR
drive/user syntax.  Queries like ERAQ.

ERAZ11   by Terry Hazen               5/6/88    20K
File erase utility includes option to erase only
files with attribute bits F1-F7 set.  Z80.

EX15     by Cutler, Hanson, & Fowler  11/22/82  26K
Classic memory based submit utility.  Includes the
ASM source for EX14 plus EX14.COM.

EXPAND   by R.J. Pero & A. Solof      3/22/89    6K
v1.0, a word processing utility in BASIC that
EXPANDS abbreviations to words or phrases.

EXPRESS  by Cecil & Laine Stump       1/1/85    76K
Fast full-screen text editor configures for any
terminal.  Very powerful, macros, full DOCs.

EXTRACT  by Gil Shultz                1/24/86    6K
v1.1 Library extraction utility. Extract/unsqueeze
from LBR to any drive/user.  8080 code.

EZCPR2   by Dennis E. Hamilton        6/26/84   68K
v1.09 Easy ZCPR2 for any CP/M 2.2 computer.  Very
neat.  Includes all utilities.

F83-M2   by Laxen and Perry           4/1/84   160K
Forth 83 language, Model 2.0.0.  This version was
packaged by Ted Shapin on 7/1/84.  Very complete.

FANCFONT by SoftCraft                 0/0/0     36K
Demonstration of the FancyFont (tm) system.
Requires an Epson compatible printer.

FANFLD10 by Ron Rock                  8/6/87    40K
BETA TEST v10.0 of FANFOLD text formatter requires
Turbo Pascal to compile.

FANFLD22 by Ron Rock                  2/25/90   82K
FANFOLD v22.0d reformats text for printing on both
sides of paper.  This is SHAREWARE.

FANFOLD  by Ron Rock                  10/1/85   24K
Reformats text into two files for printing on both
sides of fanfold paper.  With Turbo Pascal source.

FANFOLD8 by Ron Rock                  1/22/87   52K
v8.0 for Turbo Pascal 3.0.  Reformats text files
for printing on both sides of paper.  CP/M 2.2.

FANFX3   by Ron Rock                  1/1/86    26K
Kaypro/Epson version of FANFOLD reformats text to
print on both sides of fanfold paper.

FAST     by Tom Vyse                  7/8/82     4K
Osborne 1 specific program to increase the disk
drive step rate.

FAST2    by David Bennett             10/8/81   22K
Utility RSX to speed up disk I/O operations where
systems have slow BIOS.  ASM source, good DOCs.

FASTART  by Kent Anderson             1/1/85     8K
Creates a small and fast startup routine for the
Kaypro CP/M computers.

FASTLIFE by Carl Flarity              6/8/83     6K
A game of LIFE for Osborne 1 video.  Include the
ASM source code.

FATCAT24 by Steven M. Cohen           1/1/86   136K
Fast, easy and powerful menu driven disk catalog
program for Z80 systems.  ZCPR3 compatible.

FBAD5860 by various                   0/0/0      6K
Two more COM versions of the FindBAD utility.
FBAD v5.8 for Kaypro video, and v6.0 universal.

FBAD59   by Ken Kaplan et al.         3/16/85   22K
v5.9 FindBAD disk sectors and lock them out.
Includes ASM source file.

FBAD60A  by Tom Head                  10/18/87  26K
FINDBAD v6.0A utility to find bad disk sectors and
lock them out.  ASM source code included.

FF       by PowerSoft Inc.            1/1/85    30K
FeatureFormat - a self-installing program turns
WordStar into a screenplay processor.  Shareware.

FIGFORTH by Bob Bumala                8/1/83    56K
KFORTH language from the Forth Interest Group for
Kaypro computers.

FILE13   by Irv Hoff                  2/13/83    8K
File search utility finds requested file on any or
all disks, any user area.  ASM source included.

FILEPRIN by Gary W. Addison           1/1/83     8K
An MBASIC program for scanning the MAST.CAT disk
catalog.  Outputs to screen or printer.

FILESIZE by Rob Friefield             7/1/86     4K
v1.2 of this 1K program that reports file sizes in
number of records, pages, and K-bytes.  Z80.

FILT     by Irv Hoff                  3/14/84    8K
Text filters. Very fast with excellent messages.

FILT7A   by Irv Hoff                  5/11/86    6K
Versatile text filter for ASCII and WordStar files
also processes tabs.

FILTER11 by Keith Petersen            1/27/81    6K
A filter program for ASCII text files.  Includes
the ASM source code.

FILTER33 by Claude Ostyn              9/27/83   24K
Multi-purpose utility filters ASCII files, or
reformats text.  ASM source included.

FIND     by Ward Christensen          8/3/82     4K
Finds an ASCII upper case string in multiple files

FIND20   by Rich Angelo               10/5/82   10K
Finds ASCII strings in text files.  The ASM source
is included.

FIND51   by Irv Hoff                  9/5/84     6K
Finds upper or lower case ASCII strings in one or
more files.  Can create file of output.

FIND52   by Irv Hoff                  11/1/84   10K
Finds upper or lower case ASCII strings in one or
more files.  Can create file of output.

FIND54   by Irv Hoff                  1/27/86    6K
Finds upper or lower case ASCII strings in one or
more files.  Can create file of output, more.

FINDBD54 by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
FindBAD v5.4 bad disk sector lockout program,
universal version.

FINDU11  by S. Kluger                 8/2/84     6K
Find/Unsqueeze searches for a string in ASCII or
WordStar, normal or squeezed multiple files.

FINREP11 by Eric Gans                 6/6/85     8K
Very fast find/replace program works on all types
of files, and on multiple files.

FINREP21 by Eric Gans                 7/15/85   10K
Versatile, fast wildcard find/replace utility for
all types of files; multiple files.

FINREP28 by Eric Gans                 5/28/88   12K
v2.8 of fast multiple file search/replace utility
that works on all kinds of files.  Very powerful.

FIX19    by unknown                   2/4/82    26K
A disk probing utility for universal CP/M 2.2 that
includes built-in help.

FLASH    by Ricky Wong                8/30/86   26K
Creates flashcards and then excercises them on the
terminal.  Good educational program.

FLYKPRO  by B. Eiben                  0/0/0     18K
Instrument flight simulator for ADM-3A screens.
No documentation, but has internal help.

FOGINDEX by Les Bell & George Blat    6/17/84   12K
v1.2 Analyzes your writing style.  Tells how many
years of grade school needed to understand it!

FORM7    by Irv Hoff                  4/27/85    8K
Assembly source code formatter adds/removes colon,
tabs, changes case, comments, etc.

FORMATIN by Irv Hoff                  3/22/88   16K
Informative text file comparing ALPHATXT, RNF13,
ROFF4, JUSTIFY, and WordStar text justification.

FORMFEED by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
This wonderful micro gem sends a formfeed to your
printer so you don't have to push its buttons.

FORTH-83 by Henry Laxen & Mike Perry  10/16/83 132K
Forth-83 language with Kaypro implementation notes
but should run on other computers too.

FREEBASE by D. Brown & N. Nyman       2/1/86    20K
FreeBaseIII is a freeform data management system
for all CP/M 2.2 and 3.0 computers.

FREEWILL by C2                        0/0/0     44K
California Civil Code for statutory will.  Text
files that guide you in writing your own will.

FRONT50  by Claude Ostyn              11/29/85  38K
Front menu for CP/M replaces A> prompt with a user
friendly video screen.  CP/M 2.2 and 3.0.

FTNOTE14 by Eric Meyer                8/27/84   24K
Allows page-bottom footnotes with WordStar.  Page
numbering automatically maintained.

FU-12    by R. Donais & G. Cole       1/1/84    48K
Nice EDFILE-like full-screen binary editor.  Easy
to install.  WordStar commands, RPN calculator.

FX-80    by Steve Willett             9/9/84     6K
SBASIC program to set up an EPSON FX-80 printer.
Menu driven.

FX100    by Jim Murphy                4/23/85   14K
Epson FX-100 printer setup program with Turbo
Pascal source code.  Also for FX-80 printer.

FXCHAR   by Douglas W. Coatney        1/1/84    46K
v1.02 Character set generator/editor for Epson FX-
80 downloading fonts.  Easy to use.  5 fonts incl.

G/L      by Jim Woolley               12/16/81  34K
McGraw-Hill General Ledger system set up for the
Osborne 1.  Requires CBASIC.

GCSFX10  by Glencannon Systems        9/19/87    4K
Utility to set up Epson FX-85, print a file, or
use the printer as typewriter.

GERMS    by unknown                   0/0/0     16K
Game of LIFE - a classic in COM version for ADM-3A
compatible terminal.  Good implementation.

GFONTS   by Stan Kazmiruk             1/25/87   76K
GEEFONT v0.04 plus large font library.  NLQ print
program for Epson/Gemini compatible printers.

GKEY2    by Eric Gans                 5/6/86     6K
v1.0 keyboard enhancement program that is small,
simple, and fast.

GKX390   by Eric Gans                 1/30/88   12K
GKX, formerly GKEY2, v3.90, a keyboard enhancement
program.  Uses ASCII files to store macros.

GOLF     by unknown                   0/0/0     18K
A simulator game of GOLF that works on a universal
computer screen (text only output).

