By Veck

A short while ago, I went to an all boys private school. My class
consisted of 12 to 14 year old students. Most of us really wanted
to have some type of sexual experience other than just beating off.
Some of us wanted to jerk another boy off, while he did the same,
but they were either too afraid, or thought they would be gay if
they touched another boy. I often wondered what it would be like
myself, but was to afraid to ask anyone to participate in my

One Friday, after gym class, as usual we went to the showers.
Since it was Friday, and it was after a hard day of gym and other
physically exhausting games, Mr. Gates let us have a longer
showering time. It might have been that he just wanted to drink.
After he left, teenage chaos broke out. People quietly though
soap at one another, the victim trying not to yell out when being
hit. Small comical soap fights, and slap boxing broke out. None of
it meant to do any harm, for we all were rather thin, wet, and
nude, we could have easily broken our necks. Soon after, people
started wrestling others to the ground, making them do things if
they submitted.

While I quietly hid myself in my double shower stall, I was
hoping that Gates would not come stumbling in and have us all
beaten. I turned toward the shower faucet, reaching slowly to turn
it off, so I could leave the showers, or at least go to some location
were I can say I had nothing to do at all with the whole thing.
Suddenly, I felt soft wet arms reaching quickly under mine, then
clasping hands behind my head. Steve Burgs had been standing
across from me for some time watching for the right time to

Steven Burgs was an Asian, about my height, 5'5, and my age,
fourteen. His black, slightly curly hair, and light hint of brownish
red in his skin, along with his dark brown eyes and mostly
hairless face only helped prove his Indian ancestry. We had the
same build, but he was slightly stronger, and lager because of his
weight lifting. We really weren't friends, even though we slept
beside one another, which made us partners in most games and
activities but, we didn't talk much. We both shared having a
sparse amount of friends, actually, I rarely called anyone at all my
friend. It wasn't because I didn't get along with them, but I
wasn't very social.

He pressed his hands down is such a way, that made his half-
nelson push my head down, and my butt toward his soft bare

"What do you want?" I asked, just waiting for him to make me do
something obscene.

"Nothing, just wanted to see if I could seek upon you. I'm not
going to make you do anything," he said, moving his slippery
hands on my wet neck, tying to get a better grip. This motion was
causing my butt to rub up against him, and I could feel him
starting to get a hard-on. He said nothing, nether did I, but soon
after, a loud yell broke the silence, followed by several waves of
loud laughter. Mr. Gates stumbled in, as if he was blind, just as I
expected. However, instead of punishing us, he just told us to get
dried off and get dressed, with a slur in his voice. We did as he
told us, for all of us were thanking God that he was a drunk, and
none of us dare tempt making enough noise to send someone else.
Steve slowly undid his arm lock on me. He laughed and smiled as
he looked at me. I don't know if it was because of the drunken
Father's entrance, or because of his semi-hard friend sticking out
at me. I smiled and slowly walked out of his way. After that, I
went to my room to get dressed.

After I got dressed, I went down to the play area. As usual, the
older boys were plotting to escape over the school gates, to get to
the sister school, but this time, they said they were going to do it.
Mark Freedmen, a classmate, walked over to me while I was
listening to their well thought out conception.

"You got anything planned tonight?" He ask softly.

"Nope, I'll probably be here all weekend..." I said, thinking of
the boredom.

"You want to go camping? We're going up into the woods by
ourselves, till Sunday morning. If you want to you can come
along. Everyone else has plans." He said looking at his scheming
older brother.

"Who is going?" I asked.

"Just me, Steve, and Dan."

"Yea, sure, let me get my stuff together..." I said, thinking of all
the fun we could have with no supervision.

"Be here with your things in thirty minutes, If your not here,
we're leaving without you." He said like a warning, or a threat.
With that he left. I sat down at the picnic table. It was only 3:15
PM, when I started feeling sleepy, so I decided to go upstairs,
besides, it was time to start packing. Sleepily, I walked upstairs. I
was thinking of the things I should bring as I walked into my
large ten bed bedroom.

To my slightly surprise, Steven was also here, sitting on his bed,
looking though his belongings. I saw that he already chose most
of his stuff, and put them in his jean bag. He was absently
combing his hair when I arrived. I sat on my bed, and pulled my
camping bag out, and started looking tough my clothes.

"You going camping too?" He asked eagerly.

"Yea, I don't have anything better to do..." I said, stuffing a few
T-shirts into my bag.

