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Subject: "Little Girl Plays Sweet Surrender"  By NICOLE (Mf, fant pedo, cons)
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Be There....


                 MR DOUBLE DISCLAIMER

The following story describes GRAPHIC SEXUAL
situations which are INTENDED TO BE READ BY ADULTS ONLY.

MR DOUBLE is the Poster, the Author NOT.

                 Enjoy !      *---(:>     Mr Double

                      By NICOLE

First you notice the knee socks.  Then you notice the little girl
dress and hair in pony tails with pretty matching ribbons.  Something
is up but you aren't sure what, and you decide to play along.

As you look at my little girl outfit which only accentuates the full
body underneath you know so well, you say, "Helllllloooo, little

I giggle nervously as I sit beside you on the couch and hold out a
newspaper and point to a circled item.

"Read this, John."

You take the newspaper from my hands and start reading, all the time
conscious of my gaze upon you, watching for your reaction:

   Submissive "little girl" type seeks "daddy" figure to teach
   her and train her for adult sex play.  Will surrender to any
   sexual whim, desire or fantasy you can create.

                                       -Sweet Surrender-

You look at me, allowing your eyes to travel over my woman's body
covered by the little girl outfit.  You feel a rush of blood in your
groin as thoughts go through your mind as to my intentions, and you
can't help but to notice my quickened breathing as your eyes take
possession of me.  Finally, your eyes reach mine, and I see the
question in them.

I look steadfastly into your eyes, and in a little quiet voice,
strained with the sound of lust and desire you have grown to know, I
say, "I want to be YOUR sweet surrender."

"Awwwwww," you moan softly, as the import of my words pierces your
conscious mind.  You feel a stronger, more insistent rush of heat in
your groin as the thought of what I am offering you takes hold of

"Oh Nicole, my little girl woman, how I have longed for this.  I
was hoping you would see that newspaper, but I never dreamed you
would go this far to please me.  You are hungry and horny now, aren't
you?  I'll bet your panties are wet underneath that pretty dress,
aren't they?"

My pony tails and ribbons sway slightly as I nod my head yes.

"So you will be my little girl, MY sweet surrendering little girl?"

"Yes," I whisper.

"You will let me be your daddy and train you in all things that
adults do for pleasure?"

"Yes, ALL things."

"You will talk to your daddy like a babyslut when he asks you to do
that, and you will sometimes surprise daddy with such talk when you
are horny?"

"Yes, I will be your naughty little girl and talk to you like a slut
and a whore would to please you."

"And you will surrender to ALL my fantasies, and all I ask of you,
little slut?"

"Yes, I only know my cunt is hot for you and I was so horny when I
read that.  I want to be your naughty slut."

"You please daddy with these things you say.  You will say more,
much, much more to your daddy!  But later, first, you will do some
things for me, to show me I have your complete surrender."

You move slightly on the couch until you are stretched out beside
me and your hand is on your belt, loosing it.  "You know what I want,

"Yes, I am to suck your cock little a horny little slut," as I brush
your hands out of the way and frantically lower your zipper.  I
caress your cock gently with my fingertips, feeling it grow slowly,
as I lower my face over you.  I allow my lips to brush back and forth
across the head of your cock and then my tongue darts out and swirls
around and around the tip.  Your sighs are evidence of the effect of
my tongue action.  From your position, you are able to see everything
I am doing, and you watch as I slowly open my mouth and allow you to
slide within it as I lower my face to your groin, all the while
closing my mouth around your member so that you can feel my lips
tight against the length of you as I take you.  I slowly raise my
head, keeping my lips tight around you so that you can feel them now
dragging up the length of your hardening cock, and continue, up and
down, up and down.  Every now and then I stop when I reach the top
and open my mouth so that you are entirely outside again, and you
watch as my tongue swirls agonizingly slowly around and around the
head of you cock, sensitizing it.  You feel like you will surely come
each time that I open my mouth in anticipation of once again fully
enveloping you inside that warm wetness.  But you hold back, waiting,
because you have my first assignment for your submissive little girl.

"That is correct, but there is more you shall do today, Nicole,"
you gasp.

