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Fantasy Number 5
A Tale of Incest by Incestual Dreamer, a Baron of the DArkSide


Ron had been sitting in class.  Physics 202.  He was bored to teats
and as usual he was daydreaming about making it with the girl two rows
over.  All at once the classroom got deathly quiet.  Wondering what
was wrong, he turned his attention to the professor.  The professor
was staring at him.  Had the professor called on him?.  If he had, It
was the first time the professor had call him.  He hadn't the foggiest
idea what the professor had been discussing.  He just sat there
looking stupid until he realized that the professor was calling him to
his desk.  Stumbling down to the desk amidst snickers and laughs, he
stopped in front of the professor's desk.  The professor leaned
forward and under his breath, told Ron to go to the Dean's office.
What had he done now, he wondered as he walked over to the Dean's
office.  It seemed like he was always in trouble of some kind.

       Stepping into the office, the secretary told him to have a
seat.  After about ten minutes, the Dean stepped out and invited Ron
into his office.  Without any fanfare, the Dean then proceeded to tell
him that Ron's grandfather had died.  Ron couldn't believe it.  His
grandfather was dead.  Why, he asked himself when only a couple of
weeks earlier and he had seemed in the best of health.

       He was in a daze, but he heard the Dean tell him that they
wanted him home as soon as possible.

       The next week passed in a fog.  His family had gathered
together and buried his grandfather.

Then there had been the reading of the will.

       To everyone's shock, his grandfather had left Ron his
grandfather's housing development and three million dollars to keep
the development going.  Ron was too stunned to even notice when the
lawyer placed a battered old file box and its key into Ron's numb

Ron didn't hear another word of the will reading.  He was trying to
figure out why his grandfather had left all that money and his house
to him.

When the reading was over, Ron went by the dorm.  After gathering his
personal items like pictures and such, he told his roommate that the
rest was his if he wanted and left.

Arriving at his new house, he went inside.  Finally, he was alone.  He
sat down and slowly opened the box.  Inside was an envelope with a
letter inside of it.  Taking the letter out, he read it.

Dear Ron,

I hope that you will not think ill of me, but I feel that you are of
the same mind and heart that I was when I was living.  I know that you
appreciate the art of voyeurism as much as I do.

I have built an underground passage below this housing development.
It has a walk space that leads into each house.  The walk spaces open
up inside the structure of the house giving you a view into each room
of the house.  There are also speakers located inside so that you can
hear what is going on in the house, too.  I told the contractor that
the passage was a drainage system. During the 5 years that I have
lived here, no one has become suspicious and I have used the viewing
ports almost every day.

I hope that you enjoy using the tunnel as much as I did.  Good luck in
the future and maybe I'll see you around one of these days.

The combination is 12-34-43-21....



(Mother Knows Best)

It was a hot, muggy Saturday evening.  Not having a date, Ron decided
to tour the complex.  Hopefully he would find some lecherous viewing
to pass the night away.

He had walked through the entire tunnel without finding anything of
interest.  Not having anything else to do, he stopped at the last
house.  He knew that Harold and Joan Gwin owned the home.  They seemed
like a normal, run-of-the-mill couple with two teenage children, Greg
and Amanda.  Harold and Joan appeared to be in their mid to late
forties while Greg and Amanda were around eighteen or nineteen.
Looking down into the family room, Ron found the whole family gathered
there.  Harold, Greg, and Amanda were all dressed up and appeared
ready to depart the house.  Joan, on the other hand, was sitting on
the couch with a pained look on her face.  She was wearing a frazzled
old house robe.

Sitting down to watch, Ron turned up the volume on his receiver and
picked up the conversation just as Joan was saying:
"I wish I felt better, but with this headache, I wouldn't be any fun
at all."

"That's too bad, honey I really hate to leave you, when you're feeling
so bad.  I know that you've been planning on seeing this play for
months and tonight is the last time this play will be here this year."

"I know, I know, you don't have to remind me," Joan said softly.  "You
and Amanda go ahead and enjoy yourselves.  I'm going to take a couple
of aspirin and go to bed.  I'm sure that I'll feel much better in the
morning.  Now all of you get out of here so I can get in bed."

As everyone stood around looking lost, Greg finally walked over to his
mother and gave her a peck on the cheek and started for the door.
"Well, I've got a date to end all dates," he bragged, walking toward
the door, "I hope that your headache goes away, Mom.  I'll be back
late, so don't worry about me.  Dad, I hope that you and Amanda enjoy
the play."

Watching Greg start for the door, Harold bent down and gave Joan a
soft kiss on the cheek.

"Well, if you're sure that you'll be okay," he said, reluctantly
walking over to the door.

"Come on Amanda, we've got to hurry if we are going to get there
before the play starts."

"I hope you get to feeling better, Mom," Amanda waved as she followed
her dad out of the room.

As they disappeared out the front door, Joan painfully got to her feet
and made her way up the stairs.  Barefooted, she padded up the stairs,
down the hall and out onto the balcony.  As she stood there, she
watched the garage door slowly open.

After a few moments, she saw Greg's red roadster whiz out of the
garage and down to the street.  She saw Greg quickly wave to her and
she returned his wave.  Only seconds later, she saw Harold's
Oldsmobile back out of the garage.  It backed slowly down the driveway
and stopped at the curb.  As it stopped, she saw both Harold and
Amanda wave at her before they continued on down the street behind
Greg's car.  As the cars slowly drove down the street, Joan stood
watching them until they were both out of sight.  Standing on the
balcony for a few more seconds, she pulled the house robe tighter
around her and finally turned and trudged back into the house.
Watching her, Ron saw a sudden transformation in her demeanor.  She
quickly strolled down the hallway, humming happily.  It appeared that
her headache had miraculously disappeared.  Sauntering over to the
bar, she quickly filled a glass with ice cubes and poured Canadian
Club over the ice until the glass was full.  She hurriedly swirled the
glass around a couple of time and tossed half of the drink down with
one quick gulp.  With her drink in her hand, ice cubes tinkling
merrily, she strolled over to the dresser.  Setting her drink down,
she peeled her house robe off, revealing the frilly panties and
brassiere underneath.  Looking into the mirror for a few seconds, she
smiled at the beautiful woman looking back at her.

Watching on, Ron guessed she was at least a forty-two C or D as her
beautiful, over-sized breasts swelled out majestically.  Turning
around in front of the mirror, she peered over her shoulder staring
down at her striking backside.  Looking down at her perfectly shaped
butt, she slowly tightened her leg muscles making her round little
butt knot into hard balls of muscle.  Holding her buttocks clenched,
she looked over one shoulder and then the other, admiring their hard
firmness.  After a few moments, she relaxed her muscles and glanced
down at her watch.  Hurriedly, she picked up her drink and bolted the
rest of it down and then disappeared into the bathroom.

Ron waited impatiently as he heard the shower running, but he expected
the wait would be worth it.  He was soon rewarded for his wait when
she strolled back out of the bathroom toweling herself off with a big
fluffy towel.

Ron couldn't help feeling that she was the very essence of womanhood.
She exuded femininity from her pretty face down to her sexy little
toes.  Ron drank in her beauty hungrily.  His eyes swept over her
body, from her long graceful neck downward to her great, jutting
breasts that now rippled and jiggled nakedly.  Her breasts were
exquisite, firm, over-sized melons of soft pink flesh that drooped
down seductively.  Only their great weight dampened the bouncing and
bobbling, but still they quivered and trembled with sensual eroticism.
Both of the soft, pink mounds of woman flesh were tipped with big,
brown aureoles surrounding the big nipples.  Her nipples stuck out
like a pink stack of nickels, jutting out more than a half-inch.
Suddenly, he felt his cock lurch with appreciation as he watched her
take her big, soft breasts in her hand and roughly tweak the rubbery
nibs.  They quickly grew even larger.  Finally, laughing softly, she
let go of her large, full udders and watched  them roll and bounce

       Finally, tearing his eyes from her breasts, he dipped lower
down over her small waist with its sexy little paunch.  It wasn't the
flat, hard stomach of youth, but it bulged out only a tiny bit and
served to only heighten her beauty.  Its soft slope, interrupted only
by the sexy pout of her belly button, gracefully curved downward,
ending in a big tuft of soft, crinkly brown hair at the base of her
stomach.  Her secret place lay hidden under the big, furry mound of

Captivated by the curly mass of hairs, he stared at it longingly for
several seconds before finally moving his eyes downward.  Following
her long beautifully proportioned legs down to her perfectly formed
ankles, he confirmed his original assumption that she was indeed a
very beautiful woman.

