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                                 SISTER RAPE

                                  By Thunder

Shannon Harris sat on the living room couch and watched her older brother Mark
out of the corner of her eye.  Mark was sitting in their dad's recliner,
sipping beer and keeping one hand stuffed down his pants while he watched the
tape playing on the TV.

Every now and then Mark would look over at her and smile.  Mark was what you
would call handsome:  tall, well-built (he lifted weights every day), with
shaggy dark brown hair and gray eyes.  He had a handsome, friendly face...most
of the time.

Shannon felt giddy whenever her brother looked at her. He hadn't been the same
person all week.  He'd been acting strange, sometimes mean, sometimes...weird.
All of this had started a week ago, when her parents had left to spend the
summer in Mexico and left her with Mark.

Mark was 18 and old enough to take care of them both. Shannon was just 11.
She'd looked forward to having the summer with Mark.  The two of them were very
close.  At least until now, she thought.

Mark had never had a girlfriend, though girls called all the time and asked him
out.  Mostly he hung around with her and her friends, sort of like a chaperon.
And they all liked having him around.  He was a lot of fun and like a kid

But all that changed shortly after their parents left. Mark's behavior first
showed itself as they were driving home from the airport.  He'd suddenly pulled
over and put his arms around her, giving her a firm, deep kiss on the mouth.
Mark had kissed her on the mouth before, but they had always been quick, sweet
kisses.  This time it was anything but sweet.  Mark shoved his tongue into her
mouth and she nearly gagged.  Finally she'd managed to twist away, nearly in
tears.  "Stop Mark, please!", she'd begged.  He'd hugged her very tightly,
telling her he just wanted to show how much he loved her.  Shannon wanted very
much to believe that, because she loved her older brother.  So she'd accepted
it.  She'd even let him kiss her again.  He was gentle this time, but the kiss
was deep.  He'd used his tongue again, too.  Then he'd told her that every time
he kissed her, for the rest of the summer, it was going to be like that.
Shannon accepted it.

From there, everything went downhill.  As soon as they got home, her sweet,
loving brother sat her down and ticked off his "rules" like a drill instructor.
She was not to leave the house without telling him.  She was not to tell anyone
what he did to or with her, or anything that went on at the house, especially
not adults, and especially not their parents!

"You're mine this summer, and you'll do as I say", he told her.  Shannon, still
being innocent at her age, had agreed.  Even if Mark was acting funny.

Mark had other things he wanted, as well.  She was to sunbathe for at least one
hour per day on the back porch -- nude.  Shannon didn't like the sound of that
-- what if somebody saw?  But she agreed to do it.  Further, she was to shower
daily -- with him.

Shannon told him no.  It was bad enough he wanted her to sunbathe nude -- but
take showers with him?  Innocent as she was, Shannon knew something was wrong.
She refused to do what Mark told her.

"Fine.  Then when mom and dad call, I'll tell them you've been bad.  And you'll
never get that pony you wanted. Remember?"

Shannon had gasped.  Her parents had promised that if she was good all summer,
she'd get a pony for her birthday in September.  A real one she would ride on
weekends and during the summer.  But if Mark said she was bad...

She agreed to do what he wanted.  Mark had been pleased.


That night, and the rest of the week, Mark had kept her at home, letting her
see none of her friends, telling them she was sick.  During that time a lot
happened to change Shannon's perceptions of her brother.

Aside from the kissing, showers and sunbathing, Mark started using swear words
around her.  He'd never done that before.  His favorite was "fuck".  The first
time they were in the shower, he introduced her to his penis, which he called
"Mr. Stiffy".  It certainly was stiff, Shannon saw, as it bobbed in front of
her eyes.  Mark had explained to her what was done with it, pointing out the
precious parts of her young body as well.

It was the first time Shannon had actually considered herself.  She was a
pretty girl, with golden blonde hair that fell in teased waves past her
shoulders, and green eyes, like her mom's.  Her small body was slender, already
developing curves, her tiny breasts just forming, with the pink nipples
contrasting against her newly tanned skin.  Her tiny slit was flat against her
abdomen, her ass small and tight, and her legs long and shapely.