GRAB     by H. M. Van Tassell         2/12/85   16K
Searches a WordStar DOC file and GRABs entire
paragraph containing key phrase.

GRAF10   by Don Brittain              1/3/83    54K
A large graphics package for Epson MX compatible
dot matrix printers.  Complete C language source.

GRAMATIK by Aspen Software Company    1/1/81    46K
Gramatik v1.84 grammar checker.  Features user-
definable style dictionaries.

GREP2    by H. R. Moran, Jr.          2/28/83   24K
UNIX-like utility searches text files for pattern.
Includes BDS C source code.

GSIGNS32 by Robert W. Bloom           12/22/86  74K
A versatile banner and sign printing program with
Turbo Pascal source code.  Z80 only.

GSUB10   by Eric Gans                 5/25/85    6K
Memory based submit utility can distinguish CCP
input from console input within a program.

GSUB13   by Eric Gans                 7/3/85    12K
v1.3 memory based SUBMIT utility.  This version
includes conditional expression processing.

HANDYSYS by Steven Wehrenberg         12/26/84  56K
Personal productivity software: calendar, notebook
etc. for Kaypro 4/10 graphic screen only.

HANGMAN  by Topaz Programming         1/1/79    20K
Neat COM version of classic word guessing game.
You can make up your own word lists with this one.

HAUNT    by Gene Martin               1/3/88    16K
A haunting adventure game for those with Kaypro
4/10 video screens.  Requires MBASIC.

HELP20   by unknown                   0/0/0      8K
Online interactive help utility.  Included are
versions 1.1, 1.8, and 2.0.

HJELP    by Harold V. McIntosh        10/15/84  42K
Extended help facility that makes use of libraries
and squeezed help files.  ASM source included.

HOLIDAYS by Richard S. Altman         5/26/89   14K
Programs to display Christian and Jewish religious
holidays for any year; Kaypro video; MBASIC code.

HOSTCM   by Bob Scott                 7/1/83     4K
Osborne specific terminal interface program hooks
up with HOSTCM mainframe comms program.  In BASIC.

HP10     by Eric Meyer                9/1/84     6K
Simple RPN calculator for programmers.  HEX, DEC,
BIN and ASCII display.  Three registers.

HP45-208 by Loring C. Chien           8/27/88   72K
Hewlett Packard 45 RPN scientific calculator shows
all registers on screen.

HRDSFT11 by Kenneth M. Toy            1/30/84    4K
Converts hard text file to WordStar document file
or vice versa.  Very fast.

I2       by Mark Boyd                 1/12/84    4K
I ("Eye" see!) text files.  Also called SCROLL.
Page forward/backward, jump, search, etc.

IF10     by Marc C. Brooks            1/4/83    20K
Allows conditional expressions in SUBMIT files.
ASM source files included.  Not for CP/M 3.x.

ILISP    by Richard Fritzson          5/1/85   130K
Full CP/M 2.2 Z80 implementation of SCHEME dialect
of LISP even has floating point math.

IMP-C128 by Irv Hoff                  12/25/85 118K
Improved Modem Program v2.44 for C128 computers
with complete installation instructions and DOCs.

IMP244   by Irv Hoff                  10/1/85   60K
Improved Modem Program v2.44 supports KMD, 2400bps
1K protocols.  Requires some assembly.

IMP245   by Irv Hoff                  6/1/87   100K
IMP v2.45 must be installed for your computer.
Preinstalled for Kaypro.  Overlays for others.

INDEX30  by F. J. Greeb               1/1/81     8K
An alphabetical directory display which shows file
sizes and space remaining on the disk.

INSDMBAS by Bud Stuart & Dave McAfee  6/1/85    14K
INSIDE MBASIC is a nice set of utilities for
MBASIC programmers.

INUSE11  by Richard Conn              3/6/82     6K
Terminal security program puts "IN USE" on screen,
waits for a password.  Any terminal.  ASM source.

JRTPAS3  by JRT Systems               1/1/82   132K
JRT Pascal v3.0.  This is a large release of the
Pascal Language.  Two LBR files.

JUSTIFY  by Irv Hoff                  3/22/88   26K
Text utility for right margin justification.  Lots
of info on justification included.

K-SLAVE  by Mark Frank                1/1/84    40K
Allows multiple Kaypros to display the same screen
output.  Has good DOCs, plus Turbo Pascal source.

K10SET92 by Jim Gronek                9/6/84     4K
v2.4 printer setup utility for use with Kaypro 10
graphic screen and Okidata ML92 printer.

KAMASUD1 by Adam Trent                1/7/85    74K
KAMAS Utility Disk 1 for KAMAS v1.1.  This library

KAMASUD3 by Adam Trent                7/24/85   48K
KAMAS Utility Disk 3 for KAMAS v1.2 includes

KEYBDMON by David Nienhiser           12/9/82    4K
Displays ASCII/HEX/Decimal representation of any
key pressed.  For ADM-3A compatible terminal.

KFONT14  by Sam Bellotto Jr.          8/3/88    26K
Large type printing program for Epson compatibles.
High quality fonts.  Shareware.

KFONT389 by Sam Bellotto Jr.          3/1/89    88K
KwikFont v1.8 large type printing program now with
all 16 fonts plus installation utility. Shareware.

KLEAN20  by Steven B. Perkins         9/23/87   20K
Intelligent file erasing utility gives numbered,
sorted list of files.  Turbo Pascal source code.

KLIST13  by Douglas A. Kerr           0/0/0      4K
Kaypro file list (printing) utility has printer
setup, header, etc.

KMD20    by Irv Hoff & Wayne Masters  6/20/86   64K
RCPM utility replaces XMODEM.  For use with IMP244
and easy to configure.

KMDM795  by Brown Grier               12/4/82   12K
MODEM795 communications program for the Kaypro II
only.  No source code with this one.

KOMPARE  by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
COMPARE.COM and KOMPARE.COM are two 1K programs to
compare files on a byte-by-byte basis.

KP-7UP   by Paul Maia                 10/12/84   4K
Overcomes problem with Kaypro screen displaying
unwanted graphics characters due to "bit 7".

KP-DB18  by Steven L. Sanders         10/4/84   36K
A mailing list database for Kaypro CP/M computers.
Utilizes clock and video if available.

KP-DB19  by Steven L. Sanders         1/21/85   28K
Mailing label database for Kaypro computers.  More
business oriented than KP-DB18.

KPDUMP   by unknown                   0/0/0      6K
Dumps Kaypro screen to printer.  Includes versions
for Kaypro II and 4/10.

KPGETROM by Ken Fowler                12/17/84   4K
Utilities to create a binary file image of Kaypro
system ROM.  Different versions for each Kaypro.

KPGRAFIC by Peter Donnelly            3/1/86    12K
Excellent documentation on the use of graphics on
the Kaypro 4/10 screen.  Text only.

KPGRAPH  by Ron Moser                 1/5/84    80K
Large collection of SBASIC graphics programs for
Kaypro 4/10.  Many useful subroutines.

KPKEYSET by Lindsay Haisley           0/0/0     38K
Reconfigures Kaypro 4/10 numeric and vector pads.
Not for CP/M 2.2U.

KPLOT    by David Ring                0/0/0     10K
Graphics plotting program for the Osborne 1.  Also
includes KDRAW.  Requires MBASIC.

KPSETPAD by Flat Iron Software        11/17/84  14K
A function key program for Kaypro computers with
CP/M 2.2F or 2.2G.

KWIKLIST by Sam Bellotto Jr.          1/1/88    22K
Demo version of menu-driven Relational Listmaking
System.  ADM-3A terminal, Z80 required.

KZ2-V200 by Kim Levitt                8/27/85   46K
v2.00 ZCPR2 for Kaypro II only.  Automatically
installs.  Includes all utilities.

LABEL    by Leo J. Corbalis           0/0/0      4K
A simple program to print multiple copies of a
specific mailing label.  ASM source code only.

LABLDISK by Melissa Gray              12/16/83  10K
v2.0 of DSKLABL by Dennis McFerran prints sorted
DIR on a label.  ASM source included.

LADDER13 by Yahoo Software            1/1/83    50K
An excellent full-screen arcade type game.  Can be
configured for different computer screens.

LASM     by Ward Christensen          7/6/81    10K
Linking Assembler is a rewrite of ASM.COM.  It is
faster and can link at assembly time.

LASM3    by Steve Schlaifer           11/1/84   12K
Update of LASM handles Z80 code in 8080 style.  It
can link, XREF and produce SYM files.

LBB      by Thomas R. Mierau          1/1/84    48K
Little Black Book is a menu driven phone book for
Kaypro computers.  Includes SBASIC source code.

LBRDISK2 by Jim Lopushinsky           3/5/84    14K
Neat library RSX utility which makes LBR files
look like disk drives to CP/M 2.2 programs.

LBREXT25 by Bob Peddicord             2/6/88    22K
Extracts files from LBR, unsqueezes and uncrunches
too.  Z80 source code included.

LC21     by Eric Gans                 12/7/84    4K
Converts ASM files to Lower Case, leaving comments
and items in single quotes unchanged.

LDIR-B13 by Michal Carson             5/28/88   24K
v1.30 Library Directory program displays full info
on LBR members.  Z80 required.