       Bending over and rummaging through one of the dresser drawers,
Joan unknowingly gave Ron a perfect view of her faultless derriere.
Looking on, he saw that the rounded globes of her buttocks formed a
perfect circle dissected by a dainty crevice that split her delectable
ass in two perfect halves.  The crack then disappeared from view down
between the rounded bottoms of her ass cheeks.

       After the longest time, she found what she was searching for
and stood up.  Turning around,  she walked over to the bed, her
wonderful breasts frolicking about beautifully.  Standing by the bed,
she tossed the frilly underthings down on it.  Bending down, she
picked through the pile of intimate apparel and pulled out one of the
long fishnet hose.  Lifting her leg up to the bed, she reached down
and slowly pulled the sheer stocking up over her dainty foot.
Gathering the stocking in her hand, she eased it up over the rest of
her exquisite leg, encasing her firm, muscular leg in glistening
nylon.  With one tight, thin hose clinging to one shapely leg, she
found the other hose and pulled it up her other leg.  With her
stockings on, she stood up and tugged and pulled on them for several
moments, expertly straightening and rearranging the hose until she was
satisfied with them.  Glancing at her watch once again, she quickly
snatched up a pair of panties out of the pile of underthings.  The
panties were so sheer, it appeared as if she had picked up a hand full
of smoke.  With one quick move, she pulled them on, up over the hose
and around her hips.  Ron instantly saw that they were crotchless.
The trim of ruffles running around her legs was the same kind as the
slit running down the center of the panties.  They were so sheer, she
might as well be naked, Ron thought as she arranged them on her hips.
The arranging had allowed several kinky brown hairs to slip out
through the opening.  Giggling softly, she delicately poked at the
forest of kinky brown pubic hairs.  Spreading open the slit in her
panties wider, she prodded and poked at the hair until she had most of
it back inside.  Then giving up, she pulled the halves of her
open-crotched panties together.

       Digging through the shriveling pile of underclothes, Joan
selected a naughty little garter belt.  Hurriedly wrapping it around
her waist, she took another quick peek at her watch.  Still hurrying,
she quickly found the clasps at the end of the dangling straps and
jerked the tops of the hose up.  Stretching them over the clasps of
the garter, she fastened them, one by one until both all of the belts
were securely fastened to the hoses.  Then she grabbed the last item
from the bed  It was easy to see that it was a see-through brassiere.
Quickly, slipping her arms through the tiny straps, she pulled it on.
Straightening it as she went, she pulled the cups of the bra up under
her heavy breasts stretching the material.  She pulled on it until, at
last, she could fasten the tiny catch between her breasts that held
the brassiere together.  The size and weight of her breasts had to be
placing immense pressure on the tiny clasp, Ron thought as she pulled
the thin material up over the swollen mammaries.  Pushing and poking
each mound of flesh into its cup  took several moments, but finally
she had her lovely breasts imprisoned inside the brassiere.  Her
over-sized breasts threatened to burst the seams of her brassiere at
any moment, but it must have been stronger than it looked.  Even
stretched to its limit it held.  The brassiere encased her mountainous
breasts, but it did little to hide them from view.  Its only
discernible purpose seemed to be in lifting and supporting  her great,
drooping tits.  As heavy as her massive breasts were, she needed all
the help she could find to keep them lifted.

       At last, the see-through brassiere held her breasts and she
took one last look in the mirror to make a few minor adjustments.  At
last she seemed content with their appearance.  Then, almost as if to
test its strength, she wiggled her upper body  and watched her big,
firm breasts wiggle enticingly inside their filmy prison.  Smiling to
herself, she turned and promptly strolled over to the walk-in closet,
her delectable butt bouncing delightfully with each step.  Reaching
inside, she quickly pulled out a negligee that matched her other
naughties.  Pulling it on, she bent over and hunted through the pile
of shoes lying on the floor of the closet.  Quickly selecting a pair
of very tall black stiletto pumps, she quickly stepped into them and
in a flash grew four inches taller.  As she did, her statuesque legs
immediately arced into perfect, symmetrical works of art while Ron
watched on with appreciation and admiration.

Finally, with one last glance into the floor length mirror on the
closet door, she turned and walked over to the bar.  Glancing at her
watch again, she quickly poured  herself another drink.  Chugging
about half of it down, she hurriedly topped it off again and rushed
out of the bedroom.  She tried not to spill her drink as she rushed
down the hallway, but a little sloshed out on her hand.

Ron watched her wondrous breasts flounce and ricochet up and off each
other as she strutted toward the stairway leading downstairs.  They
were flailing about so wildly, it looked like they would escape the
flimsy brassiere at any moment.  Then pausing at the top of the
stairs, she licked at her hand, lapping up the booze she had spilled.
Looking down the stairs, she took another quick gulp of her drink.
Finally, with her drink in her hand, she started down the stairs.
Watching her flounce down the stairs with her great tits wildly
springing about, Ron knew he was witnessing a miracle in female
apparel design.  There was no way for it to happen, yet somehow, she
arrived at the bottom of the stairs with her tits still inside her

Rushing over to the bar, she quickly topped her drink off.  Then, she
threw some ice cubes in another glass and quickly filled it  with
Canadian Club.  Picking up a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, too,
she turned and sped over to the couch.  Setting the drinks and
cigarettes down on the end-table, she stepped around the couch and sat

       Watching her, Ron wondered who her illicit lover was as a
smile of anticipation spread over her face.  Waiting anxiously, she
slowly lifted one long curvaceous leg up onto the couch.  Then looking
down between her legs, she slowly spread her legs apart, watching the
opening in her panties gradually creep open.  Reaching down to the
lacy slit in her panties, she spread it wide open.  As she did, her
fur covered underbelly came into view.  Moving her finger down, she
gently fingered the soft, pink lips surrounding her drooling vaginal
opening.  With her finger, she poked and prodded the thick, engorged
flaps of flesh guarding the weeping cleft of her womanhood.

Gradually, the ripe, swollen lips parted, revealing the tender,
dew-covered inner folds of her weeping womanhood.  With her pussy
unveiled and waiting invitingly, she moved her finger up to her tiny
protruding clitoris.  Giving it a few quick flicks with her finger,
she watched it suddenly balloon out of its fleshy little sheath as it
sought more attention.  Laughing under her breath, she moved her hand
away from it.  Then she went about arranging and rearranging the sheer
material of her negligee until it revealed all of her womanly charms
in the most pleasing manner.

Ron didn't know who her lover was, but he knew he would gladly trade
places with the lucky guy.  Her restlessness was obvious as she
intently watched the kitchen door, toying with herself.  Finally after
several minutes, she lit a cigarette.  Taking a long, deep drag on it,
she impatiently blew a thick cloud of smoke into the air and picked up
her drink.  Sipping on her drink and puffing on the cigarette, she

Was she being stood up by her lover?  If so, someone should shoot him
and put him out of his misery.  He was crazy.  Ron would gladly
volunteer to take his place with Joan tonight though.

Finally, she stubbed the cigarette out and began to toy with her
clitoris again.  Her anticipation was obvious as Ron could see her
pussy drooling her juices down onto the couch.

At last, Ron heard the garage door opening and a car slowly creeping
up the driveway into the garage.  Joan must have heard the same thing
as a huge smile came over her lips.  Then suddenly, she giggled
excitedly as she heard the garage door closing.

Whoever her lover was, he had his own garage door opener.  The affair
must have been going on for sometime for them to make such
arrangements, Ron thought as he expectantly waited for her lover to

Hurriedly glancing down at herself one last time, she seemed satisfied
that everything was properly displayed for her lover.  The smile grew
bigger as she waited for him to appear.  Then with one last flick of
her finger, she respread the full, thick lips of her vagina, opening
them even wider for her lover.

Whoever it was, he would have a truly spectacular view of her
womanhood when he entered the room, Ron thought.

Watching the door with almost as much expectation as Joan, Ron saw it
finally open.

Ron was stunned when Joan's son, Greg, came striding into the room.
Jerking his head around to see how Joan would react at being caught in
such a compromising position by her son, Ron was even more shocked
when she made no effort to cover herself.  She just sat there smiling

Ron immediately saw that her dress and exposure came as no surprise to

"Gosh, Mom," Greg grinned sheepishly as he walked toward his mother,
"what if Dad and Amanda had come back and caught you like this?"
"Hey, I know the sound of your car, Baby Doll."  She smiled back at
him, holding his drink out to him.

"But, what took you so long?  I thought you never would get back."
"I just wanted to make sure that Dad and Amanda were not coming back
for anything," Greg laughed, unbuttoning his shirt as he walked toward
her, "you know how forgetful Dad is."

"God, Mom, you get more beautiful ever time I see you like this."
"You silly boy," she tittered, beaming up at him like a girl on her
first date, "they were running so late when they left, they wouldn't
dare come back.  And thank you for such a darling compliment."