Shannon had been a little afraid then that Mark might put his cock, as he
called it, into her mouth or her cunt, as he called her slit, while they were
in the shower.  But he didn't.  He was actually very nice to her.

That first shower, Shannon also had her first orgasm. Mark had insisted on
soaping her down, paying special attention to her cunt.  As his hand played
over her, moving back and forth, then in gentle circles, she'd felt strange
stirrings run up her abdomen, teasing her insides and making them quiver.  She
began to pant, her whole body trembling now.  Mark slipped his finger into her.
It hurt a little, but not much, because he didn't go far, but the teasing,
tingling feeling increased.

"Whats...happening...?", she panted, leaning against Mark as her knees grew

"Feel good?", Mark asked.

"Y-Yes!", she panted.

"You're having an orgasm", Mark told her.  "Want more?"


Mark had rubbed a little faster, a little harder, and the feeling got better,
overwhelmed her, and her eyes rolled up in her head and she collapsed against
him, panting and trembling and out of breath.

When she was finally able to straighten up, Mark showed her how to do it
herself.  She plunged her little finger in as she instructed, feeling around.
There was a wall of flesh in there that stopped her probing, and when she
pushed on it, she hurt.  She told Mark.  He told her it was her cherry, and
she'd lose it soon enough.  He didn't tell her how.  She just assumed it would
go away itself.

After the shower, Mark dried her off and took her to his room, where he had her
lay down and then he spread her legs.  This time, he used his mouth down there,
and it was even better.

After that, things were sort of normal.  She spent the afternoon with Mark
doing house chores, then he wanted to play.  The game he wanted to play was
called Kidnapped. They'd played it before, lots of times.  Mark would pretend
to grab her, then tie her up and gag her.  After a while he'd let her go.

Today was different, though.  After he tied her up and gagged her, he pulled
her shorts and panties down and fingered and sucked her to two orgasms. Shannon
found she liked it.  Mark's behavior no longer worried her, in fact -- it was
enjoyable.  At the time.

Over the next two days, it was pretty much the same. At night Mark brought home
porno tapes, either ones he rented or ones that came in plain boxes.  The
rented ones were of men and women, but the other ones were with girls like her,
sometimes with two or three men.  Mark insisted Shannon play with herself while
she watched, so she did. Just watching gave her a funny feeling.

After a while, though, she noticed that the girls on the tapes didn't seem to
be having much fun, especially when the men put their cocks in the girls mouths
or cunts, and even their asses!  On the last tape, it got even weirder. In this
one the girls were tied up and gagged, and some bled when the men put their
cocks into the girl's cunts.  Shannon could hardly watch.  Mark, on the other
hand, was getting very excited.  He had taken out his cock and was jerking it
wildly.  He came three or four times, too.  He'd told Shannon that something
came out when a man played with it, but she'd never seen it before!

The first time he came, Mark had scooped it up on his fingers and told Shannon
to lick it off.  When she'd refused, he threatened to say she'd been bad.  So
she'd licked it off.  It was salty sweet and gooey, but it wasn't too bad. When
Mark had come again, he'd told her to lick it off his body.  She'd done so
quickly.  She had seen more on his cock, but he told her not to worry about it

And so it went on, until in one scene, a pretty, dark haired girl in a brownie
scout uniform was led in.  She was bound and gagged but quiet, not crying.
Shannon thought she looked familiar.

"I know her!", she said.

Mark jumped up and switched off the VCR.  "Okay, enough for tonight", he'd
announced.  "Go to bed."



So Shannon went.  She'd considered sneaking down to look again, but didn't want
to get Mark mad.  Besides, the films worried her.  It was fun doing things with
her brother, whom she trusted -- weird as he'd been -- but with strangers, she
could never do it.

On the following day, the weirdness got weirder.  She got up to dress and saw
that someone had been in her closet. On closer inspection, she realized all of
her pants were gone, as were all of her long holiday dresses, flip flops and
anything but a few pairs of dress slippers and sneakers. Her other dresses and
shorts were still left, but her tube tops and tank tops were gone as well.  But
something else was there.  Several pairs of pantyhose, all sheer nudes, with
holes stitched in front and back.  Along with them were several pairs of white
cotton little girl panties, similarly stitched.