"Yeah, me too, I forgot to call my parents. I'm glad Mr.
Chambers is letting us go," he said.

"Chambers, along with the rest of them, just wants to get rid of
us, so they can drink and smoke." I said humorously, adding
pants and underwear to my collection.

"That was kinda funny, what happened in the showers earlier," he
said in a soft tone. I wasn't too sure what he was referring to,
Gates stumbling in, or when he came up behind me, so I asked;

"What was?" While I put my final things into my bag.

"The whole thing, especially when I attacked you." He said,
laying back on his bed.

"I don't see what was so funny, you grabbed me, and rubbed my
ass up against your dick till you started getting hard..."

"I didn't do it to get hard off of you," He said, as if trying to
prove a point. I looked at him as I closed my bag.

"Whatever, I don't really care anyway. Everyone gets hard when
they least want to. Even mine gets like that when I'm in the
showers. Even if I'm not thinking about anything, like it has its
own mind." I said jokingly.

"Did you enjoy it?" He asked quietly, as if not sure if he should
have asked.

"I couldn't get loose, but I'm sure you enjoyed it more than I
did." Shortly after that, we both decided to take a short nap.

Steven woke me up. Gently tapping me on my bare, tan chest, or
at least I think that's what he was doing, he said in a soft tone;

"David, wake up. It's almost time to go." We didn't waste much
time getting down there. We met the others, Mark and Dan. They
were closer than brothers, so I ignored the fact Mark had his arm
around Dan. We talked for a while, at 3:45 we left.

We talked about all the fun we were going to have as we hiked up
the hills. Mark and Dan started acting overly friendly with each
other by the time we got to the camp site. We decided that we
would split up into two groups, since we only had two tents.
Mark and Dan in one tent, Steve and I in another. Dan wanted us
to camp 40 feet from their tent, probably so we could have more
privacy. We all sat on logs, and talked about when we would eat,
meet together, etc. Latter, Mark started talking about sex, and all
of us started getting excited. Dan stood up and told Mark his dick
was getting hard, pressing his pants against it. Mark did the same,
about that time I left, because I knew they were going to compare
sizes, and whatever else, I didn't care to see it. Steve followed

We walked toward our tent, talking about Dan and Mark. We also
talked about girls and other things.

"I'm going to sleep," I said, I could see Steve was still hard, but
tried not to notice. He stopped and turned to me.

"I wish I didn't get so hard so quickly." He said embarrassed.
"That's OK, it's not like we can control it. "I said, watching him
play with his pants.

"I know, but you seem to be able to control yours," he said
unbuckling his pants.

"I just try not to think about it as much, that's all. I really can't
control it, I'm a little hard too." He pulled his pants down a little,
and pulled his underwear forward, to look at his erection. I tried
to not look at his dick directly, as I stood further ahead of him, but
I was curious as to what his looked like. I hadn't really seen
another boy hard before. When we were in the shower, that was
the first time I had seen one partly hard. He saw me looking at
him, and shyly asked;

"If I show you mine, can I see yours?" I thought about it, then
nodded, he pulled his underwear down under his butt and balls.
His dick was beautiful, even though it was uncircumcised.
Slightly a darker color than his legs, and about five inches long,
with just a little pubic hair around it. It almost stood up at an
angle, but not quite, he was harder than before though. I watched
him touch it, and I felt mine filling with more blood.

"Your turn, can I see yours?"

"Sure." He let go of his pants, they dropped around his legs. I got
a little nervous as he helped me unbuckle my pants. He slowly
lowered my underwear. I never felt someone else's hand that
close to my dick before, it excited me. My tan friend poked out,
standing at attention. I had about the same amount of hair as he
did. I think we both got harder.

"You want to try something?" He asked timidly, trying not to
touch me, or himself.

"What?" I asked shyly.

"Have you ever played with yourself?" He asked.

"Uh, yea, I don't do it too often though, why?" I answered, well
knowing I do about every night. He put his warm hand around
my dick, with the other, he cupped my balls. It felt real good, his
hands gently stroking me, and playing with my balls. I did the
same to him.

It was an odd felling, holding him. The skin of his penis was
slightly warm, inside and out, its skin was soft and smooth. His
balls hung low, and were bare like mine. I was thinking this
would be the perfect time to observe another boys anatomy. As he
stroked my shaft, and palmed my balls, I started to squeeze his
dick. He started making noise as I did so, and I knew we were
going to cum if we kept it up.