"Damn," he groaned stopping in front of her and taking his drink from
her, "I didn't think tonight would ever get here.  I've been hard all
day long just thinking about you."

"I've been leaking all day long thinking about you,"  she mumbled,
setting her drink down on the end-table, "I've been so wet, I was
scared to sit down, afraid that I would leave a puddle."

Standing in front of his mother, Greg peeled his shirt off and dropped
it to the floor.  Then taking his drink from her, he smiled down at
her expectantly.

Looking up at him with a wicked smile on her face, she leisurely
reached out to his belt buckle.  Licking her lips obviously, she
slowly unfastened the buckle and spread his belt apart.

"God, you're so beautiful, Mom," he gushed, sipping his drink as he
watched her unsnap his pants.  "Just thinking about you all day long
has made so excited, I'll probably explode when you touch me."

"That's okay," she smiled up at him, slowly unzipping his pants,
"we've got all night and we both know how much cream you can make."
"Don't you remember the last time we made love?  You must have shot a
whole gallon of your stuff inside me that night.  I am still amazed at
how potent you are."

"I've been saving it up for you," he smiled bashfully at her as she
leisurely spread his pants apart.

"Oh, My Goodness," she gushed as his cock flopped out into the open,
"my Baby's not wearing any boppies."

"Oh, my lord, honey," she groaned appreciatively, "I didn't think you
could get any bigger, but I swear you've grown at least an inch since
the last time.  I've never seen a penis as wonderful as yours."

His pants fell to the floor in a pile as she let go of them to grab
his dangling monstrosity.  Lifting the huge cylinder of hardening
man-meat, she openly admired it.

Ron could only imagine what was running through her mind as she
fondled her son's cock.

Was she wondering how her genes could have produced a man with such an
enormous cock.

"You are the epitome of manhood," she praised him, lovingly squeezing
his giant penis.

"How big is it now?" she asked him.

"Gosh, Mom, that's awful forward of you," he laughed back at her
sipping his drink.

"Remember when we measured it last time?" She asked him.

"Let's see, it was nine inches long and six inches around if I
remember correctly," she grinned back at him.  "Right?"

Greg grinned importantly and nodded his head.

"And you're only eighteen."

"How did you get so large?" she murmured softly as she gently stroked
his elephantine cock, "your father's penis is only six inches long and
not nearly as thick.  I just can't believe how beautiful your penis
is.  I still get itchy inside every time I think about you and your
wonderful penis.  Sometimes I get so wet, it is embarrassing."
While his mother gently stroked his cock, Greg slipped his shoes off
and stepped out of his pants.  His cock no longer dangled down in
front of him flaccidly.  It was now jutting out, swollen and
threatening.  Greg stood in front of his mother dressed in only his
socks as she tugged  softly on his penis, pulling him toward her.  As
he stepped closer, he watched her lean forward.

Ron could feel his own scrotum contract with excitement and he could
only imagine what Greg must be going through as Joan's soft, red lips
descended toward her son's aching manhood with leisurely slowness.
His cock was obviously pulsating with anticipation and eagerness as
her lips descended upon on his penis.

Greg's cock was so hard, it jutted straight out in front of him,
bobbing up and down wildly with each rapid beat of his heart.  His
cock looked like a baseball bat sticking out of the curly little
swatch of brown hair at the bottom of his rock hard belly.

       "Oh, is Mommy's Baby's pee-pee sad?" she teasingly baby-talked
as she watched a large, glistening drop of pre-fuck sap trickle out of
his penis and down the underside of the bulbous prickhead.  "There's a
great big tear coming out of his eye.  I think he wants Mommy to kiss
him and make him all better."

       "If Mommy kisses him too much, Baby's pee-pee will be nasty
and spit up," Greg said knowingly, his voice quavering.

       "Mommy likes it when Baby's pee-pee spits up," she smiled up
at him,  lewdly flicking out her tongue and lapping at the drop of
sap, "in fact, she loves it when Baby's pee-pee spits up in her mouth.
Baby's cream tastes wonderful.  Wouldn't Baby like to spit up in
Mommy's mouth now?"

Without waiting for an answer, she eased forward and let her lips
close down over the rigid softness of her son's cockhead.  As her
mouth closed down on him and her teeth grazed the sensitive skin of
his cockhead causing him to gasp in pleasure-agony.

Ron could see that he was straining to hold back the damned up pool of
white lava boiling inside his balls.  He was straining so hard, he
stopped breathing.  He watched his mother's soft, full lips slowly
ease further and further down the thick shaft of his primed penis,
until her lips were half way down the his long, thick tube of meat.

Closing her mouth down on the rigid barrel, Joan slowly sucked on it
as she eased her mouth back up her son's throbbing penis.

Ron saw that she must have sensed how near her son was to exploding in
her mouth when she saw the muscles in her son's legs grow rigid and
taut.  He was still fighting to keep from cumming, but he was
obviously loosing the battle.

Ever so gently, she slid her mouth back down the thick barrel of his
penis until the big cockhead nudged up against the back of her mouth.
An eruption was imminent.  Still sucking on her son's giant cock, she
reached up and took his huge, hanging balls in her hand.  Gently
squeezing and toying with them as they dangled down in their hairy sac
of flesh, she coaxed him toward eruption.  Gently playing with his
balls, she gradually let his penis slide out of her wet mouth until
only the head was still in her mouth.  Gently at first, she began to
suck on his cockhead, letting her tongue tickle the cleft underneath
the corona of his cock until she felt it start to swell and throb with
the pre-ejaculation excitement.  The moment was at hand as she felt
his penis expand and throb with importance.  All at once, she began to
roughly suck on his cockhead.

She was sucking so hard, it must have felt to Greg that she was trying
to suck his cock inside out, Ron thought.

Harder and harder she sucked on her son, priming his cockhead while
her fingers roughly massaged his balls.

The urgency of his need must have overwhelmed him.  Inevitably Greg's
great prick jerked mightily as it shot it first heavy, white-hot spurt
of boy-cum into his mother's suckling  mouth.  The gusher of his
potent cream was huge it instantly filled her mouth to the point of
overflowing.  Then as she tried to swallow the first gush of his hot,
frothy semen, a second torrent of his sticky white sap spewed out into
her mouth.  There was so much, she must have felt as if she engulfed
by a tidal wave of her son's creamy, hot man-cream.  Still, it spurted
out from his giant cock again and again.  Sucking it into her mouth
and swallowing as much of the frothy cum as she could, colossal volume
of cum pouring out of him overwhelmed her.  She valiantly tried to
keep up with the gushing spout of thick, hot cum as it spewed into her
mouth, but it began to overflow and trickle out around the giant
pillar of meat.

Ron watched in amazement as it dribbled out around Greg's prick, down
over her red lips, down her chin where it dripped down onto her tits.
Gusher after gusher of Greg's juvenile cream gushed out and splashed
out into his mother's ravenous mouth.  She must have felt it dripping
down her chin as she took as much of his sweet nectar as she could.
Still, he continued to spew his seed into her mouth until they all
wondered when it would stop.  But finally, the shuddering jerks of his
cock began to lessen and the flow of his cum slowed to a trickle.
Then at last, it was over.

Holding her son's slowly withering penis in her mouth, Joan gently
sucked on it as she looked up at him lovingly.  Greg swayed and
threatened to collapse so she gradually moved her head back away from
him, letting his shrinking penis lewdly flop out of her mouth.  As his
cock flopped out, a string of cum stretched from his cock to her
mouth, joining them in an obscene gesture of incestuous wickedness.
"MY, GOD, Mother," Greg groaned, dropping down to the floor in front
of her, "I think you turned me inside out.  I never had it feel that
good before."

"I love the taste of your wonderful sweet love syrup, "she smiled at
him, running her tongue over her drenched lips, licking up his
overflow, "It tastes like the nectar of the Gods."

"And it has to be the nectar of the Gods.  No mere mortal could
produce anything so sweet, and there was so much of it. I didn't think
you would ever stop.  I hope that you didn't use it all up."

"Don't worry," he smiled at her with teenage confidence, looking up at
her from between her legs, "I just need a few minutes to recharge the

"You're not worried, I'm not worried," she laughed softly, spreading
her legs apart a little farther, exposing the drooling cleft between
her legs even more brazenly.

Glancing down between his mother's widespread legs, a smile crossed
Greg's lips.

"If you thought my pee-pee was sad," he said softly, staring directly
into his mother's gaping womanhood, "your pee-pee must be very, very
sad, because she is boo-hooing all over the place.  She's cried so
much, she's gotten the couch all wet.  Maybe she needs for me to kiss
her and make her feel all better, too."