Shannon was wondering about all this when Mark walked in.  Without a word he
pointed to the bed.  Shannon lay down and spred her legs for him, and he
fingered her roughly to orgasm.  It hurt more than it felt good.

"Now got get some sun, shower and get dressed", he told her coldly.  Shannon
did as she was told, then returned to get dressed.  Mark had laid out her
clothes:  a pair of the crotchless panties, a pair of hose, a white long sleeve
blouse and vest, a short denim skirt and white slippers.  He watched her while
she dressed, then pushed her down on the bed.

"This first", he told her, pulling out a coil of rope his back pocket.  He used
it to tie her wrists together behind her back.  Grabbing a pair of panties from
her drawer, he stuffed them in her mouth.

Shannon knew what was going to happen next, because of the tapes last night.
She lay there, frozen in horror, as Mark took his pants down, freeing his huge,
hard cock.  He climbed up between her legs and shoved his finger into her,
starting another orgasm, despite her fear.

"I'm going to fuck you, sis", he told her.  "Hell, I'm going to rape you!  And
this isn't going to be it.  No way. I'm going to do it all summer.  And other
guys are going to do it with you.  You've teased me long enough, baby sister!"

Shannon screamed, but the gag stopped it.  Mark's hips thrust forward, pushing
into her.  She screamed again.  He was at her hymen.  He thrust once more.

Shannon gasped.  It felt like she'd been punched in the gut.  She felt her
hymen tear.  She felt Mark slide far up inside of her, deeper than ever before.
And it really hurt.

Her scream was more of a pained moan; the world was flashing, spinning, moving
in and out.  Mark was leering at her, her own brother, moving in and out of
her.  Raping her.

So that was what this was called, she found herself thinking.  It hurts so bad.
The pain was all she was aware of.  Not the tears on her face, not the fact
that Mark was dumping his load of cum in her underdeveloped womb, his entire
body shaking with his own orgasm.

The rape went on for hours, Mark spending himself in her time and again, to the
point that he was actually hurting himself.  She drifted, unaware, until...

The teasing.  It was there.

Shannon was suddenly aware of it, among the pain and the discomfort.  That good
feeling again, building.  Even though her insides burned, it was there.  Mark
was moving slowly now, looking tired.  The sun was lower in the sky where it
hung outside her window.  Shannon began to moan.

"It's about fucking time", Mark muttered.

Her orgasm hit her with glorious force, washing away everything.  Immediately,
she passed out.


When she woke later that evening, she was in bed, naked and sore.  But she'd
been untied and Mark was leaning over her, looking more like his old self.  He
gave her a kiss on the cheek.  "I'm sorry I had to hurt you so badly, sis", he
told her softly.

Shannon started crying.  "Why, Mark?"

"Because you're so hot, sis.  You're gorgeous and I've wanted to fuck you for a
long time.  So when mom and dad left, I knew I had a chance.  Except that I
couldn't do it unless I had complete control.  I had to rape you."

"But why?", she sobbed.

Mark stroked her hair gently.  "Okay, listen.  I'm a control freak, alright?
You're not the first little girl I've done this to.  See, there's these guys I
met up with, and their like me.  Somehow they found out about you and wanted me
to bring you around so they could rape you.  But I was afraid they'd hurt you
too much.  I know I hurt you when I raped you, but I didn't hit your or beat
you, okay?  I could never hurt you like that.  But those guys...I wanted you to
be ready."

"Are you going to rape me again?  Are they?"

"Yeah.  We all are."


Suddenly Mark's face hardened.  "Now you listen, sis. I'm trying to be nice.
Like it or not, you're going to get it.  You agree to let me, and anybody else,
and I'll do my best to help you have orgasms everytime.  And I'll tell mom and
dad you were really good this summer.  It's not much of a price to pay.  Your
virgnity for a new pony."

Shannon, lacking the experience and knowledge older girls had, considered it.
Somehow, a pony seemed more important than letting men use her body.  She
didn't know much about dignity or self-respect, you see.

"Okay, Mark.  But please, no more tonight."

Mark's face softened.  "No more tonight.  Tomorrow you'll suck me, though, and
I'll fuck your ass.  Then you get a day to rest, okay?  Then I want to show you

Shannon nodded.  She thought she might even get to like it -- especially if she
could have orgasms.  "Okay."