"No, stop, let's wait till we're alone, at our camp." I said quietly
withdrawing my hands. He did the same reluctantly. He didn't
say anything, so I think he understood why. I didn't want his cum
on my clothes, nor did I want to shoot all over him. I pulled my
pants back up, and continued to the tent. Steve walked beside me,
as we talked.

We walked for a little while, then arrived at our camping site. I
was eager, but nervous so I slowly took off my clothes, and
started putting on my pj's. I had gotten my pajama top on when
Steve arrived.

"Why don't we go swimming tomorrow?" He said, sitting on his
nearby jean bag.

"Maybe, I'm to tired to think right now." I said, buttoning on my
pants and getting in my sleeping bag.

Private School Boys-2
By Veck

"Did you change your mind?" He said looking over at me, as he
sat on his sleeping bag.

"Well, no...I'm a little scared though." I said sitting back up.

"We don't have to if you don't want..." He said, looking me in
the eye, he knew we where both a little nervous, but also eager to
jerk each other off.

"Come on. Put on you pajamas, and come with me." He
complied, and followed.

We walked a short distance from our camp, into a dimly lit part of
our surrounding forest.

"Here?" He said, taking off his shirt.

"Yeah, here. You gonna take off all your clothes?" I asked, taking
off my shirt too. We where both bare at the top, I couldn't make
out much though, since it was getting dark.

"Yeah, you want to? I jerk off nude sometimes, it fells better that
way." He said, rushing to take his pants off, he was already hard,
like me. I agreed, pretty soon, we where both stalk necked, no
one within a mile of us, and both of us where as hard as we could
get, without touching ourselves. Steve took my dick in his hands,
as I did his. We started rubbing and stroking each other. We
rubbed each other for about 1 minute.

"I want to try something else." He said moving forward, but still
holding on to my dick.

"What is it?" He looked at me.

"I want to find out what your sperm tastes like."

"Mine? Why?" I asked as he got down on his knees. I knew what
he was going to do.

"Can you do me afterwards?" He asked looking up at me.

"Yeah, I guess." With that, he closed his eyes, and wrapped is soft
lips and tongue around my dick.

He began sucking on me like a child sucks his thumb, but my dick
was to long for him to keep in his mouth, and suck at the same
time, so he would pull back every now and then. If it was at all
possible, I got even harder when he rubbed his tongue up and
down my dick, then stuck it in my hole, as if Frenching it. I put
my hands in his hair, and on his shoulder, trying to resist the
temptation to push back and forth, but he was already doing that
with his tongue, and when he would rock back and forth. I knew
I was going to cum in his mouth soon, as he would suck hard,
then lightly. I squeezed him and could not fight the temptation to
bolt forward. My orgasm caught him by surprise. He sucked
really hard when I started cumming, like he was trying to suck all
my jism out. He spit some of it out before he spoke.

"So what do I taste like?" I asked nervously, his back was to me.

"Sweet, and kind of salty, your turn." He said turning around. He
didn't sound too satisfied.

"What were you expecting?" I asked.

"I didn't know, I was about to choke, should have told me." He
said as I went down on my knees.

"Sorry," I said, playing with his dick, "Please tell me before you
cum." I said, half expecting him not to. He then pushed his
swelled dick into my open willing mouth.

His dick felt rubbery at first, then it felt really odd in my mouth. I
started to suck this big flesh lollipop. I could tell he enjoyed me
sucking on his head, then sucking on its base. I kept switching up
for a short while, then he said, "Get ready," in a breathless voice.

Both of his hands were in my hair as he moaned. I started sucking
only on his head after he moaned. His first spurt shot into my
mouth, but I didn't want to take in anymore more. I spit his cum
out and rubbed his dick till he stopped ejaculating. I figured if I got
up he would be angry at me for not taking his load, so I made it up
to him by gently sucking his dick for a while longer. I sucked hard
on his sensitive opening, he squirmed a little. I sucked on his balls
for a short while. When I got up and cleaned his mouth of his
sweet sticky juices, he was smiling.

He rubbed my ass, and I rubbed his, as we faced each other.

"You didn't want to find out what I tasted like?" He asked rubbing
my hair.

"I tasted some of it, but I didn't want a mouth full."

"That did feel good though! Didn't it?" He asked.

"Yeah," I said, putting my clothes back on, "Maybe we can do it
again, next time, we'll 69 though." He agreed we got dressed. We
headed back to the camp, his arm around my shoulder, knowing he
had made a new friend.