LDR15    by Joe Wright                6/2/86    12K
Utility to load memory segments in ZCPR3 systems.
Includes Z80 source code.  Requires ZCPR3.

LIFE     by Edward P. Grant           0/0/0     18K
The game of LIFE with CB-80 source code.  You can
make startup patterns using any word processor.

LIST3    by John M. Steele            0/0/0     10K
A versatile program for viewing or printing text.
Handles WordStar files, control codes. ASM source.

LISTCAT  by David Altekruse           7/4/82    18K
Utility for printing a catalog listing from the
MAST.CAT disk catalog.

LISTT10  by Irv Hoff                  10/17/82   6K
A utility for listing text files to the printer
with left margin control, headers, etc.

LISTT16  by Irv Hoff                  12/31/83  14K
LISTT v1.6 lists files on printer with margins,
headers, etc.  Includes the ASM source code.

LOCKER   by unknown                   0/0/0     20K
File scramble/unscrambler.  Includes a program to
discover the password you forgot to remember.

LOOK     by Kelly Smith               5/16/80    4K
Searches working memory for a pattern and displays
addresses where it is found.

LOOKUP   by Jim Schenkel              9/1/82     4K
A telephone book for the Osborne 1.  Keeps simple
lists of information readily accessible.

LPUT14   by Bruce Morgan              8/19/87   32K
LPUT makes creating libraries easy.  Requires the
ZCPR3 system.  Includes Z80 source code.

LRUN23   by Gary P. Novosielski       7/8/85    14K
Runs COM programs from inside a LBR file. Includes
ASM source.  Requires Z80.

LSTOOL11 by James A. Gronek           8/26/85   36K
A utility program for use with LST files produced
by the MCAT/XCAT disk cataloging program.

LSWEEP13 by Joe Vogler                1/22/84   18K
Library Sweep utility works like WASH, DISK, SWEEP
but within LBR files.

LT27     by C. B. Falconer            5/11/88   48K
Library Typer types or extracts normal, squeezed
or crunched files from libraries.  ASM source.

LU101    by Gary P. Novosielski       11/14/82  40K
Library Utility v1.01 with full documentation and
examples, LDIR10.COM (+ C source), and LRUN10.COM.

LU300    by Gary P. Novosielski       8/16/83   24K
Library Utility v3.00 for creation and maintenance
of LBR files.  Includes LDIR22.COM and LRUN20.COM.

LUX12B   by Steven R. Holtzclaw       12/6/83   60K
Library Utility eXtension for managing LBR files
under RCP/M systems.  Z80 only.  Incl. MAC source.

LUX77B   by Norman Beeler             10/17/87  58K
RCPM library utility for ARC, ARK and LBR files
includes all utilities.  Z80 CP/M 2.2, 3.0 (CP/M+)

LX15     by Richard Conn              1/24/87   14K
Like LRUN, executes COM files from LBR, but this
version only for ZCPR3.  Z80 source included.

LX80     by Jim Murphy                5/14/85   14K
Epson LX-80 printer setup program complete with
Turbo Pascal source code.

M-COBOL  by NPS                       5/5/85    58K
Micro-COBOL v2.1 is the only public domain COBOL
compiler.  Has excellent documentation too.

M22      by Eric Gans                 5/30/85    4K
Small memory dump utility displays a memory page
in both HEX and ASCII.

MAGE30   by Chris & Steve Rudek       0/0/0      4K
Osborne 1 version of a utility to recover WordStar
files lost in memory to disk.

MAGE31   by Ted Silveira              5/29/83    4K
Recovers WordStar text from memory after a disk-
full error or reset.

MAGIKEY  by PRO microSystems          10/16/86  80K
A commercial, professionally written keyboard en-
hancement program.  Excellent shareware!

MAIL15   by James A. Gronek           5/25/85   34K
Combined mailing list manager, form letter printer
and phone number locator for dBaseII.  Shareware.

MAIL32   by W. T. Francis             1/8/87    22K
Menu driven address and label making database with
many options.  Turbo Pascal source code included.

MAKE20   by Ken Lovett                8/7/83    12K
MAKE user number of file change, erase/unerase,
set attributes.  ASM source file included.

MAKE25   by Lovett, (rev by Saunders) 11/13/84  12K
File utility: change user area, erase/unerase, set
attributes.  Includes ASM source file.

MAKE27   by Eugene Nolan              4/10/88   26K
MAKE v2.7 change file attributes, user area, erase
or unerase.  CP/M or ZCPR3.  Includes ASM source.

MAKEAUTO by M. Joel Guerra            9/10/82    8K
Osborne specific program to generate custom AUTOST
files.  Includes ASM source code.

MAP12    by Douglas L. Anderton       1/1/85   120K
Multivariate Analysis Package v1.2 - professional
statistical analysis with Turbo Pascal source.

MASMENU  by Kaypro Corporation        1/1/84    52K
Master Menu for CP/M Kaypro 10 computers.

MASMENUS by J. Wyatt                  12/27/84  12K
Two SBASIC MASter MENU programs for
Kaypro 10 computers.

MBGAMES1 by various                   0/0/0     76K
28 MBASIC games from ACEYDUCY through BUZZWORD
including BASEBALL.  Requires MBASIC.

MBGAMES2 by various                   0/0/0     82K
28 more MBASIC games from CAPITALS through EVENWIN
including COLONY.  Requires MBASIC.

MBGAMES3 by various                   0/0/0     86K
27 more MBASIC games from FIGHTER through HURKLE
including FOOTBALL.  Requires MBASIC.

MBGAMES4 by various                   0/0/0     76K
26 more MBASIC games from KINEMA through OTHELLO
including MONOPOLY.  Requires MBASIC.

MBGAMES5 by various                   0/0/0     84K
22 more MBASIC games from PICTURE through SMURF
including ROCKET.  Requires MBASIC.

MBGAMES6 by various                   0/0/0     80K
25 more MBASIC games from SNOW through ZLOVE
including STARTREK.  Requires MBASIC.

MCAT505  by Harold F. Bower           8/27/85   74K
Greatly enhanced MAST.CAT system for DateStamper.
Includes MAC source.  See XCAT502.

MCATXCAT by Irv Hoff                  3/29/84   30K
v4.3 disk catalog system for MAST.CAT.  Includes
special Kaypro versions, and FIND51 as well.

MDIAG101 by Microcosm Associates      1/1/80    48K
A super memory diagnostic program for Kaypro '83
models (II, IV, 10).  Includes MAC source code.

MDM-PX8  by CHR & MJH                 12/10/84  14K
v1.13 Modem program for the Epson PX8 Geneva
portable CP/M computer.

MDM740KP by Irv Hoff                  5/7/84    68K
The famous modem program all set up for Kaypro.
No source code, but full documentation.

MEMRS19  by William F. Boulton        7/15/81   16K
An exhaustive memory testing program tests up to
CP/M BIOS.  Includes ASM source code.

MENU     by Jim Woolley               11/1/82   10K
Displays a menu of files.  User selects the file
to run by number.  Several versions.  ASM source.

MENU41   by Jay Sage                  5/22/87   44K
Menu processor for ZCPR3 only.  Will not run on
regular CP/M.  Includes Z80 source code.

METRICS  by various contributors      1/1/82    10K
Three metric conversion programs in BASIC.
MBASIC is required.

MFDISK   by Kaypro Corporation        3/29/84   38K
Multi-Format Disk utility for Kaypro 2/4/10.  Two
versions are included.

MISSION  by Richard S. Altman         11/20/89  18K
Game requiring MBASIC and Kaypro highlited screen.
Simulates a foreign espionage MISSION.

MLOAD14  by Ron Fowler                5/29/83   20K
A multi-file HEX loading utility to replace LOAD.
Includes the ASM source code.

MLOAD24  by NightOwl Software         2/13/85   22K
Replaces LOAD.COM, can link multiple files and add
offsets, install patches.  ASM source included.

MLOAD25  by NightOwl Software         3/10/88   26K
v2.5 Load program by Ron Fowler loads HEX files to
COM, adds patch overlays, etc.  ASM source.

MODEM2   by Ward Christensen          4/28/79   10K
An early version for collectors of Christensen's
multi-function communications program.

MORIA    by unknown                   0/0/0     20K
Mines of Moria adventure game similar to CASTLE.
Requires MBASIC.  No two games the same.

MOVUSER2 by Pavel Breder              5/31/82    6K
Utility to move a file or files to any user area.
Includes ASM source code.

MPLABELS by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
Merge Print Labels consists of MailMerge formats
for two-across 3.5" x 15/16" mailing labels.

MSA15    by unknown                   3/4/84     6K
ASM spelled backwards.  An obscure and interesting
8080 disassembler.

MVPFORTH by J. E. Crowell             6/1/83    60K
FORTH79 language set up for Osborne 1 SD or DD.
Includes ASM source code.

MXFORM   by Roderick W. Hart          6/21/81    4K
Epson MX80 printer configuration program.  This
classic requires MBASIC.

MXO13PX8 by David B. Kozinn           1/18/85   18K
ASM source code MEX overlay for Epson PX8 with
MFU, direct-connect, or external modem.