"She's not crying from sadness," Joan sighed, spreading her legs even
wider apart, "she crying tears of happiness because she knows how good
Baby can kiss."

Scooting forward on the couch, she inched her pussy toward him until
it rested on the edge of the couch directly in front of his face.
Smiling at him, she leaned back and picked up her drink.  Waiting and
watching him expectantly, she slowly brought the glass of liquor to
her lips and sipped on it as Greg leaned forward.

Reaching up, Greg slowly parted the lacy edges of his mother's
crotchless panties.  As he pulled them apart, he found the material
dripping wet.  Spreading the drenched edges farther apart, he gawked
at the steaming grotto before him.  Softly fondling the satiny, pink
lips of his mother's vagina with his finger, Greg took a deep breath.
Ron knew that he must be breathing in the musky aroma of her bubbling
juices as they wafted up from her sweltering slit.

Greg slowly lowered his face down into the musky swamp of her
femininity and heard a tiny moan of pleasure escape from her lips.
Then his mouth touched her secret place and she jumped involuntarily.

As her son's lips touched the engorged flaps of flesh encircling her
vagina, her pussy began to spill out even more juice. Smiling
contentedly, she watched him gluttonously lick at the flowing river of
woman-juice spilling from her pussy.

Ron's mouth began to water, knowing that Greg was savoring the
feminine flavor of his mother's essence as he licked her.
Greg traced the outline of her pussy with his tongue as he lapped up
her leaking elixir.  Moving his tongue in circles, he went round and
round the soft, delicate folds of her hot pussy in an ever decreasing
circle lapping up every last drop of her fragrant fluid.  At last, he
reached the burning core of her sweet, steaming pussy.  With his
tongue poised at the center of her womanhood, he made it hard and
pointed and pushed it down  inside the fiery softness of her vaginal
channel.  He was now tonguing the very place where he had once, so
long ago, been born.

As she felt her son's tongue probing tongue exploring the depths of
her aching cunt, Joan took one final gulp off her drink and shakily
set it down.  Leaning back against the couch, she mewed contentedly as
she let him slowly fuck her with his tongue.  As he tongue-fucked her,
she gently humped against his face with tiny little controlled
strokes.  He tongued her deeper and deeper.

This went on for several moments before Greg slowly eased his drenched
tongue out of her dripping pussy.  Flicking his tongue back and forth
lazily, he teased the big, floppy lips of her pussy for a few seconds.
Then, much to her obvious delight, he began to lap his way up toward
her protruding clitoris.

She must have felt his tongue getting closer and closer as she began
to squirm.  Then all at once, her whole body jerked as her son's
tongue found the little knob of unbearably sensitive nerves.

"Oh, My, God,"  she groaned, spreading herself even wider for him, "I
am going to finish as fast as you did if you keep that up."
Greg seemed to want this as he quickly busied his tongue on her
clitoris.  He raked the smooth little knot of flesh with his tongue
mercilessly, as she groveled under its strafing attack.

Waiting for her son all day long must have primed her because within
moments she was plunging into the deep, wonderful anguish of an orgasm
so profound, it looked as if it was painful.  A hellish rapture
possessed her as she lost control of her some of her muscles.  Her
legs shot out, flexed as tight as coiled steel as her hips began to
patter about on the couch, uncontrollably.  Her cunt juice flew
everywhere as her butt bounced about on the couch, splashing it all
over her son's face and chest.

Greg was having a difficult time just keeping his mouth locked onto
her clitoris as she hopped around on the couch.  Then, suddenly, her
whole body spasmed as a scream of pure animal glorification erupted
from her lips.  The tenor of her scream rose and rose as she wailed
out her ecstasy.  Then finally the scream faded into silence as she
stopped breathing and her body went limp as a rag.

Greg sat waiting patiently.

Ron wasn't so sure.  She looked like she had suffered a seizure or
something.  He had never seen a woman react so violently.  She wasn't
breathing.  God, he hoped she wasn't dead.

Greg seemed to know what to expect as he quietly waited for her start
breathing again.  Staring up over her motionless stomach, he waited
for any sign that she was still alive.  At last, he saw her stomach
quiver, then her wondrous breasts begin to rise and fall.  Her initial
breaths were jerky and shallow, but soon she was breathing normally

Seeing his mother start breathing again, Greg lovingly kissed and
fondled her womanhood with his tongue.

Melting down into a heap on the couch, she let herself enjoy the soft,
gentle touch of her son's kisses.

Ron wondered how long they had been lovers.  Greg seemed well schooled
in the art of making love and seemed to sense his mother's needs
without her having to tell him.  It was obvious that this was no one
night stand.  Greg appeared to be a fast learner, but he hadn't
learned all this overnight.

At last, Joan must have felt some strength returning to her arms as
she reached down and tenderly pushed his face away from her womanhood.
Moving back from his mother's drooling pit, Greg watched her clitoris
gradually creep back into its protective sheath flesh.  It appeared
appeased for the moment.

"Oh, Baby," she cooed softly, "that was the quickest ever.  You know
just where to touch me.  You are such a wonderful lover."

"Your, uh, your puss, uh, your vagina is the softest, prettiest, most
wonderful place in the whole world," Greg stuttered, seemingly
uncomfortable saying such things to his mother presence.

"And besides," he grinned happily as he licked her pussy juice from
his lips, "I had the best teacher in the world."

"Flattery, my young man," she laughed softly, "will get you anything."
"Oh, that felt so, so good," she murmured.  "Why don't we go upstairs
and get into a nice comfortable bed.  I want you to fuck me with your
great big cock."

"I've been dreaming about fuc, uh, making love to you all week long,"
Greg grinned, getting to his feet, "I just wish I could make love to
you all the time.  Sometimes, I can't think about anything else."
"I'm afraid that is one of the penalties we must pay," she said sadly,
"for our sinful love, darling."

Reaching down to his mother, Greg took her hand and helped her to her

"Whoa," Joan giggled giddily as she teetered drunkenly atop the tall,
stiletto heels.

"I don't have any feeling from my waist down, thanks to you," she
muttered, "because you made all the blood in my legs rush into my

"I am sorry," Greg smiled, seemingly proud that he could affect his
mother in such a manner as held onto her to make sure she didn't fall.
"Yeah, I can see that," she laughed sarcastically.

"Do you want to take your heels off?  You might be able to walk

"Why, don't you like them?  I thought you liked for me to wear heels."
"I do, but I don't want to see you fall and break your lovely neck."
"Thanks for the consideration," she smiled, leaning over and kissing
him on the cheek, "but I'll be fine in a minute.  Okay?"
"Sure," he grinned back at her.

Finally, after a few moments, she sighed and gently pushed him back
away from herself.

"I think I'm okay now," she told him, "I'm going to try and walk by

Reaching down, he picked up the package of cigarettes.  Shaking out
two, he quickly lit them.  Taking a deep, long drag off one, he
offered the other one to her.

"Why don't you freshen our drinks," she said, handing him the glasses.
"Your wish is my command, Mother, Dear," he grinned, sauntering over
to the bar.

"I love the way your big cock flops around after we make love," she
told him, watching him walk over to the bar, "it is so pretty when it
is thick and heavy like it is now."

"Oh, I thought you liked it big and hard," he replied, splashing a few
ice cubes into their glasses.

"Oh, I do.  It gorgeous when it is hard and ripe and ready, but I like
to look at it when it is not hard, too. It makes me hot thinking about
it both ways."

Taking another quick drag off her cigarette, she flexed her legs and
took a tentative step.

"You must have the most beautiful cock in the world," she repeated
herself, unable to stop herself from admiring his giant dangling cock
as he strolled back toward her with the replenished drinks in his

"You going to make me hard again," he laughed as he handed her drink
to her, "if you keep talking like that."

Taking a sip of his drink, Greg flexed his abdominal muscles and made
his cock jump up and down impudently.

They both laughed familiarly as they watched his dancing cock.
"Well, I guess that I better talk like that all night long," she
smirked as his prick slowly begin to stiffen and lift out away from
his groin, "Because I want it big and hard for a long, long time
tonight.  I want to make love to you and I want to cum and cum and cum
all night long, until I can't cum anymore."

She saw his cock jump as he heard her risque statement.
Laughing, she tried to take a step and wobbled, nearly falling.
Grabbing her, he steadied her as she held onto him for support.
Pausing for a moment, they stood beside each other as she let her hand
stray down to his growing manhood.  Standing motionless, she toyed
with his great cock and watched with obvious appreciation and
admiration as it jumped and quivered with excitement.

"We should turn this cushion over," she laughed, noticing a big stain
on one of the sofa cushions, "or we might forget it and have to
explain to Harold and Amanda where  the stain came form.  And I'm
afraid its fragrance would give away its source."