"Good girl.  There's more to this, sis, that I'll tell you right now.  Now go
to sleep."

"Stay with me, Mark?", she begged.  "Just don't...don't do anything, okay?"

"Okay", Mark agreed.


Mark did not stay, however.  After his sister was asleep, he picked up the
phone and dialed his parents hotel in Mexico. It took a bit to get connected,
but when he was on, he was all too pleased to hear his father's voice.

They talked for a long time, then hung up.  Yawning, Mark returned to his
little sister, eager to snuggle up to her naked, warm body.


The following day Mark spent raping her ass. He left her naked and but tied and
gagged her.  He was pretty gentle -- he told her he didn't like doing asses
much. He even taught her how to take it without much hurt.  Shannon learned


And so, Shannon found herself sitting on the couch, feeling giddy as she
watched Mark.  She didn't know why, but soon, she would.

Shannon turned her attention to the porn flick on the TV.  Shannon watched
closely as women went up and down on guys cocks, studying the things they did.
So did Mark.

Shannon had learned something else that day, as well. When Mark tied her hands,
or just handled her roughly, she got hot and wet.  That was good, because after
dinner, Mark had tied her hands and broken his promise by raping her. The
wetness made things hurt a lot less, and she'd enjoyed it.  It became more
enjoyable when she screamed, since that really turned Mark on.  Even the pain
added to it all, and soon she found herself wanting Mark to rape her again and
again, even to hurt her.

When Mark was done, he didn't untie her.  She'd begged him to do it again,
eager to have his stiff cock in her. But he was limp now, and none of it did
any good.

"Beg me not to", he told her.

"Please Mark, no more", she begged, putting as much fear into her voice as she
could.  His cock started to harden.  The more she pleaded and cried, the harder
it got. And when he raped her again, she loved it.

When it came time to suck his cock, Shannon resisted. It turned both of them
on.  She was actually a little scared, and the fear turned her on even more. He
pushed her, resisting, until his cock was in her mouth, pushed until she
choked.  Only then did he let up, and Shannon went to work on his shaft,
sucking, licking and blowing until his hot cum was shooting down her throat.

He raped her six times that night, mouth and cunt and once up the ass.  She
loved every second.  She found she liked to be treated roughly, to be hurt
without being whipped or slapped or beaten.

Afterward, Mark showed her the rest of the tape.  She did know the Brownie
scout; her name was Missy, and three years ago, she'd disappeared.  On the
tape, three men and a boy -- Mark, no less -- were raping her.  It turned
Shannon on. She wished she could trade places with that girl.  The idea of
being held captive, raped and used and abused like that, turned her on
endlessly.  She asked Mark whatever happened to Missy, and he told her that
after they were done, she was turned over to another group of guys who used her
in a snuff film.

"She was raped, tortured and finally killed", Mark told her.  For some reason,
Shannon got even more excited. She questioned Mark endlessly about how they got
Missy and what it was like, then asked him when she could get some strange guys
to do her.

"Not right away, and not alone", Mark told her.  "Give it a few days.  I want
to be there to be safe.  After that, could always be sold, or let
some guy pick you up.  But you might get killed."  He said the last thing
without much concern.

"I don't care", Shannon insisted, lost in her lust.  "I want to be taken and
raped and used.  I really do!"


That night, Shannon fantasized about strange men luring her into their cars, of
dozens of escaped convicts raping her young body.  The next day she and Mark
rented as many rape videos as they could get, and Mark got some more unmarked
ones.  Shannon soon added having her nipples pinched and clothes torn to her

For the remainder of the two weeks Mark kept her around the house, her
fantasies grew.  With Mark's help they began to write them down on his computer
and sent them to bulletin boards he was on.  The fantasies got darker, with her
winding up dead or even tortured in some.  In still others, she'd begun to add
her friends, particularly her best friend Julie Roberts.  The idea of Julie
getting it really turned her on.

For the time being, however, it was just her and Mark. As the week drew to a
close, he raped her less and less. Over the last two days, he didn't touch her
at all.