N41      by Norman H. Strassner       5/17/85   22K
Numerical/Logical Converter/Evaluator is a unique
DEC/HEX/BIN/ASC calculator/display.  ASM source.

NBASIC   by Merrill W. Hulse          1/26/84   32K
A preprocessor for MBASIC and BASICA adds features
such as REPEAT-UNTIL, etc.

NC115    by Dave Rand                 1/19/83    4K
NewCopy program copies only files that exist or do
not exist on destination.  CP/M 2.2 only.

NCAT32   by Irv Hoff                  9/7/82    10K
Disk cataloging program replaced FMAP, QCAT, UCAT.
It was superceded by MCAT and XCAT.

NCATM    by D. Dunford & R. Preece    0/0/0     30K
A menu-driven version of NCAT disk catalog.  Uses
same MAST.CAT format.  Includes ASM source code.

NDDT     by Harold V. McIntosh        8/30/83   36K
New DDT - Public Domain version of DR's Dynamic
Debugging Tool.  Includes ASM source code.

NEAT7    by Irv Hoff                  4/27/85    6K
Assembly source code formatter retabs, changes
case, formats comments, etc.

NETWORK  by James R. Wiley            8/21/87   24K
Electrical Engineering programs in BASIC aid in
circuit design.  GAIN, FILTER, VSWR, etc.

NEWBAT3  by Ernest Helliwell          1/18/88   12K
Update of MAKBATCH (also included) creates ALIAS
type COM file of commands to submit w/o SUB.COM.

NEWHLP11 by Bob Peddicord             1/13/88    8K
Remake of HELP53.  Help utilities for display of
squeezed and crunched HLP files.  Requires ZCPR3.

NSWP205  by Dave Rand                 4/11/84   24K
NEWSWEEP file maintenance utility for copy, view,
squeeze/unsqeeze, more.  Complete documentation.

NSWP207  by Dave Rand                 7/17/84   46K
The renowned file utility with complete DOC files,
HLP file (& HELP.COM), plus extra hints on usage.

NSWPPAT  by Bruce Morgan              1/8/88     4K
Patches NSWP207.COM to access 32 user areas.  You
will need a Z80 assembler and MLOAD.

NT3      by Rob Friefield             11/4/87    4K
v3 of 1K size NOTE program for creating small text
files.  Can enter control codes.  Z80.

NULU11   by Martin Murray             2/1/85    34K
New Library Utility for Novosielski LBR files has
a SWEEP-like mode.  With complete documentation.

NULU152  by Mick Waters               7/16/87   30K
Update of Martin Murray's library sweep-like util.
Includes full documentation of the changes.

OCLOCK   by Michael M. Rubenstein     1/1/82     4K
Utility to implement a simple counting clock on
the Osborne 1.

OFFRUN34 by Eric Gans                 4/10/85    6K
Allows a series of commands to be entered before
computer is turned OFF, which RUN when turned on.

OFORMATS by Stuart Isto               0/0/0      8K
Disk formatting programs for all Osborne 1 DD
disk formats.

OKIUTL12 by Ross A. Alford            1/1/85    54K
Printer setup and character set downloading for
Okidata 92/93 printers.  Turbo Pascal source incl.

ONZCPR21 by J. E. Crowell             4/3/83     6K
ZCPR1 CCP replacement for DD Osborne 1 with CBIOS
v1.4.  No source code.  (This is not ZCPR2.)

OREMOTE  by Jim Woolley               11/1/82    8K
Attaches a remote console to an Osborne 1.  Used
for multiple displays.  ASM source included.

ORGANIZR by Tim McNeal                12/15/86  60K
v2.01 creates and prints a directory of files on
all of your disks.

OSDISK76 by Bob Deasy & Gerhard Barth 7/11/83    8K
Osborne specific version of DISK76 file utility by
Franke Gaude.

OSMDM740 by Irvin M. Hoff             5/7/84    74K
MDM740 modem communications program set up for the
Osborne 1 computer.

OSPATCH1 by Frans Van Duinen          8/1/82     8K
Osborne 1 utility that installs corrections into

OSPEED   by Bob Briggs                1/1/84    14K
Utility to display Osborne 1 disk speed.  Includes
C language source code.

OSPLNK70 by Jim Woolley               11/1/82   18K
Modem program for Osborne 1 for terminal emulation
and ASCII file transfer.  ASM source included.

OSSARGON by unknown                   0/0/0      6K
A CHESS game that lets you select from six levels
of difficulty.  Works on all terminals.

OSTOKPRO by John S. Robinson          5/17/83    6K
Allows Osborne 1 with 1.43 ROM and 1.4 CBIOS to
read and write Kaypro II SSDD format.  ASM source.

OTERM4   by Michael M. Rubenstein     10/4/82   52K
Terminal emulator and modem communications program
for the Osborne 1, rev 1.2 and up.

OTHELLO  by Richard G. Cody           1/2/84    24K
Board game for Kaypro with graphics.  Includes
source code in both Fortran and MAC assembler.

OTHELLO2 by unknown                   0/0/0     20K
Here is another OTHELLO game for use on any screen
or terminal.  Plays well; features handicaps.

OTHELLOU by unknown                   0/0/0     26K
Two OTHELLO games.  These versions work on any
computer terminal screen.

OUTLINE  by Joel M. Kunin, M.D.       0/0/0     10K
Creates neatly formatted indented outlines.

OUTLINE1 by Eric Gans                 6/13/85    8K
Fast, compact outline processor converts WordStar
file with commands into outline.  Z80 required.

OUTLNR2  by David A. Usher            1/1/87    34K
Very nice outliner uses WordStar command keys. Set
up for Kaypro video, but patchable.  Z80 CP/M 2.2.

OXMDM712 by Irv Hoff                  8/1/83    68K
MDM712 modem communications program set up for the
Osborne Executive.  ASM source included.

OZCPR1   by Michael M. Rubenstein     4/11/82   26K
ZCPR1 CCP replacement for Osborne 1, level 1.3.
Includes documentation by Richard Conn.

OZZCPR2  by J. E. Crowell             10/23/83  44K
ZCPR2 CCP replacement for the Osborne 1, ROM 1.4.
Includes the ASM source code.

P2DOS11  by H.A.J. Ten Brugge         0/0/0     68K
Z80 replacement for CP/M 2.2 BDOS. Includes ZCPR2.
All ASM source files - experts only.

P2DOS23  by Donald C. Kirkpatrick     2/15/88   68K
Updated SUPRBDOS CP/M 2.2 BDOS replacement.  You
must edit, assemble and install it yourself.

PACK10   by Frank Cringle             8/29/87   24K
PACK reorganizes/unfragments disks.  For ZCPR3
systems with BDOS 2.2 or ZRDOS.  Incl. Z80 source.

PACMAN   by Simple Software           0/0/0     16K
Game of PACMAN set up for the Osborne 1.  It might
run on other computers too.

PACMAN2  by unknown                   0/0/0     12K
A version of PACMAN for ADM-3A compatible terminal

PAIRX12  by Eric Gans                 4/24/85    4K
Checks for unmatched ^S^B^D^T^V^X^P^Y in WordStar
DOC files.

PAIRX13  by Eric Gans                 6/27/85    4K
Checks for unmatched ^S^B^D^T^V^X^P^Y in WordStar
DOC files.

PAMPHLET by Steve Wilcox              0/0/0     26K
Rearranges pages of text in the order needed to
print a folded pamphlet.  Turbo Pascal source.

PASSWORD by Bo McCormick              8/6/81     6K
Adds password protection to specific programs.
Includes the ASM source code.

PATCH&GO by John D. Osnes             7/17/86   12K
v1.0 allows programs to be loaded, patched and run
so different defaults can be used.  ASM source.

PATCH18A by Bill Rink                 5/5/85    56K
A file and memory editor with full-screen features
that is quite powerful.

PAUSWAIT by Kelly Smith               4/19/81    6K
Utilities for use in SUBMIT jobs to wait for a key
to be pressed, allowing disk swaps.  ASM source.

PCFILE   by Jim Button                1/1/83    86K
v8.5 of a very nice menu driven data manager for
Osborne computers.  Emphasizes ease of use.

PCPIP2   by Eric Leininger            3/10/84   22K
Osborne 1 utility to transfer files from PCDOS to
CP/M disks.  Includes C language source code.

PEEP13   by Rob Friefield             11/5/87    8K
Tiny program (1K) for viewing text files of any
type.  Can print selected portions of file.  Z80.

PERT     by Doug Hurst                5/1/82    52K
Performance Evaluation and Review Technique is a
project management system.  Requires MBASIC.

PGLST    by C. E. Duncan              1/1/81     8K
Reformats a text file containing short words into

PHN10    by Eric Gans                 3/24/85    4K
Maintains an alphabetical phone number list.  Very
small and fast program.

PI12     by Mick Waters               2/14/86    8K
Printer Initialization v1.2, translates command
line parameters for printer setup.  MAC source.

PIPE17   by Rob Friefield             10/1/87    4K
File copying program uses ZCPR drive/user syntax.
Only 1K in size.  Z80 required.

PLNK0124 by Keith Petersen            1/24/82   14K
Serial ASCII only communications program for the
Osborne 1 computer.  ASM source included.