"It sure tasted sweet," Greg blushed as he reached down and flipped
the cushion.

"Good, glad you like it," she smiled, taking him by the arm.
Joan then took another trial step.  It looked like she would be able
to walk as she leaned against Greg.

"Let's go, lover," she simpered, clattering across the floor to the

They tottered up the stairs and stopped at the top. Standing on the
landing with their drinks in hand, they stopped and embraced for
several moments.

Joan finally stepped back away from him, and took him by the hand.
Smiling, she led the way down the hallway to her bedroom, letting Greg
follow and watch her lovely derriere sway from side to side

Stopping at the door, she let go of his hand.  Smiling tipsily, she
quickly tossed the rest of her drink down her throat and sauntered
over to her bed.

Greg tarried by the door for a moment watching her delectable backend
swing from side to side wickedly as she flounced across the room.
Standing by her bed, Joan slipped out of the filmy night robe and let
it fall to the floor before crawling onto the bed.

Shaking his head, Greg strolled over to the bar and picked up another
pack of cigarettes.  Leisurely lighting two more of the noxious weeds,
he held them in his mouth as he made each of them another drink.
Juggling the drinks and cigarettes, he slowly walked over to the bed
where his mother sat.  Grinning oafishly, he handed her a drink and a
cigarette and stood by the bed.

Smoking and sipping on their drinks, neither of them spoke for the
longest time.  Greg was openly admiring his mother's gorgeous body
while she was just as blatantly ogling his jutting manhood.
"Well, are you going to stand there all night?" Joan finally asked him
after several minutes had passed.

"What, uh," Greg stuttered awakened from his reverie.

"I said are you going to stand there all night," she repeated, slowly
spreading her legs apart and pointing down to her oozing love-wound,
"or do you want some of this?"

"Do I have to answer that?" he asked her, stubbing out his cigarette
and downing the last of his drink with one quick gulp.  "You've always
told me that actions speak louder than words."

"Well?" He asked impatiently waiting for her to finish her drink.
Grinning impishly, she handed him the stub of her cigarette and the
empty glass.

Setting her glass on the night-stand, he hastily stubbed out her
cigarette before crawling up on the bed.

"Why don't you lie down," Joan said suggestively, "and let Mommy ride
the horsey."

"Mother Knows Best," Greg grinned, watching her get to her hands and
knees, her big, pendant breasts dangling down, bouncing and jiggling

"This is something that you should never, ever forget," she cackled,
"a Mother Always knows best."

Anxiously flipping over onto his back, he watched with eager
anticipation as his mother scooted over and quickly straddled him.  He
shamelessly gawked at her big melon-sized tits wiggling shamelessly
inside her transparent brassiere as she crawled over him.

Ron knew Greg must be feeling a wicked gratification knowing that her
lovely tits had once given him nourishment and now they gave him
sustenance in such an entirely different way.

Crawling up his legs, she finally had her dripping snatch poised
directly above his bulging cock.

"I'm so wet your penis will slide right in," she gurgled, reaching
down between her legs and taking hold of his towering maleness.
She quickly guided the gigantic column of ripe, hard boy-cock up to
her waiting slit.  Almost drooling in anticipation, she fitted the big
purple cockhead into the dripping opening of her love-cave.  As it
slithered inside her, she released it and slowly lowered her steaming
cunt down onto his jutting male-thing.  She felt the thick, hot
cylinder of her son's giant cock slowly pierce the waiting tightness
of her vagina as she crooned with pleasure.

Ron wondered what it must feel like to have her son's monstrous organ
sliding up into her, spreading her pussy wider and wider until it
filled her to the limit.

Inch by gigantic inch, Greg's massive slab of male-meat slid further
and further up into the hot, musky softness of her pussy.  Pushing
herself down onto him, she looked down between her legs and watched as
her furry pubes crept lower and lower down his magnificent pole.  Her
pussy was hungrily, eagerly devoured her son's mammoth cock without a
second's hesitation.

At last, her pussy settled down onto his hairy stomach. Sitting atop
him with his cock thrust almost a foot up inside her, she ground her
groin  down into him.

Ron could almost imagine how full she must feel.  Having her son's
enormous cock buried so deep in side her, she must feel like she
couldn't take another micrometer of his great cock into her
overstuffed vagina.

At that instant, the bulbous head of her son's cock thudded up against
the hard cone of her cervix as her silky haired groin ground down on
his hard stomach.  It seemed as it their genitals were for each other.
No perfect union of flesh could have been imagined.  His monstrous
cock was the exact length and breadth to the millimeter to fill her
physically without pain.  It fit her so perfectly, that if he had been
another half inch longer, intercourse with him would have been
painful.  As it was, it was perfect.  Even if his dick had been
thicker, she wouldn't have been able to take him completely and
totally.  It wouldn't have been the same, she thought as her hot
fleshy cunt devoured him.  It completely surrounded his hot, thick
cock like a glove.

After a few moments, she stopped grinding herself against him and sat
lovingly admiring her son's handsome face.  As she did, their eyes
met.  As they stared into each other's eyes lovingly, the air in the
room became super-charged with sex.

Ron watched Joan's body quivering as she took a deep breath.  It
looked as if she was fighting off another climax.  She must want to
hold it off and make it stronger, he thought.  Still,  she sat
motionless atop her son.

Without averting his eyes from hers, Greg moved his hands up to her
encased breasts.  Digging at the tiny snap between her breasts, he
quickly unsnapped it.  As he did, the brassiere sprang apart and her
big, beautiful tits spilled out in all their glory.

The moment Joan felt her brassiere open, she raised her arms and let
her son slip gossamer material up and off her arms.  Tossing the
dispensable hindrance aside, Greg moved his hands back up to her big,
rubbery nipples that now jutted out invitingly.

Joan threw her head back, apparently savoring the feel of her son's
fingers on her breasts.  Then she gently eased her hips upward,
letting his brick-hard cock slowly slide back out of the slippery
chute of her pussy.  Almost effortlessly her hips and rose until only
the tremendous swollen cockhead of his love engine remained inside
her.  Twirling her hips slightly, she lowered them once again, letting
her cunt ravenously devour his dick once again.  Down and down went
her insatiable cunt, sliding down his jutting love-spear until her
overheated cavern had totally consumed him for a second time.  She
seemed amazed as his hugeness filled her pussy so fully.  It fit so
tightly, it created a vacuum inside her pithy cunt when it retreated
back down the meaty channel.

She seemed to relished the control she must have felt as she sat atop
her son.  Still at the same time, the slowness of their love-making
didn't appear to be fulfilling her needs. Almost effortlessly at
first, her hips gradually begin to move up and down on him with more
determination as her tits bobbled and bounced above him freely.
To Ron, it looked like her body's needs were quickly overcoming her
maternal instincts.  She was becoming less and less Greg's mother and
more and more his lover as her pussy slid up and down his penis faster
and faster.  Soon her hips were slashing up and down on him with a
vengeance.  As she fucked her son, the musky aroma of her heat filled
the air with its pungency so heavy Ron could even smell it.  She was
plainly aroused by the wickedness of their depravity.  So aroused, her
juices were pouring out of  her slurping pussy.  It was so abundant,
even Ron could see it splashing out onto Greg's stomach.  It splashed
out, coating him with her pungent sap.

Grunting louder with each thrust, Joan drove her pussy up and down her
son's turgid pole  Her actions indicated the nearness of her orgasm as
she beat herself against him.  Her hips were literally flying up and
down like a pile-driver as she fucked her son unmercifully.  As they
fucked, Joan began to sweat profusely, but she didn't seem to care or
notice as the beads of perspiration trickled down her breasts.  Her
breasts now glistened with a coating of sweat as her son's hands
squeezed and pestered her wildly bounding breasts.

Like the jerking motion of a cog, turning one notch every time her
pelvis slapped down onto her son's belly, she seemed to be moving
inexorably closer and closer to the edge of a gigantic orgasm.
She reminded Ron of a jockey urging her mount to exert all of its
effort to finish the race and reap the rewards of the victory as she
flailed about on top of Greg.

Her hips bounced up and down on her son so fast it was almost
impossible to see her son's cock.  Her pussy was sucking it in and out
too fast.

Then abruptly, it burst upon her and her body began to shake and
quiver uncontrollably.  She began blubbering the wild unintelligible
sounds of an animal in pain as her body convulsed and writhed
uncontrollably.  The muscles surrounding her pussy  abruptly locked
down on her son's prick and began to squeeze it tenaciously.
As her cuntal muscles clenched his cock, it bucked inside her and
ejected its precious cargo of thick, hot semen deep inside her
slavering cunt.  As he exploded inside of her, her muscles tightened
down around his cock even more.  As he spewed his love-seed into her,
she thrashed and kicked uncontrollably calling out his name over and
over again.