I look up into your eyes as I reach the top again, holding your cock
just inside my lips, sucking gently but insistently.  "Yes, daddy?"
as I pause a moment.

"You will swallow my cum today, Nicole, as the first sign of your
surrender to me.  Will you do this?"

In answer, I begin to repeat my earlier actions before the brief
pause.  Suddenly, it seems I am frantic for your cum and this
assignment.  My breathing, my moans, my increased tongue action on
your throbbing member--all tell you I will complete the assignment.

"You will swallow all of it, Nicole, every drop!"


"Wait, stop a moment.  I'm close, very close.  Tell me what you want,
what you will do, and then take me deep within your mouth immediately
and then I will give you what you want, little girl.  Tell me the way
my slut would tell me."

"I want my daddy's cum, lots of it.  I want you to cream inside my
mouth, filling my first hole with a heavy load of your cum.  I want
to feel your cum, lots of your cum, spurting hard and fast into me,
and then sliding down my throat, and then more, more, more...." as I
take you once again, urging your cum to spurt forth, submitting to
your wish, until finally, finally, you cum, and I swallow, swallow,
taking all of it.

After I finish milking every drop from you and cleaning you, I sit up
and look at you for approval.  You brush your hand against my cheek,
caressing me softly, as you notice a small dribble of your cum
clinging to the corner of my lips.  You lift it with your finger and
hold it out to me, "You missed a drop, little girl."

I lick your finger with my tongue, and then take your finger within
my mouth, sucking till I can taste that I have gotten it all.

"What a little slut you have become, so fast.  You learn quickly.
Daddy is pleased!"

I move to get up, thinking we are finished.

"Not yet, little girl.  A few more short lessons for today."

I settle back down beside you, my eyes sparkling with passion and
revealed longing.

"Talk to your daddy.  Tell him some of the outrageous things you
would submit to if I asked.  Make them up, very outrageous naughty
things.  Tell daddy how you would surrender to him, the ways and
things you would do."

I hesitate briefly, and then:  "I would let you cum into the hair of
my pussy and inside my panties, and then I would go to the market,
feeling your cum caressing me with each step I take, and knowing you
possess me completely."

"Good girl, that's pretty outrageous.  Tell me something else."

I think a moment, fidget nervously, and say, "I would finger myself
and fuck my cunt with my vibrator in the bank parking lot until I
came, and record my moans and sighs for you on a tape recorder."

"Even more outrageous.  What an imagination my little girl has!  Do
these things make you horny?  Do they make you feel like my slut?"

I nod my head yes.

"Tell daddy how you feel!"

I whisper, my voice husky with increased longing, "I'm so excited.
I'm so horny.  I feel like a slut.  My cunt is hot and wet.  I can
feel my juices flowing and filling my panties which are soaked.  I
want you to fuck my steaming cunt.  I want to surrender to you, to
fuck me anyway you want.  I want you."

"Oh, so my little girl's panties are all wet, hmmmm?"  You look down
at my dress.

I start to lift my dress to show you, as I open my legs slightly.

"No, not now.  There is one more assignment for you today.  You can
show daddy your panties during this assignment.  Do you want to play
this game little cunt slut?"

"Yes I do.  I'm going crazy.  Anything, what is the assignment?"

"I have to go out for awhile, to the office to do some work.  You are
to do something for Daddy while I'm gone.  Will you do whatever daddy
asks you to submit to?"

"Uh huh!  Tell me!"

"You are to make daddy a video while I'm gone, just dressed like you
are now.  Be my little girl.  Be creative.  You are soaking wet right
now...don't change your panties, you are to start when I leave.  Show
daddy what you would do for him on the video.  Be my little gir you want to be
the one to make her cum in
pain, come to Mark's place, we are waiting for you."  She took off her
mask then, and he saw that it was his own lovely wife.  The scene
froze then on that frame.   Tom's cock spewed and kept on spewing
as his eyes stared at the screen.

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Story by: Red Rose

He couldn't breathe, his heart was pounding in his chest, his hands
sweating. "Mother fuck !!!"  he screa