PPIP17DS by unknown                   0/0/0      6K
PPIP v1.73 file copy program.  ZCPR style syntax.
This version only for Plu*Perfect DateStamper.

PPIP18   by David Jewett              7/15/88   74K
PPIP v1.8 file copier with ASM source.  8080 code.
Plain CP/M, ZCPR3, DateStamper, Z80DOS supported.

PREPRSS  by D. L. Bendorf             10/1/82   78K
Macro preprocessor and structural language pre-
processor for MBASIC.  Includes BMLP and BSLP.

PRETTY22 by Carroll R. Bryan          3/14/86   28K
Pretty formater for assembly source code.  For
Zilog or LASM3 mnemonics.  Z80 source included.

PRINT23  by Eric Meyer                3/1/85     4K
A text printing utility with various options, such
as headers, margin, WordStar support, etc.

PRINTSET by Peripheral Software Dev.  1/1/85    32K
v1 Printer Setup Utility with excellent documenta-
tion.  Configures for any terminal and printer.

PRN      by Mike Yarus                1/1/86    56K
Epson printer controller allows the combination of
graphics and pictures with WordStar text.

PRNTON   by Kim Levitt                1/5/84     4K
Patches BIOS so that all console output is echoed
on your printer until a cold boot.  ASM source.

PRNTUTIL by Thomas E. Enright         1/1/83     6K
Printer setup utilities CITOH, EPSONMX, MT160L,
MTSPIRIT, OKI82; all are for Kaypro 4/10.

PRNTXT14 by Terry Hazen               11/6/87   28K
Creates COM files from text for instant message
displays.  Z80 ASM source included.

PROBE101 by Paul M. Sittler           9/2/84    12K
Displays a great deal of system info:  CCP, BDOS,
BIOS locations, disk parameters, etc.

PROBE12  by Rick Ryall                1/1/85    64K
Full-featured screen-oriented disk editing utility
with Turbo Pascal source code.

PROLINK  by Nightowl Software         2/24/86   50K
v1.5 Professional Linker for assembly language
programmers.  Z80 required.  Includes LINKMAP.

PROPOR   by Carl Flarity              7/15/83    4K
v1.02 utility reformats WordStar files for propor-
tional printing on NEC 8032A or C.Itoh prowriter.

PSET17   by Barron F. McIntyre        10/11/86  26K
Printer SETup utility; Epson, Gemini, and Citizen
printers, plus ASM source included.  A nice one.

PUT210   by unknown                   0/0/0      6K
PIP file copier replacement double re-reads for

PWBIGFT  by Michael A. Covington      1/7/84    18K
BIGFOOT program for Perfect Writer overcomes the
footnoting limitations of PW.

PX-GBASE by Tom Moriarty              0/0/0     24K
Portable database in BASIC.  Several versions.
Requires Epson PX-8 Geneva.  Very nice.

PX8DIR   by Mr. Bob                   12/24/85   6K
Epson PX8 Geneva memory resident directory utility
PFDIR shows DIR of RAM disk at any time.

PX8DIR11 by Mr. Bob                   12/24/85  14K
Memory resident DIR in USER BIOS of the Epson PX-8
computer.  This release includes MAC source code.

PX8DO    by Bob Katz                  10/27/86  34K
DOBOB.ASM plus six DO.COM programs for the Epson
PX-8, using the 'DO' menu concept.

PX8GAMES by various                   0/0/0     28K
Two games which run on the Epson PX8 Geneva.
SUBZONE (great graphics!) and OTHELLO.

PX8INFO  by various                   0/0/0     62K
A collection of informative text files on the use
and programming of the Epson PX-8 Geneva computer.

PX8UTIL  by various                   0/0/0     82K
A dozen utilities for the Epson PX-8 Geneva. PXML,

PXSKETCH by Mike Cunningham           7/15/88   56K
SKETCH for Epson PX-8 Geneva.  A super drawing
program in BASIC, originally by Toshihiro Natani.

PXVDE211 by Eric Meyer                6/1/86    34K
VDE 2.11 text editor only 8K in size.  Installed
for Epson PX-8.  Also PXED v1.2 by Bob Diaz.

QK11     by Tony Fleig                9/20/83    4K
Allows any key to be replaced by a character
string of your choice.

QK21     by Anton R. Fleig            3/24/85    8K
QuikKey allows character strings to be assigned to
keys. Definitions can be saved in a file.

QL40     by Steven Greenberg          8/14/88  108K
QuickLook file viewer displays squeezed, crunched
text in LBR.  Extracts too!  Full source code. Z80

QL40KP   by Steven Greenberg          8/14/88   16K
QuickLook assembled for Kaypro video. Incorporates
all fixes as of 8/26/88.  Includes documentation.

QL41     by Ross Presser              1/26/89  114K
Quick Look v4.1, a menu-driven text viewing tool,
can view LBR, squeezed, crunched text. ASM source.

R        by unknown                   8/1/82     4K
Types 24 lines of ASCII text to the console, then
waits for a key press.

RAMDSK   by Michael J. Karas          9/1/82     6K
Creates a tiny 20K RAM disk in CP/M TPA.  Requires
CP/M 2.2 BDOS.

RDDT     by H. Weinstein              1/1/83     6K
ASM source code and instructions for patching the
DDT.COM program to be Relocatable in memory.

READ     by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
Generic CP/M typer utility that sends ASCII and WS
files to the screen with paging.

RECOVER  by Darrell Flenniken         5/28/82    8K
Utility can recover MBASIC programs erased by NEW
command or otherwise. Unprotects too.  ASM source.

REDIR10  by Jim Apolis                3/1/87    18K
Console redirection from/to any CP/M device (CON:
LST: RDR: PUN:) or file.  Z80.

REDIR31  by James Apolis              8/16/87   34K
v3.1 console I/O redirection utility for complete
control of console I/O.  Z80 systems only.

REFIND2  by John Porter               2/1/85    22K
Bibliography REFerence INDexer with search and
sort utilities.  Requires MBASIC.

REFLIST  by Gerald Grow               8/1/85    18K
v1.1 creates APA style bibliography references.
Requires WordStar and Mailmerge.

REFSORT  by Carl M. Tootle            2/9/86    40K
v1.0 sort utility for document references longer
than one line.  Installs on many terminals.

RELIANCE by William Meacham           4/1/84    86K
SBASIC mailing list program with source code.  Can
output in MailMerge formats.  Shareware.

RENAME11 by Richard Conn              3/10/82   16K
Rename one or more files at once with wildcards.
Query option.  ASM source file included.

RENAMZ15 by Terry Hazen               5/6/88    24K
Wildcard file rename utility with option to re-
name files with bits F1-F7 set. Change user.  Z80.

REPAIR10 by Malcom Kemp               12/27/87  52K
A menu-driven directory REPAIR utility with ASM
source, includes PHYsical CoPy utility, req. Z80.

RESCUE20 by Steve Mitton              1/1/85    34K
Rescues lost text in memory and writes it to a
disk file.  Includes Turbo Pascal source code.

RESOURCE by Ward Christensen          3/3/81    28K
A disassembler for 8080 COM files.  Also included
is REZ80, a Z80 TDL mnemonic disassembler.

RESUME   by Robert E. Curry           1/1/85    70K
Helps you write and print a professional resume.
Requires MBASIC.

RN21     by Eric Gans                 6/9/85     4K
Wildcard file renaming utility.  Supports ZCPR
drive/user syntax (A3: 12: B*: etc.).

RNF13    by unknown                   1/24/87   96K
A text formatter similar to UNIX RUNOFF.  Margins,
pagination, justification, etc.  Full DOC files.

ROFF1    by Kathy Bacon & Neal Somos  5/7/81    28K
A small, easy to use version of the ROFF text
formatter and printer.  With C language source.

ROFF4    by Ernest E. Bergmann        8/23/84   84K
v1.61 expanded ROFF with printer graphics, macro
substitutions, include files, much more. C source.

ROLODEX  by Joe Austin                1/1/84     6K
An electronic Rolodex program for dBaseII.

ROOTSDEM by COMMSOFT                  1/1/81    30K
Demo of ROOTS/M, a versatile family tree program.
Requires ADM-3A compatible terminal.

RPIP     by Kelly Smith               0/0/0     10K
Resettable version of PIP file copier.  Includes
ASM source of modifications to PIP.

RPN10    by David Brower              10/1/82   16K
Integer calculator using Reverse Polish Notation.
DEC, HEX, ASCII.  For Osborne 1 screen.  C source.

RTX14    by AJF                       11/1/85   24K
Memory resident multi-utility for Epson Geneva PX8
portable.  DIR from programs, battery, ports, etc.

RTX141   by EVD                       11/30/86  28K
This update of RTX14 for the Epson PX-8 includes
MAC source code.  Super USER BIOS utility.

SAFRAM   by Roy Lipscomb              8/1/82    14K
SAFe RAM utility secures CCP and RSX modules until
system reset.  Includes ASM source.

SAFRAM6  by Roy Lipscomb              2/25/88   26K
SAFe RAM v6 protects memory below the CCP, and can
allow nesting of EX.COM jobs. ASM source included.

SALIAS12 by Rob Friefield             11/30/88  16K
Screen oriented ALIAS editor for ZCPR v3.3 only.
No source code.  Requires ZCPR33.