She was flailing about so wildly, Greg wrapped his arms around her and
tried to keep her from hurting herself.  Still she dove deeper and
deeper into the mind warping depths of her climax.

Finally, her body could take no more.  Her body had been consumed by
muscle wrenching seizures for a whole minute before she suddenly went
limp.  Toppling down from her perch on top of her son, she crashed
down onto his chest.

To Ron, she appeared nearer death than life.

Greg seemed worried this time.

Ron didn't blame him.  She had almost passed out the first time she
climaxed, but this time it looked worse. He wondered if the excitement
had been too much for her.  Had she actually had a heart attack or
something?  Watching on anxiously, he saw Greg reach out and take hold
of his mother's limp wrist.

Greg held onto her wrist for several seconds before he found a pulse.
At first, weak and thready, it soon became strong and regular.
Breathing a sigh of relief, Greg gently rolled his mother off him,
pulling his spent dick out of her at the same time.  Although it
wasn't hard, it was still fat and heavy and made an obscene slurping
sound as it slithered back out of her.  Lying beside her, he watched
the even rise and fall of her astonishing breasts for several moments
before he reached out and softly touched them.

As Joan slept, Greg quietly rose to his knees.  A smile crossed his
lips as he looked down and saw that he was joined to his mother by a
string of cum stretching from his shrunken cock down to her womanhood.
Slipping down off the bed and backing away from her, he watched the
silvery strand of cum stretch and grow thinner and thinner until it
finally broke.

Ron wondered if Joan was through for the night as he watched Greg walk
over to the bar.

Standing by the bar, Greg poured himself another drink and stood
sipping on it while he smoked another cigarette.  He watched his
mother sleeping, her breasts peaceful rising and falling with each
breath she took.  Letting  cigarette smoke curl out of his mouth and
drift aimlessly across the room, he continued to stare at her.
He seemed enraptured by her, Ron thought.  He had the look of a
newlywed.  It was plain to see that he was obsessed with her.  The
obsession was definitely not maternal love either.  It was the
oppressive love of a man for a woman.  That kind of love that twisted
your gut if you had to be away from her more than ten minutes.  It was
manifestly obvious, he was consumed by his love for his mother. Maybe
it was because they had the same blood coursing through their veins.
Ron knew how Greg must feel, because Ron felt the same way about his
mother.  He felt so deeply in love with her, he wished he could return
to her belly to live there forever.  Maybe that was why Greg enjoyed
sex with his mother so much.  It was being inside of her again.  Being
a part of her again, if only for a short time.  Whatever it was, there
was no escape from it once you had succumbed to the irresistible
temptation.  They were now doomed for life.  The bond between mother
and son was one of the strongest bonds on earth and now, they had
added another bond.  That of the love of a man for a woman.  No power
on earth could tear them apart.  Ron could picture all this running
through Greg's mind as he waited.  It was evident that Greg had
something on his mind as his thick, dangling cock was slowly growing
hard again.

Greg was so deep in thought, he didn't see his mother slowly open her
eyes.  She lay watching him for several minutes.

Ron saw her eyes flicker open.  He wondered what was going through her
mind as she watched her son.  The look in her eyes was plain.  She
loved him.  But, it was more than the mother-son kind of love.  It was
the doting, you can do no wrong, ever, kind of look.  Spaced.
Overwhelmed by it all look.  Then her eyes dipped down to his growing

"Who are you thinking about?" She asked suddenly, with a faint edge of
jealousy in her voice.

"Huh, uh, Oh, You're awake," he stuttered, startled out of his trance,
"I was just thinking about how wonderful it is to make love to you.  I
can't understand all my feelings.  Sometimes I feel as if I want to be
held by you just like when I was a little baby and then sometimes I
feel like I just want to be your friend and talk and all that stuff
and sometimes I feel like I just want to be your son.  But most of the
time, I just want to make love to you and make love to you until I
drop.  Sometime it just gets all messed up inside my head and I don't
know which one of you I want."

"Oh, how sweet," she gushed.  "That's how I feel about you, too."
"But, right now, I know which one I want," he added, grinning lewdly.
"And which one of me would that be?" She asked, smiling seductively.
"Duh, guess, if you can," Greg grinned at her, stubbing out his
cigarette and tossing the rest of his drink down.

"Oh, dear, I could never guess in a million years," she laughed out

"Okay, I guess I'll just have to show you."

"Would you like to try something a little different, this time?" Joan
asked him as her eyes went from his eyes back down to his protruding
hardness and back to his eyes again.

"I want to learn everything about sex and pleasing you," he told her
striding toward the bed, his giant cock bouncing up and down evilly.
"Your father has a collection of toys that he likes to use on, uh, use
on me," she smiled at him, "would you like to use some of them?"
"Do you like to be, uh, made, uh, you, uh, you know," he stammered as
he stood by the bed, "I don't want to do anything that you don't

"I enjoy them some of the time," she smiled up at him, reaching over
and fondling his cock,  "but not anywhere as much as I love this."
"Well, okay," Greg said, unsure of what to do next, "I get jealous
when I think about Dad fucking you."

"Don't worry about that," Joan laughed, "every time he fucks me, I
pretend it is you, but he is so much smaller.  And you are a much
better lover."

"I still don't like it," he growled.

"Well, look in the night-stand and get out a big one and a small one.
Get a vibrator and a tube of jelly too." She winked at him as she saw
his cock lurch with excitement.

Like a mother watching her child on Christmas morning, Joan watched
him shyly open the drawer.  She smiled as she saw his eyes sparkle
with anticipation when he saw all of the dildos and vibrators of
various sizes, shapes and colors in the drawer.

"Wow, there's a lot of them in here."

"It takes a lot to keep me satisfied, darling.  You should know that
by now."

Laughing to himself, Greg hesitantly reached into the drawer.  Smiling
lewdly, he pulled out the biggest dildo in the drawer.  Then, after
prowling through the drawer a while longer, he brought out a second,
smaller one.

"Are these okay?"

"Ahhh," Joan laughed merrily, "an excellent choice.  That big one is
your substitute.  I use it when I want you but you aren't available.
It is almost exactly the same size and feel of your giant cock, but it
could never, never, never, ever replace the feel of real thing."
Grinning sheepishly, Greg set them on the top of the night-stand and
picked out a vibrator and a tube of lubricant.

"It looks bigger than I do," Greg blushed as he picked up the large
dildo again.

"Actually, your penis is bigger when it is fresh and ripe," she
bragged on him.

"Why don't we get rid of these panties," she told him, "I think they
served their purpose for tonight."

"And besides that, I want both of my, uh, openings, to be accessible
to you," she snickered obscenely as she watched his prick jerk

As he sat down by her, she reached down to her garters and unfastened
both of the front garter catches.  Rolling over onto her stomach, she
waited until Greg reached over and fumbled open the rear catches.
Rolling over onto her back again, Joan held her legs up in the air for
a moment. Greg finally got the hint and took hold of the top of her
panties. Ron could see that Greg was growing very excited as the boy
gently slipped his mother's panties down her long, lovely legs.
Pitching her panties down on the floor, Greg rubbed his hand over the
satiny smoothness of her leg.

"Do you want me to keep my garters and hose on?" She asked him,
looking up at him, "Or do you want me, uh, bare, uh, bare assed

"I like the way you look with your garters and hose on." Greg grinned
"Okay, redo me," she chirped, flopping onto her stomach again.
"Love to," he told her reaching over and refastening her garters to
her hose in the back.

Flipping back over onto her back, she hurriedly refastened the garters
in front and picked up the big pink dildo.

       "Why don't you lie down so I can play with you while you put
this in me," she instructed him as she handed him the big pink dildo.

       Greg crawled up the bed and moved around until his penis lay
directly in front of his mother's face and his eyes stared straight
into the open wetness of her cunt.  She spread her legs apart farther
as Greg moved the plastic dick up to her gaping love-wound.  Reaching
out, she pulled his semi-erect prick to her mouth.  She gently began
to mouth her son's rebounding cock, even though it was covered with
the exudation of their last episode of love making.  As she sucked his
dick into her mouth, he slowly eased the big rounded head of the dildo
between the limp lips of her pussy.  She sucked half of his hardening
cock into her mouth as she felt him push the big, fake dick into her
waiting slit.  Her ready cunt accepted the thick plastic dick without
hesitation and the dildo was soon buried all the way to the hilt
inside her cavernous cunt.  A sigh of contentment escaped her lips,
out around her son's bloated peter as he began to fuck her with the
false prick.  He fucked her with long, slow strokes as she mouthed his
penis, sucking in more and more of the hardening column of prime beef.
Her lips pulled and sucked on his dick while her tongue tickled and
teased the tender underside.  Down below, Greg busily thrust the dildo
in and out of her slobbering cunt.  Keeping her son's dick imprisoned
in her mouth, Joan moved one hand around to her delectable butt.  With
her hand in a fist, she slowly uncurled one finger and pointed to her
crinkled little asshole.  As Greg stared at the pointing finger, he
acted like he couldn't believe what he thought she wanted.  As he
hesitated, she quickly began to beat his meat.