"I'm going up to the lake in the morning, so I'll probably meet
you there." He said, crawling into his sleeping bag.

"Yea, sure, I'll be there..." I said, drifting off.

The next morning, I went up the pond, leaving Steven in bed. I
got undressed and jumped in the warm water, then swam into the
lagoon part of the stream. I swam around for awhile, sometimes
getting out and, diving back in. A while later, Steve slowly
walked down to were I was, carrying my clothes down to were I

"What is the water like?" He asked, watching me swim.

"Great," I said smiling happily.

He started taking of his clothes, and lying them on mine. I watched
him undress down to his reddish brown skin. His prefect muscle
tone, and build were too much for me to look away from, and he
was undressing like he was showing off. He noticed me watching
several times, he just smiled. I didn't turn my head. He was finally
standing there, totally naked, and slowly slipped in, with his back
to me. We swam for a while, every now and then we played a
game in passing. Several times he grabbed my legs, or I would
grab his sides from behind, trying to tickle him. A long while after
I got out of the water, Steve soon followed. We laid on the shore,
not even caring that we were wet, and nude. We talked for a while,
about simple things we got closer to each other as we did. He asked
me did I ever have fantasies, I admitted my jerking off in the
showers, when no one was around. I found out, we shared the
same desire to experiment with a boy. He told me he masturbated,
and sometimes he would have dreams about certain boys, I was
one of them! When he played with himself, he though of his hands
being them. I was starting to think Steve was gay.

"Do you ever think of what it would be like? Having sex with a

"Yes, "I said seductively, as I leaned over him,"I've all ways loved

"I'm serious David. Have you?" he ask. I could tell he was, but I
continued making fun of him.

"Oh yes Steve! Yes!" I said, trying to flip him on his back, "Let's
make love! No one will ever know!" He started laughing,
and shouting "no" while trying to stop me. With that, we tussled
playfully in the wet grass. Neither one of us meant any harm to
the other, after all, we had no protection. We wrestle for a long
time, I noticed he was getting hard, and so was I, yet we
continued, but putting each other I head locks from behind,
picking each other up, and so on. We were really enjoying
rubbing up against each other.

Every now and then, I could feel him grab my ass or back in a
pleasurable way, I did the same. Steve grabbed me with a loose
head lock, his warm body was real close to me, his dick was in
the crack of my butt. We continued moved around, I acted like I
was trying to get out. His penis often poked me, its head almost
going up my hole. We repeated doing this for about five minutes,
both he and I were getting really worked up. After a while, we
forgot about wrestling, and started feeling and touching each
other. We were both in knelling positions, and were hard as
rocks. Steve slowly took my dick in his hand, and started stroking
it gently. I felt his balls, as I rubbed him softly.

"Do you want to stop?" he asked, recalling on what happened last

"No, tell me about the dreams you have about me." He smiled,
and timidly told me about reoccurring his fantasy, I continued to
touch him as he did. He started making strange noises.

"David, can I see what it's like to have my dick in you?" I was
expecting him to ask sooner or later, so I wasn't taken by

"I guess, as long as you don't shove it in, and take it out when I
tell you." He agreed.

I turned my back to him, in a keeling position, he knelt behind
me. I held my ass open, exposing my hole, and it was level to his
cock. My head was in the grass, and I could feel his dick head on
my ass hole.

"Ready?" He asked, placing his warm hand on my back and ass.
At the same time, I pushed back, and he went forward. His dick
slowly worked its way into my tight ass hole. It hurt at first, and I
tried to tell him to take it out, but all that came out was a moan, as
my hole squeezed his dick, and released it. It was a strange
feeling, like I needed to crap, but having my anus stretched by
him felt a lot better. He made a sighing noise. I started pulling
forward, as he pulled his dick back, then, when I went back, he
went forward. The longer it was in, the less it hurt. His hands
traced my body. Up to my neck, and back down to my hips.
Every now and then, he would pull the skin around the base of
my cock. We started moving together, rocking back and forth, his
hands pulling me back by the waist, sometimes his hand went to
my legs. My hand felt were his dick, was going in and out. I
could feel his balls rocking with mine. Sometime I would pull
them, and tighten my ass hole, he would moan with pleasure. He
started pumping me harder, as his dick jumped around in me. He
was about to cum. He pumped me for a while, then shoved
himself as far in as possible. My entire rear contracted as he shot
his liquid into me. I felt his dick swell, and shrink as his milk shot
up my ass. He shook and moaned for what seemed to me a long
time, but was probably ten seconds. I felt his stiff, rock hard dick
get soft in me. My dick was as hard as it had ever been.