SAP38    by Irv Hoff                  10/16/83   8K
Sort And Pack disk directory.  Alphabetizes DIR,
eliminates erased entries.  ASM source included.

SAP40KP  by Irv Hoff                  9/17/84   10K
Sort And Pack disk directory deleting zero length
files.  Kaypro video only.  ASM source included.

SAP44    by Bob Clyne et al.          7/25/85   12K
Sorts And Packs the disk directory to speed up
directory operations.  Includes ASM source.

SAP50    by Richard Huff              8/7/86    44K
Sort And Pack the disk directory.  Includes source
for SAP45, plus SAP50.AZM assembles with Z80MR.

SAP53    by Bridger Mitchell          9/15/86   14K
Sort And Pack directory, handling DateStamper time
and date file.  ASM source included.

SAP60    by Irv Hoff                  7/27/87   18K
Sort And Pack v6.0 works on any CP/M 2.2 disk.
Supports DateStamper systems.  With ASM source.

SAVE04   by Jay Sage                  5/19/87   12K
Transient version of the SAVE command for ZCPR 3.3
only.  Includes Z80 source code.

SBASICS  by Micro Cornucopia          2/18/84   56K
A collection of games and other examples of SBASIC
programming techniques.  Includes COM versions.

SBASXREF by R. F. Yount               1/1/83     4K
Index to Kaypro SBASIC manual.  ASCII text files
in SELECT format.

SC210    by F. A. Scacchitti          10/7/84   28K
Small C Compiler v2.10, an upgrade of the Hendrix
compiler.  No source code.  Z80 required.

SCDESIGN by Jack Walraven             10/1/82    4K
An interactive screen display design program for
the Osborne 1.  Requires MBASIC.

SCHEDULE by Noriaki Hosoya            7/20/86   24K
Personal Daily Schedule Handler in Turbo Pascal w/
source code.  Set up for Kaypro 4/10 graphics.

SCLIB    by F. A. Scacchitti          11/24/84  82K
Small C function library.  128 functions/programs
in two LBR files.  Useable with most CP/M systems.

SCRAMBLE by Ward Christensen          3/11/79    4K
Encrypts a file using a password.  Don't forget
the password!

SCRMBL21 by Bob Hageman               12/30/82   8K
SCRAMBLE v2.1 file encryption utility.  ASM source
is included.

SD-60    by Kim Levitt                8/27/83   10K
Super Directory v6.0 includes complete description
of command line options.

SD100    by Wayne Masters et al.      7/24/85   58K
v10.0 of the classic Super Directory program.
Includes full ASM source code.

SD137    by Eugene Nolan              2/3/89    94K
SuperDIR v137 with ASM source code.  Versions for
all systems: 8080, ZCPR3, Z34.  The best!

SD81     by various                   4/14/84   14K
Super Directory v8.0 and v8.1.  Includes SD79A.DOC
which describes all the command line options.

SD98KP   by Randy Tincher             3/25/85   14K
Super Directory v9.8 for Kaypro graphics video.
Includes SD86KP.COM as well.

SDT      by Dr. William Parke         12/24/83   6K
Automatically modifies DDT.COM to create enhanced
version of the debugger.  Includes EX14.COM.

SEARCH   by Don Finley                5/1/85    28K
Searches a text database for multiple strings.
Easy command syntax.  C source file included.

SEEBIOS  by Raymond Rosenkranz        1/1/86    12K
Explore Kaypro's BIOS with this utility.  You've
never seen your screen work so fast!

SEEP     by Doug Huskey & Dave Brown  0/0/0      4K
SEE PRINT is for use inside a SUBMIT job to toggle
the ^P printer switch in CP/M on or off.

SERIAL23 by George Scott              1/1/83     6K
Menu driven serial port control utility for the
Osborne 1.  Includes ASM source.

SETD22   by Brent B. Powers           2/10/88    6K
A library date stamping utility supports clock
overlays.  Use with LDIR-B, etc.  Z80 only.

SETDRU11 by Michael M. Rubenstein     1/1/83    12K
Allows the use of programs from all areas of drive
without having copies in each.  CP/M 2.2; Z80.

SETDRU13 by Michael M. Rubenstein     2/9/84    36K
SET DRive/User v1.3 allows use of a program from
any drive/user area.  C80 and MAC source for Z80.

SETIO    by Thomas N. Hill            6/20/82   12K
IOBYTE view/set utility replaces those functions
of STAT.COM.  Includes ASM source.

SF12     by John Gill                 9/11/84   22K
Show Facility is a utility to screen text files to
console.  ASM source file included.

SFF12    by G. B. Shaffstall          6/20/84   20K
Super File Finder performs a wildcard search of
all drives and LiBRaries.  ASM source included.

SHOW     by Alan R. Miller            11/1/81    4K
A simple text file TYPE to screen utility that
pauses every 22 lines.   ASM source included.

SIDEWAYS by Ray Rizzuto               0/0/0     12K
Sideways print program for EPSON or GEMINI printer
includes C source file.  Z80 computers only.

SIGNS    by unknown                   0/0/0     10K
Creates large block letters on printer from text
you enter at prompts.

SMALLC   by Ron Cain & J. Van Zandt   8/2/84   152K
Complete Small C language; floating point math;
Assembler and Linker included; Z80 required.

SMALLC11 by Mike Bernson              3/1/81   110K
Small C language with source code.  An assembler
and linker are included.

SMARTMOV by Lindsay Haisley           0/0/0     14K
v1.0, a SMART file copier, compares directories of
disks for easy backup operations.

SMODEM53 by David Howard              3/12/83   80K
Modem program configures for 23 popular computers,
Kaypro, Osborne, Morrow, Xerox, more.  ASM source.

SORTDIR  by Dave Rand                 0/0/0      4K
v3.0 sorts the directory without deleting zero-
length files.  Fast operation, good reports.

SORTV14  by Ward Christensen          1/14/81    4K
Classic memory based line sorter for ASCII files.
Still useful after all these years!

SORTV15  by Ward Christensen          1/26/86   14K
SORTV v1.5 sorts ASCII lists alphabetically in
memory.  Includes Z80 source code.

SPELL-11 by Alan Bromberger           1/1/82    14K
Poor person's spelling checker includes SPELL-ED
by David Grenewetzki.  You create the dictionary.

SPELLM20 by Michael C. Adler          12/22/82 108K
Spelling checker compares words in text file with
its dictionary.  Can customize dictionary.  Z80.

SPLIT45  by Mike Dingacci             3/20/87   18K
SPLIT a file, based on SPLITTER by Mike Nault.
Turbo Pascal source included.

SPLITTER by Mike Nault                8/1/84    12K
Splits a file at desired points into two or more
smaller files.

SPZ22    by Willie Davidson           7/1/81    10K
SuPerZap v2.2 full-screen menu-driven file editor.
Requires a Z80 processor.

SQ-USQ15 by Richard Greenlaw          8/29/81   26K
Rock solid Squeeze and Unsqueeze utilities.  This
group includes SQ v1.5, USQ v1.5, and USQ v1.9.

SRT12A   by unknown                   3/1/86    32K
SRT v1.2a is a line sorting utility with flexible
sort key selection.  Includes ASM source code.

SRW131   by Eric Gans                 6/4/85    10K
Super Read/Write is a practical, versatile and
powerful disk/memory editing utility.

SRW150   by Eric Gans                 12/31/87  10K
Super Read/Write v1.50, a practical, versatile and
powerful disk and memory utility.  Built-in help.

SSTAT19  by David Jewett              2/6/86    46K
Sweep-like replacement for STAT.COM.  View file
and disk stats, change file attributes.

STAGE2   by Dick Curtis               3/20/81   94K
A versatile macro preprocessor with many text
processing applications.  Includes ASM source.

STAR/EPS by Wayne & John Anderson     9/1/85    10K
v2.3 SBASIC printer setup utility for Kaypro 4/10
and Epson compatible printers.

STARDATE by Ted A. Campbell           1/1/86    68K
v1.2 calendar, almanac and astronomy program for
2500 BC to 2500 AD. This is the complete release.

STARTER  by Claude Ostyn              9/26/83    8K
v3 AUTOST generator program for Osborne 1 rev 1.3
and up.  Includes ASM source code.

STATS1   by Robert G. Wegemann        0/0/0     54K
A set of five statistical programs in MBASIC with
source and COM versions of each.

STATS2   by John V. Flowers           0/0/0    126K
Twelve statistical programs for comparison of two
samples, plus utilities.  COM files only.

SUBGEN12 by Steve Pritchard           2/27/82   18K
Versatile SUBMIT file generator gives many options
usually unavailable in batch jobs.  ASM source.

SUPERDIR by George Cary               1/14/82    4K
Super Directory program (not SD.COM), which can
show erased files, create a file of output.

SUPERSET by David B. Ring             10/1/83   28K
v1.0 function key setup program for Osborne 1
computers.  Includes C source code.

SUPERSUB by Ron Fowler                9/5/81     6K
v1.1 replacement for SUBMIT.COM allows nesting of
jobs and other enhancements.  Built-in help.

SUPRBDOS by Benjamin Ho               9/4/86    94K
Enhanced P2DOS Z80 replacement for CP/M 2.2 BDOS.
Assembles with ZASM.COM, which is included.