On the morning of the last day he told her they were going shopping.  Once more
he laid out her clothes:  a white long sleeve blouse and an acid washed mini
skirt, white slippers -- the clothes she'd first been raped in.  He gave her a
pair of the crotchless panties and the holey hose to wear as well.  She was
practically shaking with excitement, realizing how many men would see her.

They drove to the mall.  It was a huge place, two stories, and easy to get lost
in.  Somehow, she did, becoming separated from Mark.  Up until last week, she'd
have been terrified.  Now she was excited.

She got a lot of looks, and eventually, a young man approached her.  He asked
her her name and then asked her if she'd like to have some pictures taken.  She
went along eagerly.

He led her to a van in the lot and helped her in -- then shoved her to the
floor and pinned her down.  Shannon screamed and he slapped her.  Not very
hard, but enough that she knew to be quiet, and enough to scare her.  Either
way, she was already getting wet.

Shannon begged him not to hurt her, forcing tears that came all too easy.  He
just grinned and dropped his pants. He wasn't as big as Mark, but he'd do.  He
flipped up her skirt and stared at the hose underneath.

"What's this?"

"M-My b-brother w-wants me to wear them", she said.

"Smart", he laughed, and slammed into her.

Shannon screamed.  That hurt!  But she liked it anyway. The man's hand clamped
over her mouth and his other hand caught her wrists and held them together as
he had his way with her.  Shannon hid her orgasm behind whimpers and sobs. The
guy neither seemed to notice nor care that she was wet and not a virgin.  Mark
had told her to lie and say she had an accident that caused her hymen to tear,
in case anybody asked, and she didn't know why she was wet.  He said that
probably wouldn't matter, anyway.

As her orgasm hit, something else occured to Shannon -- Mark wasn't there.  He
said he would be, too, but he wasn't.  Suddenly she realized that this man was
indeed a total stranger...and she was at his mercy.

The stranger came a minute or so later, spewing his load inside of her.  He
pulled out and made her lick him clean.  "Not bad", he told her.  When he
finishd, he tied her hands behind her and gagged her with a strip of tape, then
tied her ankles.  Then he climbed into the driver's seat and they took off.

Shannon realized, with a thrill of excitement and terror, she would probably
die today.  She wondered how, and would he torture her first?

The van stopped about half an hour later, and the side door opened.  Four men
in leather jackets and chains got in. Bikers.  Shannon felt her heart leap.

Over the next six hours Shannon endured a brutal gang rape that stretched her
young body to the limits.  There were fifteen men in all, and each took her
every way he could, in positions she'd never imagined.  Her clothes were torn
off, she was slapped, her cunt and stomach punched several times when she
resisted.  She was choked unconcious twice while they raped her, bringing on
untold orgasms.

After the first hour, all of her excitment and lust faded and gave way to fear.
By the sixth hour she was numb inside and sore outside.  They dumped her
unceremoniously out of the van into a grass patch beneath some trees, leaving
only her ankles untied.  After a while she managed to get up and started

It wasn't long before she was picked up by four high school boys.  With her
clothes in tatters, her hands bound behind her and only slippers on her feet,
three of them took turns on her.  It didn't matter that she was only eleven. It
didn't matter that she'd been used.  They saw pussy and they took it.

The fourth boy took her when the others were done and held her tightly.  She
cried into his shoulder, needing the comfort.  Eventually the other boys
dropped her and him off near another car.

As soon as the others drove off, he raped her, too.  He called her slut and
whore and said she deserved it.  She felt she did.

When he was done, he at least took her home.  That was when he revealed he knew
her and Mark.  He didn't say anything else.

Five minutes later she stumbled inside.  Mark jumped up from the couch and ran
over to her, holding her tight.  He untied her, got her to the shower, and put
her to bed.  He was good the whole time.  She told him everything, and then he
gave her a sleeping pill and she was out like a light.


She spent the next three days in bed recovering. Not only physically, but
mentally.  And found that, in retrospect, she'd enjoyed herself.  Only now did
she realize that.  It was terrifyingly fun.

When she finally got out of bed, Mark told her Julie had been by.  A slow, sly
smile crossed her face.  "Mark, do you think maybe Julie would...join me?", she

Mark grinned.  "I think that could be arranged..."

                              <TO BE CONTINUED>