Ron could tell Greg was confused.  He didn't know what she wanted him
to do. It was obvious that this part of their love making wasn't

Then Joan seemed to sense his confusion.  While she continued to
masturbate him with one hand, she pitched the tube of ointment down by
his hand.  Then taking his hand, she pulled his forefinger away from
the other fingers.  Then she gently pushed it up against the pouting
little circle of her asshole.  Releasing his hand, she rabidly
attacked his cock with her mouth.

Keeping the giant didlo shoved down inside her cunt, Greg picked up
the tube of jelly and awkwardly squeezed out a gob of the slippery sap
onto his forefinger.

Then ever so gently, like he was afraid he would hurt her, Greg spread
a coating of the jelly around the dainty wrinkled prune of her

Ron didn't know how he was able to concentrate on her asshole the way
she was sucking on the boy's cock.  She was sucking on him so hard, he
could hear her slurping all the way up where he was watching.
Still holding the big dildo inside of her, Greg finally began to
tenderly probe his mother's asshole with his lubricated finger.  It
resisted initially, but as he pushed harder, it suddenly slithered
inside of her clenched anus.  Her mouth tightened around his penis
noticeably as he probed her asshole with his finger.  As he dug his
finger into her hot, bung hole, her manipulations of his dick were
growing rougher and rougher.  She was sucking more and more of his
cock into her mouth as his finger disappeared deeper into her asshole.
He felt his mother begin to move her hips back and forth, forcing more
of his finger into her ass with each backward thrust of her hips.
Suddenly she lurched forward, disgorging his finger.  Her hand slipped
down and quickly handed him the smaller dildo.  Ron was amazed to see
that it was greased and ready.  When had she had time to do that?
Abiding by his mother's wishes, Greg nervously placed the small
rounded tip of the dildo onto the wrinkled opening of her asshole.
The tiny ring of muscles ringing her anus resisted the invader at
first, but finally as Greg kept applying pressure, the dildo slipped
into her asshole.  Greg heard his mother grunt out around his cock and
he started to pull the dildo back out of her asshole.

"NOOOOOnnaaahhhhhhgggggg," Joan groaned out around his cock.

Greg didn't know what to do, so he held it motionless.  Finally, after
a couple of moments, Joan abruptly thrust her butt backwards, impaling
herself on the entire length of the smaller dildo.  Then she began to
hump her ass back and forth and Greg began to fuck her in the ass with
small dildo.  As he continued, the sounds of pain that he had earlier
had changed to moanlets of pleasure.  Realizing that his mother was
enjoying it, began to fuck her with both dildos at the same time.

       Joan was sucking on her son's cock so violently, he knew the
boy wouldn't be able to hold back much longer.  He could almost feel
the boy's sperm gathering in his balls once again.  It wouldn't be
more than a few moments before Greg would spew out another gusher of
cum into his mother's mouth if she didn't stop sucking on him so hard.
Even as he kept sliding the dildos in and out of her, Joan reached
down and picked up the vibrator.  Flicking it on, she moved the
vibrator down to her clitoris.  The pearl shaped knot of nerves was
already poking out of its protective sheath, ready and wanting
attention.  As the vibrator descended on the little ball of her
clitoris, a spasm rippled throughout her whole body.  Feeling this,
Greg began to stroke the dildos in and out of her harder and harder.
As he hand fucked his mother, she sucked on his dick as if she would
be able to suck his whole essence into her own body and they would
become one.

Finally Greg could hold his load no longer. The instant his mother
felt his dick begin to spasm, she shoved her head forward taking his
whole cock into her mouth and throat.  Her throat clamped down on his
dick causing it to jerk and spurt its hot, heavy syrup directly into
her throat.  His giant cock was thrust at least four inches down into
her throat as she began to swallow, rubbing his dick with the ringed
muscles of her throat. Joan was snorting and making choking sounds but
still didn't pull her mouth off him.

At last she felt her son's explosions lessen in intensity and she
jerked her head back off his dick.  Tiny spasms of pleasure still
rippled through the wet length of his cock as she gasped for breath.
"Oh, God, I want you in my ass," she groaned.

Ron watched Greg's eyes bug out in disbelief as Joan scrambled up to
her hands and knees, pushing her delectable ass up into the air.
"Hurry, please, hurry and put your wonderful cock in my ass before it
gets too soft," she pleaded with him, wagging her butt back and forth
impatiently.  "For Christ's sake, hurry or you won't be able to get it
inside of my ass.  Hurry up, Greg, Baby, before you're too soft."
Like he had finally awoken from a coma, he hurriedly struggled up to
his hands and knees behind his mother's upturned butt.  His slowly
shrinking prick was still a potent weapon as it jutted out directly
behind her clenching asshole.  The swollen head of his cock was coated
with her spit and his cum.  Grabbing hold of the shaft of his cock, he
quickly placed his cockhead on the mouth of her tiny pink rectum.
Abruptly, it thudded up against the ring of muscles circling her anus.
Holding his cock to keep it stiff, he tried to push it into her
asshole.  The muscles prevented entry for several seconds, then all at
once he felt her asshole relax for an instant and his cock popped into
inside her anus.  As it did, the tight ring of muscles was strong and
threatened to slice his cock in two.

"OW, OH.  BAAABBBYYYYY!" Joan screeched in pain and pleasure as her
son's cock slipped into her tight asshole.  "FUCK ME IN THE ASS.

Greg quickly shoved his softening penis down into the fiery depths of
his mother's rectum as she gasped for air.  He thrust it all the way
inside her bunghole until his hairy belly thudded up against her soft,
cushiony butt.  Although his cock had just spent its third load of the
night, the first assault on his mother's ass, the heat of her ass, and
the friction of her tiny asshole on his big cock quickly rejuvenated
his charger and it began to grow once again.

"NO,  NO, BABY, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE," she wailed as she felt his cock
begin to swell, "YOU'RE GOING TO SPLIT ME IN TWO."

"Oh, I'm Sorry, Mommy," Greg whimpered, pulling his dick back down her
abused anal channel, "do you want me to stop?"

"FUCK NO," she moaned, thrusting her butt back onto him and grinding
her butt into his belly, "FUCK ME IN THE ASS, BABBY, FUCK ME IN THE

Responding to her imploring demand, he hunched into her with all of
his strength, burying his dick all the way to the hilt inside her
superheated anus.  Once again, he pulled back and then ripped it back
into her waiting ass with an ever increasing tempo.

FLAP!   FLAP!   SLAP!   FLAP!  FLAP!   SLAP!  went their bodies
crashing together as he drove his cock into her asshole.

His huge cock was wickedly impaling her asshole as she savagely thrust
herself back on to her son with utter abandonment.  Her whole body
shook from the fierce onslaught of her son as he ripped his huge cock
into her asshole.  His pistoning cock had already rubbed an angry red
circle around her delicate bunghole as he pumped his cock in and out
of her.  Her tight asshole was stretched to its very limit by his
jackhammer cock.

Ron could easily see that the pain had metamorphosed into pleasure as
her son continued to pound his cock into her asshole.  Ron didn't know
what caused it, but the time he had fucked a woman in ass, it started
out painfully for her.  But after several moments, the pain
mysteriously turned into pleasure and she had one of the best orgasms
she had ever had.  Or at least that was what she told him.  He didn't
have any first hand experience.

Even as Joan seemed to revel in the feel of her son's giant cock in
her ass, she could tell by the jerking, puffing and gasping coming
from her son, he wouldn't last much longer.  It would already be his
fourth time tonight.

Within seconds, it washed over her.  She was having a cataclysmic
orgasm. Her body began to shake and jerk uncontrollably just as she
heard her son howl in animalistic release as his dick exploded inside
her already over-used anus.  His superheated boy-jism gushed out onto
the delicate lining of her rectum, sending her ever deeper in to her
orgasm. Over and over again, her son's ejaculating cock swelled up and
shot another load of cum into her already overflowing anal chute.  At
last, the charger could gather no more cum and gave a tiny twitch as
his legs gave out and he fell backwards away from her, ripping his
spent charger from the hot, tight confines of her asshole.
"OUCH," she yelped as his big cockhead ripped out of her anus.
Greg lay on his back gasping for breath as his mother stood on her
hands and knees with her head hanging down.