SUPSUB13 by Jeffrey J. Nonken         9/25/84   16K
Super SUBMIT utility updates Ron Fowler's version.
Include ASM source file.

SURVEY4  by Bill Bolton               7/6/82    10K
Reveals disk, memory and port information about
your CP/M system.  ASM source included.

SW12     by Paul D. Nadler            1/1/85    62K
ScreenWright - a text formatting program for
screenplays and teleplays.  Shareware.

SWAPCOPY by numerous contributors     2/8/87    30K
Copies files from disk to disk in a single drive
system.  Source included.  Universal and PX-8 ver.

SWEEP36  by Robert Fisher             7/2/82    28K
Menu driven file copy and maintenance utility that
was the predecessor of NEWSWEEP.

SWITCH11 by Eric Gans                 2/27/84    4K
Allows you to hide files in user area #16, and
SWITCH them back again to the current user area.

SYN10    by Eric Gans                 5/26/85    4K
Synonym program creates an alias file from a CP/M
command line.

SYNONYM3 by Roy Lipscomb              10/26/81  10K
CP/M command line alias generator allows shorthand
commands - synonyms that save typing.  ASM source.

SYSTRAK  by Brian Kantor              1/1/83     4K
GETSYS.ASM and PUTSYS.ASM to read and write system
tracks.  For CP/M systems programmers.

TABS7    by Irv Hoff                  4/27/85    4K
The most intelligent text filter for inserting
tabs into ASCII or ASM files.

TABSET   by Irv Hoff                  4/11/84    4K
Sets tabs in ASCII or ASM source files.  Displays
statistics after run.

TEASER   by Richard S. Altman         1/25/90   10K
Game requiring MBASIC and Kaypro highlited screen.
This is a word guessing game.

TED11    by Mark Moranville           0/0/0     16K
Text EDitor v1.1 is a line oriented editor that is
simple yet powerful.

TELL     by Howard Moulton            0/0/0      6K
TELLs you all about various BIOS locations.  ASM
source included.

TEXTUTIL by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
Pascal source code for read, copy, merge, split,
and filter text files.

TIMESTMP by Eric Forbes               7/31/82    8K
Assembly language programming utility to increment
version number with time and date each assembly.

TOON12   by Mike Yarus                6/1/85    12K
Memory resident utility for capturing screen to
disk file.  Requires assembly for your system.

TOUCH    by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
v0.2 DateStamper utility to make the time and date
of a file current.

TOUR20   by Edward L. Taychert        1/1/85    78K
A powerful, well-documented outline processor. Two
text formatters included.  Shareware.

TOUR20+  by Edward L. Taychert        1/1/85   142K
TOUR v2.0 plus ROFF4, several formatters, lots of
documentation.  All terminals.  PX-8 version also.

TPA32    by Bill Duerr                3/11/88    6K
Reports TPA size and allows temporarily changing
it.  ASM source included.

TROMPAT2 by GSD                       6/13/86   66K
Program to patch all software released with Kaypro
computers to work with the Advent TURBOROM.

TTT      by Jim Woolley               7/1/82    10K
Three dimensional Tic Tac Toe game for Osborne 1.
ASM source code included.  Modify it for others.

TXTUTILS by Peter Baker               1/1/82    38K
Eight text processing tools.  Includes C source
code and COM file for each program.

TYPE109A by Dave Rand                 11/25/83   6K
File TYPE utility pages text, excludes certain
types of files, allows DU: format; configurable.

TYPEL34A by ESKAY                     7/21/84   16K
Type/list program can type a squeezed file from a
library!  ZCPR syntax.  MAC source.  TYPEL35 also.

TYPELZ20 by Steven Greenberg          8/31/86   28K
Types squeezed or crunched files (even from LBR)
to screen with paging.  ASM source.  Z80 only.

TYPER    by Dave Blair                6/13/82    4K
A simple utility to allow your printer to be used
as a typewriter.  ASM source included.

TYPETUTR by Pioneer Software          0/0/0     50K
A really excellent typing tutor for ADM-3A screens
requires MBASIC.

TYPLEARN by unknown                   0/0/0     22K
Kaypro typing tutorial program lets you create
your own practice text.

U3       by Eric Gans                 12/7/84    4K
Program which changes logged drive and user area.
Works only with standard CP/M CCP and BDOS.

UCPM10   by Ted A. Campbell           2/1/88    72K
Crunched text: Universal CP/M Manual v1.0.  Text
in WordStar format, with FILT7A for ASCII conv.

UN       by Bill Norris               7/2/81     4K
UNprotects MBASIC programs saved in protected mode
so they can be listed.

UNARC16  by Robert A. Freed           3/27/87   38K
Self-unarcing utility lists, types, prints, checks
and extracts files from archives.  CP/M 2.2 only.

UNCR8080 by Steven Greenberg          9/17/86    6K
A version of the UNCRunch utility for use with
8080 and 8085 microprocessor systems.

UNERA10  by Henry Rothberg            12/1/81    4K
The original UNERA program from Gene Cotton's
article in Interface Age, Dec. 1981.  ASM source.

UNERA15  by Irv Hoff                  11/20/82  10K
v1.5 of UNERA utility for recovering erased files.
Includes the ASM source code.

UNERA16  by various                   1/13/83    6K
Here are two earlier versions of UNERA.COM,
UNERA16, and a wildcard version.

UNERA30  by Irv Hoff,Bill Duerr, more 9/21/84   14K
Unerase; includes ASM source plus two versions of
COM file, including Kaypro 4/10 video version.

UNERA32  by George Havach             11/15/87  22K
UNERA v3.2 with 8080 ASM source and a history of
the program.  Versions for CP/M 2.2 and 3.x.

UNERAZ11 by Terry Hazen               5/6/88    22K
Multiple file unerase utility can display list of
erased files, select with bits F1-F7.  Z80 only.

UNIFORTH by United Software Systems   4/15/85   94K
Forth language for CP/M 2.2 Z80 systems.  This is
a useable sampler system with great documentation.

UNLOAD   by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
Takes a COM file and produces ASCII HEX file which
can be LOADed again to recreate the COM file.

UNSOFT11 by Paul Homchick             4/1/84     6K
Converts a WordStar document type file into an
ASCII text file.

UNSPOOL  by Gary P. Novosielski       1/6/82    10K
v3.0, v3.3 send plain ASCII text files to printer
while other operations continue.  CP/M 2.x only.

UNSQZ12  by unknown                   9/16/84    6K
UNSQueeZe files with .?Q? file type.  Many options
with this one including drive/user specifications.

USQ120   by Dave Rand                 1/7/84     4K
Small, reliable stand-alone unsqueezing utility
for files of type .?Q?.

USQF19   by Steven Greenberg          4/2/86    18K
UnSQueeze Fast - a well-honed unsqueezing utility.
Includes ASM source.  Requires Z80.

UTOOLS   by David H. Wolen            9/10/83  242K
A set of 25 Unix-like software tools.  Includes
all DOC, COM and BDS C source code libraries.

VDE12    by Eric Meyer                9/1/85    16K
v1.2 the first general release of VDE installs on
many terminals.  Small, powerful text editor.

VDE25    by Eric Meyer                3/1/87    42K
Very powerful full screen editor with macros and
other advanced features; WordStar-like commands.

VDE262   by Eric Meyer                7/1/87    66K
Video Display Editor v2.62; has WordStar-like com-
mands, macros, much more.  Includes VDM262.

VDE266   by Eric Meyer                6/24/88   74K
Probably the final version of a great editor. Full
release includes fixes up to 7/30/88.

VDEHELP  by Richard Brewster          9/11/88   42K
Complete VDE266 manual in HLP format squeezed into
LBR with HJELP.COM to display it on any terminal.

VDO23-KP by James H. Whorton          2/20/85   12K
Video Display Oriented ASCII text editor is small,
yet powerful.  Set up for Kaypro.

VDO2A    by Frank Muennemann          4/11/84   16K
A text editor for the Osborne 1.  This rewrite of
VDO has an under 4K size COM file.

VFILER17 by Richard Conn              7/18/83   10K
Video FILER screen oriented file utility functions
like DISK, SWEEP.  Installs for your video screen.

VFILER43 by Jay Sage                  5/23/87  100K
Video Filer utility for ZCPR 3.3 and up.  Includes
full Z80 source code.

VLIST11  by unknown                   10/11/81   4K
Types text to the screen with a Varying speed

VLU101   by Michal Carson             12/13/87  72K
Fantastic library utility for ZCPR3 or stand alone
use.  View, crunch/uncrunch, build LBR.  Z80 only.

VMAP     by JM                        6/27/82    6K
Variable Mapper for BASIC source code.  Makes map
of variables and prints output.  MBASIC program.

VW       by J. G. Owen                11/19/86   4K
VDE to WordStar translation utility turns hard
carriage returns into soft.

WASH10   by Micro Resources           1/20/81    4K
The original SWEEP-like file maintenance utility.
Still works like a charm.

WASH13   by Michael J. Karas          9/20/81   24K
v1.3 menu driven disk maintenance utility.  With
full HLP text, and HELP.COM.