He pulled out of me, I leaned back, speechless. He straighten me
out, flat on my back.

"Man, that felt good! It's your turn," He said sighing with
content, "What do you want to try?" He asked closing my legs, and
crawled on top of me. He looked at me, his skin was flushed dark
red. His hair and body were wet, with my sweat and his own. My
dick was jumping around with energy.

"I don't know. Is there another position we can try?" I asked, he
owed me something.

"I know," he then placed himself over me, his ass open. He was
going to sit on my dick. He paused, as if asking for approval.

"Go ahead," I said excitedly. He then gently took my hot dick in
his hand, and sat down. My dick went deep into his ass. His ass
hole was tight, but probably just as much as mine. The inside of
his ass was warm, and felt real good as it hugged my swelled
dick. I tried to speak, but all that came out was a low, heavy moan
of pleasure.

My hands crept up his thigh, as he went up and down on me. I
thought he was going to cum again, by the noise he made.

"This feels so good!" He said. His ass grabbed my dick, making
me go up and down to his movement. I felt all over his sweaty
body. I ran my hands over his soft dick, and balls, then continued
up his tight stomach. Sweat ran down my hand as I worked my
was to his chest. I ran my hands across it, then run up his sides,
to his wet, bare, arm pits. I felt around in them, and opened my
watery eyes, he was smiling, his mouth wide open. I continued
my voyage, up his muscular back, and neck. I felt the back of his
neck hair, then went back to his hips. I felt and squeezed his ass,
even were my dick was. I brought my hands down his shoulders,
and down his arms, then I rubbed his warm hands that rested on
my soaked chest. I could see I was a few shades darker too. I put
my hands on his hips, and moved him up and down. When he
came down, I went up. I continued pumping him like this. We
both moaned loudly, I was going to cum, and he knew it. He
tightened his ass as my body shook, and my dick pumped hot
sperm into him.

A while after I had become soft again, he got off me, and moved
his warm body beside mine. He wrapped his arm around my sides,
feeling my burning chest. I was worn out.

"That was the best orgasm I had ever had," I said quietly.

"Me too," he replied holding my soft dick. I move my hand onto
his sweaty ass. He put his head on my chest, my fingers found
themselves in his wet silky hair. Soon after that, we both fell

It was the last day of school, and a lot had happened this year.
Ever since that camping trip last weekend, Steve and I had grown
to trust each other. The whole school spent the day saying good
bye, and packing up things, not much more. Steve and I planned
out our summer, I had never known that he lived down the street
from me. One night, soon after school closing, Steve invited me
over his house. We watched movies, and played games all day.
When it got late, we came inside. His mother wanted us to
shower, then we were to get dressed for bed. After we ate, we
went upstairs, and started getting ready for our shower. Steve got
us both towels, as I took off everything except my underwear.

"You want to shower together?" He asked as we walked to the

"Sure, if you want." We closed the door and hung up our towels.
We took off our underwear, and set them aside. He turned on the
water, and tested it.

"Come on in, the water's fine." he said smiling.

I did. We first started washing ourselves, a comfortable distance
apart. It did seem that the shower was built for two. I asked Steve
to wash my back, since I couldn't reach it. He started to gently
wash my upper neck, then work his way down, it was more like
he was massaging me, rather that washing. he got to my lower
back, and washed my butt, I let him squeeze and finger me before
I washed his back. I did the same thing to him.

Soon, we were washing each other all over, his legs, my balls,
his arms, my hips. This went on for sometime. both of us were
covered in suds, and stiff too. I hugged him from behind, my dick
quickly entered him. I started moving my soapy dick back and
forth in him. Just then, his mom knocked on the door, saying for
us to hurry up, and she was going to bed. I hesitantly pulled out
of him. We looked at each other and smiled, both of us were
dripping wet. Steve took one hand off my hips for a second, just
to shut off the water. He looked at me, with a pleasant look. We
hugged tightly, feeling our warm wet bodies together, rubbing
each other. He backed his head up, and before I knew it, he
closed his eyes, and his open mouth pressed against mine, his
tongue went in my mouth. I didn't fight it. We stood there, for a
few minutes, kissing, and touching each other with our eyes