Subject: REPOST: MYBROTHR.TXT 7K "My Brother" (mf, cons, incest, pedo, preg)
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 96 00:44:25 GMT
From: (Frank McCoy)
Organization: Millennium Communications, Inc.

                        My Big Brother
                        An Erotic Story

    I felt my brother's big prick swelling in me.  Gee that was
exciting.  "If you cum in me right now," I said between grunts;
as I worked against my big brother; trying to force even more of
his fat prick up my hole, "Mother says there's a good chance
you'll get me pregnant."  God, what an exciting thought!
    I could tell Harry thought so too.  His prick swelled up
even bigger at the very thought.  I knew it wasn't more than a
minute, until my handsome big brother would be filling my womb
with squirt after thick sticky squirt of incestuous baby-making
    "Oh God, I can't," he panted.  "I can't cum in my own
sister!  Oh Jesus!"
    "Why not?" I asked reasonably.  By now I had both legs
wrapped around my brother, and he couldn't have gotten away if he
had wanted to.  The only way he was going to be able to keep from
cumming in me, was to stop sliding that wondrously thick prick of
his in and out of my clasping little hole.
    I didn't think Harry was capable of that.  Pulling out and
wasting his precious sperm all over my tummy, possibly.  But not
    Realizing this, Harry suddenly gave up, and rammed his thick
prick up in my belly as hard as it would go.  There was a
moment's pause, then I felt him flex in me.  Once, twice, three
times his prick throbbed in me.  I knew my big brother was
planting his seed inside me, and that was all I needed to get off
myself.  I let out a howl that could be heard throughout the
house; letting our parents know their little girl was not only
being fucked by her big brother, but was having a royal climax as
    And why shouldn't I?  After all, is isn't every day that a
girl gets pregnant for the first time.  And I knew Harry was
doing it too.  Mother and I had timed this so that I would be
ovulating sometime in the next three days.  When Harry squirted
his sperm inside my tummy, there was a very good chance that we
were making a baby right at that very moment.
    Damn, that was a sexy thought!  My pussy involuntarily
grabbed my big brother's prick again; milking the last thick
drops of incestuous sperm up in my belly where it belonged.
    "Whooo!" I breathed a big sigh.  "I think we did it, Big
    "I'm sorry, Sherry," he panted, "I just couldn't help
    "Don't be," I told him.  "I wanted to feel you squirting a
baby in my belly, just as much as you did."
    "More so," I thought to myself; but I didn't tell him that.
    "Now," I said; turning to my little sister who had been
watching her two older siblings frantically rutting like two
minks, "did you see what you have to do?"
    My little sister nodded.  "C'n I do it now?" she asked.
"Mother says if I'm going to try, that now's the best time of
month for me too."


    "Hey!" objected Harry.  "Don't I have any say in this?  I am
NOT fucking my 10-year-old little sister and getting her pregnant
too, for Christ's sake!"
    "Oh?" I said.  "I don't think you have much choice in the
matter, Big Brother."
    "See," I said; reaching between my legs and grabbing a big
hunk of goo, I shoved it up in our little sister's tight little
hole.  "There!" I said with some satisfaction.  "If Carol's going
to get pregnant by you today, then she already has. . . Now do
you want to get your fun out of this, or should we just leave you
with that big hard-on?"
    Carol had to giggle at this.  Harry may have been objecting
to the thought of getting his little sisters pregnant, but his
prick wasn't.  Even after cumming buckets in me, the sight of me
pushing his sperm up inside our little sister's tight little
baby-hole was enough to give a statue a hard-on; let alone a man
as horny as our big brother.  Harry gave in.
    "OK," he sighed, "if you want to get fucked, Little Sister,
then come here and lets do it properly."  So she did.
    Two minutes later, I watched as my 15-year-old brother's
thick cock vanished to the hilt in our 10-year-old little
sister's belly.  Carol barely let out a tiny little yelp as
Harry's cock split her hymen; before sliding the rest of the way
home in the little girl's body.
    "Why didn't you tell me she was a virgin?" he asked, looking
at me with annoyance.
    "You didn't ask," I replied; looking closely at the juncture
of their two bodies.  Except for a slight pinkish-tinge to the
white foam at the base, you couldn't tell the little girl had
just gotten her cherry popped.  Harry tried to hold still for a
minute; to let Carol get used to having a prick inside her, but
our little sister didn't let him.  Rocking her pelvis back and
forth, the little girl worked herself farther and farther down
until I could swear she had our big brother's prick buried in her
    "Now fuck me, and cum in me," she commanded, "so I can feel
what it's like to have a baby; just like Sherry is going to."
    "Oh shit!" exclaimed Harry; suddenly jamming his prick up
even harder in the little girl.  I could see the child's bare
little cunny-lips obscenely stretched around our brother's thick
prick, as a bulge ran through the tiny bit still visible outside
the little girl's body.  My handsome big brother was ejaculating
his seed in the little girl's womb; getting her pregnant just
like he had me.  (Or at least, that's what I hoped.)
    Damn, that was sexy!  I almost had a climax myself at the
very thought.  It was only when Harry was slowing down; his
pulsing prick sending a few last curds of incestuous cum leaking
into our little sister, that Mother poked her head into the room.
There was no doubt about what was happening, as ripples STILL
made occasional bulges in the boy's prick and Carol was still
working mightily to extract each precious dollop of her big
brother's seed.
    "Aren't you two done yet?" she asked.  "I mean how long does
it take you guys, to show your little sister how to fuck?"


    When she finally made out the fact that our big brother's
sperm was already leaking in her youngest daughter's womb, a big
smile spread across our mother's face.  "Well thank Goodness!"
she said.  "I was afraid we'd have to wait until at least next
month before she got pregnant.  Thanks kids."
    Harry could barely groan.  Still, I knew that from now on
our big brother wouldn't raise any more objections when either my
little sister or myself wanted him to squirt our slits full of
his baby-making cum.
    With both sisters and his mother actually WANTING him to get
them pregnant, Harry had given up.  From now on, he would be just
as eager as we were to feel our tummies getting big with his baby
    Somehow, I resolved to thank my father for getting us
started like this.  I wondered what I could do for him, that
would show how much I appreciated what he had done for me and
Carol.  Well, besides giving him a grandchild or two or three by
my big brother to love, that is.  I would think of something.
    Who knows; maybe Carol would want to help too.


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