WCOUNT   by unknown                   0/0/0      4K
Word Count of lines, command lines starting with
a period, and characters in a text file.

WHATSNEW by T. McCormick              1/1/84     4K
Displays directory of files added or deleted from
disk since program last run.

WHODERE1 by Bill Wood                 3/30/82    6K
A debug program that resides in high memory and
monitors disk reads and writes.  ASM source.

WID      by Claude Ostyn              5/2/83     6K
Sets Osborne 1 screen width to 50, 80, or 104
columns.  ASM source.  Requires Screen-Pac mod.

WINDEX20 by Eric Gans                 5/22/85    8K
Creates indexes for WordStar DOC files.

WINDOMAN by Timothy E. Ide            8/6/84    54K
v1.0 terminal screen management routines for use
with Turbo Pascal 2.0.

WORDS    by Waite & Lafore            0/0/0      6K
A word counting program that works with ambiguous
file references.  Includes ASM source.

WORDS-X2 by Richard S. Altman         1/30/90   12K
Game requiring MBASIC and Kaypro highlited screen.
Two challenging and relaxing word games.

WSAV30   by James A. Sinning          11/26/85   6K
Recovers WordStar text from memory.  Includes the
ASM source file.

WSBIBLE  by Tony Remich               0/0/0     24K
Crunched text file of all labels and patch points
for WordStar v2.26, 3.0 and 3.3.  Very complete.

WSCON10  by David Chazin              10/11/85  18K
CONverts WordStar document files to ASCII text.
Handles soft-hyphen, etc.  CBASIC source included.

WSFAST24 by Steven L. Sanders         6/20/85   14K
Automatically patches Kaypro WordStar 3.3 for
numerous improvements in performance.

WSNOT134 by Eric Meyer                5/1/88    28K
Small and fast, easy to use WordStar footnoter. No
changes to WS.COM itself are required.

WSPATCH  by various                   1/1/82    44K
Three WordStar v2.26 patches for the Osborne 1.
Includes ASM source files.

WSSETDRU by Steve Sanders             1/1/84     4K
WordStar loaders created with SETDRU allow the use
of WordStar in any area of Kaypro 10 hard drive.

WSTIPS   by various                   6/1/85    10K
Crunched text files containing many helpful tips
on the use of WordStar.

WSTWOCOL by Ralph Landry              6/1/85     4K
TWO COLumn printing with WordStar without having
to cut and paste.  Requires MBASIC.

WT20     by Ken Smathers              1/1/87     6K
v2.0B BISHOW style WordStar Type utility can show
print features highlighted.  Can jump to any page.

XAMN     by unknown                   0/0/0     30K
A disk track and sector editor.  Includes SBASIC
source plus COM and DOC files.  Came with Kaypros.

XCAT36   by Irvin M. Hoff             9/1/82     6K
Cross reference utility for use with the MAST.CAT
disk catalog system.

XCAT502  by Harold F. Bower           8/27/85   60K
Cross indexes and lists contents of MAST.CAT with
DateStamper support.  MAC source.  Needs MCAT505.

XCOPY    by Jim Schenkel              7/23/82    4K
A single disk file copy utility.  Requires a Z80.
ASM source code is included.

XDIR36   by Dal Allan                 1/23/83   14K
A sorted directory program customized for the
Osborne 1.  ASM source included.

XDUMP10  by JLV                       7/31/83   14K
XDUMP and XTYPE display binary and ASCII files on
ADM-3A terminal.  Includes C source for XDUMP.

XLATE2   by Richard Conn              12/29/83  22K
v1.2 translator takes 8080 ASM source code and
outputs Z80 mnemonic source.  With MAC source.

XMDM90   by Wayne Masters             2/26/84   92K
XMODEM v9.0 file transfer program for RCPM use has
overlays for many computers.  Assembly required.

XMDM91KP by Alex Soya                 3/24/84   48K
XMODEM v9.1 RCPM file transfer utility. ASM source
plus Kaypro overlay.  Includes two COM versions.

XPRINT   by Gary Bohn                 1/1/85    28K
CROSSPRINT prints text sideways on MX-80 printer
with GRAFTRAX.  Turbo Pascal source included.

XRASE33  by Eric Gans                 6/7/85     4K
File unerase utility which checks for reused disk
space and duplicate extents.

XREF     by Jeff Kravitz              0/0/0     10K
A cross reference utility for Intel 8080 assembly
source code.  Includes ASM source.

XWP      by Ted A. Campbell           0/0/0     36K
An integrated environment for the Osborne Exec.
Includes desktop, communications, and text editor.

YANC-24  by Paul M. Sittler           6/20/84   52K
Yet ANother Catalog program for MAST.CAT.  Menu
driven with internal help.  Config many terminals.

Z33FCP10 by Jay Sage                  5/17/87   42K
Flow Command Processor essential for ZCPR33 system
requires ZCPR v3.3.  Requires assembly.

Z33RCP02 by Jay Sage                  6/18/87   48K
Resident Command Processor essential for ZCPR33.
Requires ZCPR v3.3.  Requires assembly.

Z33ZASM  by Michal Carson             5/21/87   14K
Converts Jay Sage's ZCPR33 source code to assemble
with ZASM.  Converts Z33FCP and Z33RCP also.

Z3INSTL  by Richard Conn              3/8/85    14K
The ZCPR3 Installation Workbook by the author of
ZCPR3.  WordStar formatted text only.

Z3USER   by Richard Conn              6/11/84   26K
Text file:  ZCPR3 User's Perspective, introduction
to the ZCPR3 system by its author.

Z80ASM   by Lehman Consulting Service 10/20/77  38K
An assembler for Zilog/Mostek Z80 mnemonics.  The
ASM source code is included.

Z80DIS   by Kenneth Gielow            7/24/85   90K
A very powerful and easy to use Z80 disassembler.
Extensive DOCumentation.  Installation program.

Z80MACRO by Richard Brewster          6/25/85   36K
A large MACRO library for use with the Z80MR PD
macro assembler.  Includes utility programs.

Z80MR    by Micro Cornucopia          6/1/84    32K
A fine Z80 Macro Assembler assembles Z80 mnemonics
to a HEX file format for LOADing.  Good DOC files.

Z8E      by Rick Surwilo              1/1/84    84K
v1.0 A professional quality interactive debugger
for Z80 assembly programming.  Huge DOC file.

Z8E-30   by Jon Saxton                11/16/88 170K
Z8E v3.0 interactive debugger, orig. by Richard
Surwilo, for Z80.  Complete source and doc files.

Z8E-35   by Jon Saxton                1/26/89  246K
A HUGE UPDATE of Z8E, the Z80 debugger.  Complete
source and documentation.  Uncrunches to 590K!

ZAP35    by Eric Pement               7/20/87   94K
SUPERZAP v3.5, a.k.a. SPZ, includes ASM source and
revision history.  CP/M 2.2 or 3.x, Z80 required.

ZASM     by unknown                   0/0/0     32K
Z80 macro assembler produces HEX or REL files.
Quite powerful with fairly good documentation.

ZCOPY20  by Richard Brewster          2/10/88   18K
Fast file copier with ZCPR du: syntax.  Includes a
companion erase utility.  Generic CP/M; 8080.

ZCOPY21  by Richard Brewster          8/25/88   20K
Improved, slightly larger version of ZCOPY20 file
copier utility.  Includes ZERA11 erase utility.

ZCPR1KP  by Micro Cornucopia          4/1/84    78K
ZCPR1 including ASM source.  Complete installation
instructions for all CP/M Kaypros.  EX14.COM too.

ZCPR2    by Richard Brewster          5/21/87   60K
A version of ZCPR2 by Richard Conn.  This includes
the Z80MR assembler.  Easy do-it-yourself ZCPR2.

ZCPR33   by Jay Sage                  5/28/87  104K
Version 3.3 of ZCPR Command Processor Replacement
for Z80 CP/M systems.  Requires assembly.

ZDT14    by unknown                   4/27/80    8K
A DDT-like debugger that can use either 8080 or
TDL Z80 mnemonics.

ZEX31A   by Richard Conn              3/16/86   36K
Memory based submit program is an integral part of
ZCPR3 systems.  Source included.  Also GOTO v1.2.

ZGREP11  by Richard Brewster          7/20/88   20K
Versatile GREP utility searches for text patterns
in multiple files; processes text.  Generic CP/M.

ZIP      by Bob Presswood             10/18/85   8K
Pastes up to 7 ASCII text files together side by
side in columns.  C source file included.

ZLT10    by C.B. Falconer & B. Morgan 12/15/87  26K
Library Typer for ZCPR3 only.  Like LT, but does
not extract files.  Includes MAC source code.

ZMP14    by Ron Murray                11/20/88 148K
ZMODEM communications has X/Y/ZMODEM protocols.
Must be installed.  Overlays for many computers.

ZX       by Mike Yarus                8/1/85     4K
Horizontal directory utility plus more is only 1K
in size.

ZX3      by Mike Yarus                1/1/86    12K
The "light power tool", a Swiss army knife multi-
utility only 3K in size.  See it to believe it!

ZZSOURCE by Dave Barker               4/25/82   20K
v2.3 update of Ward Christensen's RESOURCE Z80
disassembler produces Zilog mnemonics.