"Damn, I didn't know if I was going to live through that one," she
finally groaned.

Reaching back around to her abused asshole, she hesitantly felt around
the bruised skin surrounding her anus.  Probing tenderly, she was
pleasantly surprised to find out that he hadn't split her.
"That's the first time I've, uh, ever, uh, been inside, uh, a woman's,
uh, you know, uh, that place," Greg stuttered tiredly.  It was almost
too good.  I don't know if I could stand to do it there all the time.
It was almost too hot and tight."

"It's not something I could do every night either," she winced
tiredly, "we will save that as a special prize when you have been
super good,"

Flopping down on the bed, she didn't move for several minutes.
Finally, she rolled over and gingerly sat up.

"Well, big boy, do you want to fuck some more," she yawned, getting to
her feet, "or are you done for the night."

"I'll fuck you all night long if you want me to," Greg grinned,
leering at her lovely backside as she stood by the bed.

"You are incorrigible, you know," she laughed, "wait here and I'll be
back in a minute."

In a few minutes, she was back at the bed with a towel and washcloth.
Crawling up on the bed, she smiled down at him and lifted his fallen
warrior.  Gently washing the residue of their last love-bout away, she
seemed surprised to see his flaccid penis slowly start to harden once

"Goodness," she exclaimed, "I am impressed.  Your bad boy is trying to
stand up again.  I thought the last one would put him down for a

"He says that he wants to be inside Mommy," Greg grinned, raising
himself up on his elbow and watching his mother gently cleanse his
proud manhood.  "He says he wants to fuck you for a long, long time."
"Well, Mommy's little pussy says she is ready to be fucked all night
long," Joan grinned back at him as she stopped washing long enough to
watch her son's cock make a gallant effort to regain its original
hardness, "if he thinks he can do it that long.  She says she is ready
for him anytime he's ready to do it."

Dropping the washcloth, Joan began to stroke her son's still semi-soft
cock as both of them waited expectantly as it struggled to enlarge.
"Maybe Mommy can help him get big again," she grinned at him as she
leaned down over his struggling cock and gently sucked the big, round
cockhead into her hot, sucking mouth.  Letting her tongue and lips
play with the cockhead for a while, she suddenly felt him begin to
balloon into hardness once again.  For it to regain it original
hardness would be an impossibility because of the number of times he
had already finished, but as it grew larger and larger inside of her
mouth, it was still an impressive love-weapon.

Finally lifting her mouth from his inflamed ingot of male flesh, Joan
roughly shucked her hand up and down his growing cock again.  Slowly,
but steadily, it grew and grew until at last, it could once again
stand on its own. It wasn't totally erect, but it would serve her
purpose admirably and she knew that it would continue to harden even
as he fucked her.

Releasing her son's quasi-hardness, she rolled over onto her back.
Smiling up at him, she spread her legs apart, opening herself once
again for an invasion of her womanhood.  Waiting for him, she reached
down and gently spread the lips of her seething vagina apart.  Holding
the vaginal lips apart, she watched him rise to his hands and knees.
His thick sausage like penis slashed from side to side as he slowly
crawled up between her widespread legs.  With the confidence of a
lover, Greg dipped his hips and speared her hungry cunt on his first
try.  Quickly, he his potent dick down into her wide open cunt,
quickly impaling her all the way to the hilt.  His thick column of
meat slipped into the softness of her hot, steaming pussy like a ship
plowing through water.  Her delicate pussy meat grabbed his thrusting
cock and caressed it as it slid deeper and deeper into her inner
sanctum.  Straightening his arms and locking his elbows, Greg pulled
his dick back down the slippery channel of his mother's livid pussy
and quickly thrust it back inside her.  His hips quickly began to move
backwards and forward, dragging his cock in and out of the sloppy
channel of her cunt like the pendulum on a clock.  In and out, in and
out his cock plowed her furrow like a steam-engine working at half

Even Ron could hear the wet "KA-SLOSH"..."KA-SLOSH"..."KA-SLOSH" of
Greg's prick sliding into her meaty cunt.

It was apparent they were both savoring the feel, smell, and sound of
their Incestual coupling.  Time seemed to dissolve as their groins
slapped together over and over again, melding their bodies into one
time and time again.  First ten minutes crept by as they fucked, then
twenty.  But they were oblivious to anything except each other and the
tiny space where their bodies touched and were joined together by
their love for each other.

Ron could see that the both relished the feel of the other's flesh as
they slipped past the thirty minutes mark.

Back and forth, back and forth went Greg's hips without a moment's
hesitation as Joan and her son fucked and fucked and fucked.  Greg's
long, deep thrusts were met by his mother's hunching groin each time
he plunged his dick into her.

As they fucked, where their bodies joined, a light coating of
love-gravy began to form.  As they fucked, more and more of the sticky
sap formed at the juncture of their copulating groins.  After an hour
of fucking,  the coating of gravy spread out over their sweat drenched
bodies.  Still they continued to fuck, unmindful of the growing film
of gravy.  Joan's pussy had been turned into a churn for the
delectable nectar and her son's pistoning cock was making more and
more of the fragrant syrup as they fucked and fucked.

Both of them were nearing total exhaustion when they finally felt the
first tinge of another climax trickle out of their union.  It came
almost without warning.  Greg's hips finally stopped moving back and
forth as he drove his cock into her with all of his might one last
time.  Burying his cock deep inside his mother's embracing cunt, Greg
felt his cock jerk and spit its frothy cream out into her.  Just as he
did, he felt her hot tightness clamp down on his spurting penis,
trapping him inside her once again.  The pleasure they felt must have
been intense, but short-lived as the collapsed into a pile of arms and

Greg looked so tired, Ron didn't know if he could even roll off his
mother.  But at last, he did.  The luxuriant love-gravy they had made
now covered their lower bodies.  Both of their bellies and inner
thighs were coated with the creamy mixture.  Greg's retreating cock
dripped with it and a trickle of it seeped out of Joan's battered
cunt.  Greg had never fucked for so long and was unfamiliar with the
gravy.  Looking down at it, a look of amazement crossed his face.
Joan had seen it before, only in her younger days when fucking for
more than twenty or thirty minutes wasn't uncommon, but never had she
seen such an abundance of the wondrous elixir.

"What's this stuff?" Greg asked, running his finger through the
clinging stickiness of the syrup.

"Taste it," Joan told him, reaching down and running her own finger
through the film on her stomach.  "I bet it will make you hard again."
"Oh, sure," Greg said sarcastically, knowing that it would be hours
before he could summon up enough strength to make love to his mother

"Really," she said softly, "try it.  It will rejuvenate you."

"Well," he smirked tiredly, "what have I got to lose."

Using his last reserve of strength, Greg tiredly wriggled around until
his face was poised above his mother's marinated crotch.  Not knowing
what to expect, he slipped out his tongue and hesitantly licked a
morsel from his mother's stomach.  Letting his tongue taste the
nectar, he found that it had a unique sexy flavor that was really
quiet good.  Surprised, he licked another taste and then another until
before he knew it, he had licked his mother's belly clean.  He had
become so engrossed in acquiring more and more of the wonderful sap,
he hadn't noticed his mother's tongue cleaning the stuff from his
belly.  Soon they had lapped all of the goo off each other, but still
wanted more.  Because his mother's cunt was still leaking the precious
fluid, he quickly locked his mouth over her cunt and sucked on her.
Sucking her dry, he gently tickled her clitoris and watched as another
little dribble of the gravy trickle out of her cunt.  As he stopped
for a moment, he realized that his mother had his cock in her mouth
and was sucking on it roughly.  Not only was his strength returning,
but his cock was already hard again and he could feel himself growing
aroused again.

Both of them attacked the other's genitals in a gluttonous barrage,
sucking and licking and pulling at the other to get more and more of
the gravy.  As they did, they were also urging each other toward still
another climatic finale.

Finally, they couldn't stop it and it crashed down on them like a
summer storm, almost drowning them in a downburst of orgasmic
pleasure.  Both of them gushed out another cup of the gravy that was
eagerly consumed by both of them before they collapsed.
At last when it was all gone, Greg lay down by his mother.
"You were right," he grinned at her, "but then again, you always know

"That's right, lover, and don't you forget it," she yawned, "Mother
knows best."

They both laughed and quickly drifted to sleep.

 Ron couldn't believe what he had just witnessed and was trying to
think of a way to get into bed with Joan as he walked back toward his

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There are three other stories involving the Gwin Family in Baron
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about Amanda and Greg, and the final one is about Amanda Greg, Harold,
and Joan.

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